Beast Taming: Infinite Simulation as a Tamed Beast - C.280: 226_2


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“Indeed, a Monarch Beast Master and an Overlord Beast!” Although Vincent Wolf had already seen it in the simulation, watching it in person was still an eye-opening experience.

“That’s right, the Purple Gold Thunderfire pet beast of the Su Ruler is a pet beast that has gained spiritual wisdom from the natural divine fire, and it was born as a monarch-level pet beast. After merging with lightning essence, it mutated the lightning attribute to become the current double-series overlord!” Admiration was evident in Aiden Winter’s words.

His Ten-Thousand Beast Spirit Sword has already reached the high monarch rank, but the overlord is still an unreachable threshold. Aiden Winter was far from seeing any hope of becoming a King Beast Trainer.

“Incredible indeed!”

Accompanied by Aiden Winter, Vincent Wolf hurried towards the location of Su Ruler.

However, upon arriving, the two faced a predicament.

Because the attack of Purple Gold Thunderfire was too ferocious; it converted the earth into a pool of thunder, and countless falling lightning enveloped the demon beast and Su Ruler’s location. The fierce ground flames also isolated them from their surroundings.

Aiden Winter and Vincent Wolf couldn’t pass through this powerful attack to come in front of Su Ruler.

In the pool of thunder-flames, an ugly disgusting giant hundreds of meters tall was bathing in the Thunder Flame, enduring the ravage.

As Vincent Wolf observed carefully, he indeed discovered a large hole in the left chest region of the giant for no apparent reason, just like in the simulation.

Moreover, like in the simulation, although it seemed that this giant was only barely withstanding in the thunder fire and looked like it was on the verge of losing, no matter the severity of the injury, the giant was always recovering and was not genuinely harmed.

Aiden Winter and Vincent Wolf looked at each other, clueless.

Vincent Wolf said to Aiden Winter:

“Grandpa Winter, is there any way you can contact Su Ruler, like making a phone call or something?” “No”, Aiden Winter shook his head. “So how can we make Su Ruler see?”

“Hmm… ”

After contemplating, Aiden Winter took out a large trumpet from his spatial bag and started shouting in the air:

“Su Ruler! It’s me, Aiden Winter! Calling Su Ruler!”

But after shouting for a while, there was still no response from the air.

“Nothing we can do now.” Aiden Winter said after putting away the trumpet.

Vincent Wolf was speechless and could only take out the White Jade Heart and hold it up in the air.

Under the illumination of the White Jade Heart, the area within ten meters was bathed in light, making it extremely conspicuous.

Shortly after, a white-haired young man fell from the sky and landed in front of Vincent Wolf, looking at the White Jade Heart and then at Vincent Wolf and

Aiden Winter.

“Master Yan, who is this young fellow?” the white-haired young man asked.

“Su Ruler, his name is Vincent Wolf, the new Awakener of the Secret Realm

Squad, and he awakened the Life Secret Realm. The awakening task of the Spirit of the Mysterious Realm in the Shadow Demon Domain is his responsibility.” Aiden Winter quickly declared Vincent Wolf’s identity.

Su Ruler looked slightly surprised upon hearing the term Awakener.

“I recall there hasn’t been an awakener for many years, right? The last awakener I remember even collaborated with me, and they indeed hold a unique presence. Are you trying to reach out to me for a reason?”

“Yes.” Upon hearing Su Ruler address him, Vincent Wolf quickly replied, “I wish to discuss with you the matter of this giant demon beast.”

“It?” Su Ruler pointed at the giant demon beast trapped in the thunder fire, motionless.

“Indeed. According to what I know, this giant demon beast has been influenced by the Abyssal Will within the Shadow Demon Realm, transforming it into an immortal monster. Your attacks are futile against it. The only solution is to awaken this Spirit of the Mysterious Realm to oppose the Abyssal Will!”

Upon receiving the White Jade Heart, Su Ruler sensed the dense light-type energy and the spirit of the Mysterious Realm within it and started pondering, as if contemplating something.

“Are you afraid that I am deceiving you?” Vincent Wolf asked.

“No, I can sense the connection between this Spirit of the Mysterious Realm and its surroundings. You didn’t fool me. It truly is the missing Spirit of the Mysterious Realm inside the Shadow Demon Domain.”

“That’s good. You just need to place this Spirit of the Mysterious Realm inside the hole in the left chest of the giant demon beast, and the Spirit of the Mysterious Realm will awaken.” Vincent Wolf heaved a sigh of relief.

