Beast Taming: Infinite Simulation as a Tamed Beast - C.279: 226


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Vincent Wolf, lacking strength, could only await the arrival of the King Beast Trainer.

The day passed quickly. Vincent woke up, gazing into the sky, calculating that it should be about time.

Just as Vincent had predicted, a purple-gold streak of light flashed across the sky, heading towards the direction of the Shadow Demon Domain.

“So fast! That must be the King Beast Trainer!”

Vincent’s spirit was lifted.

Although he knew that the King Beast Trainer would definitely come. But without actually seeing his existence, Vincent’s heart was still very unsettled.

It was known that Vincent’s strength was too weak, to subdue this giant demon beast, he was very much wishful thinking.

Without the presence of a King Beast Trainer, even ten or eight Spirits of the Mysterious Realm would be just talk for Vincent.

However, the King Beast Trainer arrived straight to the Shadow Demon Domain, which prevented Vincent from meeting him directly and posed a problem.

If the King Beast Trainer has arrived, then Master Yan should also be here.”

Thinking this, Vincent decided to call Aiden Winter.

But before that, Vincent had something else to do.

After pondering for a while, Vincent asked the phantom in his mind:

“What I want to ask is, if I place the White Jade Heart formed by the Light Secret Realm Spirit on the empty left chest of the giant demon beast, can I awaken the Spirit of the Mysterious Realm?”

After a second, a piece of information went into Vincent’s mind.


“Very good, I was right.”

Vincent was very satisfied with the phantom’s answer.

“The heart shape formed by the Light Secret Realm Spirit is a hint, although I don’t know why it is so, but it seems there must be a certain connection between the two.”

“Even if I don’t know what kind of connection it is right now, it doesn’t matter.” Once his thoughts were clarified, Vincent started to call Aiden Winter.

Aiden Winter didn’t answer the phone until much later.

“Hello, Vincent, what’s the matter? If it’s not important, don’t call me, I’m about to follow the Su Ruler to the Shadow Demon Domain.”

“It’s important, definitely important! You probably don’t know, in the Shadow

Demon Domain right now, there’s a giant demon beast that will advance to the

Dominator Level within a week!”

“What!” Aiden Winter’s voice went an octave higher, “Ouyang Ling said he saw a huge skull, which hadn’t fluctuated in its realm, which was clearly a state it had been in all along. How could this kind of change occur just a day or two after I left?”

“How would I know? My information is as such, the dark power inside the Shadow Demon Domain is gradually increasing, and the demon beast inside it continues to rampage, causing severe casualties in the Shadow Demon Domain.”

“Luckily I clarified the pros and cons and invited the Su Ruler out of seclusion ahead of time, otherwise it wouldn’t be easy to resolve the situation at hand!” Aiden Winter’s tone was full of relief.

Upon hearing this, Vincent couldn’t help but deflate Aiden Winter:

“Grandpa Winter, you should know that the Dominator Level Angel released by the Light God Country couldn’t even eradicate the demon beast, instead causing it to rampage. In this way, I think the Su Ruler may not be able to eliminate the giant demon beast.”

“The Angel has failed?” Aiden Winter was taken aback, then started to comfort Vincent, “Don’t worry, the Su Ruler is not the sort a summoned creature can compare to, you should know that the Su Ruler’s achievements are countless, so there is definitely no problem!”

Vincent