Now, the Shadow Demon Realm could successfully be restored into the Bright Secret Realm, and the giant demon beast was doomed.

However, to Vincent’s surprise, Su Ruler gave the White Jade Heart back to Vincent.

“This…?” Vincent Wolf was stunned.

What was happening?

Could it be that Su Ruler did not truly believe what he said?

“Su Ruler, everything I said was true. I didn’t hide anything, didn’t you also verify that this Spirit of the Mysterious Realm is genuine?” However, Su Ruler waved his hand:

“I trust you. But you may not be aware of something, which I am.”

“I previously worked with your predecessor, the previous Awakener, and have woke several Spirits of the Mysterious Realm together.”

“Although there were no spirits from the Devil’s Domain among them, the principle behind it is essentially the same.”

“Each spirit of the Mysterious Realm is different in temperament and character. Not all spirits would tolerate human existence, and some might take control of their domains again after their awakening, and abandon the helpers once they’re done.”

“Oh …” Vincent Wolf didn’t actually know about this.

Mainly because he had no prior experience.

The Phoenix seemed quite amicable, causing Vincent to unconsciously think all the spirits of the Mysterious Realm would be the same.

“Beside this, I think that just awakening the Spirit of the Mysterious Realm is not enough to truly solve the problem.”

With a keen gaze, the Su Ruler looked towards the giant demon beast, his brows slightly furrowed.

“Anyway, I may need this Spirit of the Mysterious Realm, but not at this moment.”

After saying this, the Su Ruler left, returning to the side of the Purple Gold Thunderfire, continually dealing damage to the giant demon beast.

“The King Beast Trainer indeed is not ordinary, having broad knowledge and deep thoughts. However …” Vincent still felt somewhat rueful in his heart.

He felt that if the Spirit of the Mysterious Realm was awoken, things would simplify a lot.

During the simulation, didn’t the simulated Su Ruler want to directly place the Spirit of the Mysterious Realm into the chest of the giant demon beast after obtaining it?

“The Su Ruler must have thought of something we can’t imagine. I think you should stop being obstinate.” Aiden Winter persuaded Vincent at his side.

Vincent had no ability to do anything and could only wait until the Su Ruler changed his mind, so he didn’t stay hung up too long.

“Forget it, if the Su Ruler persists in his course, then I’ll simply leave in a few days.”

Having made up his mind, Vincent immediately stopped worrying and promptly began the simulation during this time.

“I’m starting the simulation!”

[Options for Mysterious Realms: Water Mysterious Realm, Life Secret Realm,

Miracle Secret Realm, Shadow Demon Domain]

“Choose Shadow Demon Domain for the simulation!”

[Possible simulation objects: Slime, Three-tailed Fox, Charm Demon] “Choose Three-tailed Fox!”

[Please select clause type for this instance: Survival category, Strengthening category]

“Survival category.”

[Randomly acquired clause: Keen Hearing and Sharp Sight (White)]

[Keen Hearing and Sharp Sight (White): You can hear sounds from far away, your eyes can see very distant things.]

[Simulation beginning:]

[Entering the Shadow Devil realm on Day 1, you find yourself turned into a

Three-tailed Fox. You only have the glowing white jade heart on your body.]

[You find you have become the brightest individual in the entire Shadow Devil realm. However, you are situated near the battleground of the two strongest beings in the Devil’s Domain and no person or demon beasts dare approach, hence you’re very safe.]

[Day 2, as you gaze at the distant demon beasts, you decide to stay within this range for your own safety.]

[Day 3, you stay in place, you’re safe.]

[Day 4…]


[Day 6, the giant demon beast’s momentum surges. The Su Ruler comes to your side and takes away the Spirit of the Mysterious Realm from your body.]

[It, has become an Overlord.]

[Everything in front of you turns pitch black, you died.]

[Options to retain after the simulation ends:]

[Choice 1: Retain memory from the simulation, as well as all the knowledge, skills, and combat experience learned.]

[Choice 2: Retain racial levels.] [Choice 3: Retain growth levels.]

[Choice 4: Keep the clause for seven days.]

Following the usual routine of retaining memories, Vincent was left at a loss for words as he watched the process within the simulation.

“If the giant demon beast is left alone, it will upgrade to Overlord on the sixth day of Su Ruler’s arrival.”

“Previously, the simulation showed the beast becoming an Overlord on the fourth day of Su Ruler’s arrival.”

‘What is the Su Ruler thinking? Why did he only take away the Spirit of the

Mysterious Realm on the last day this time?”

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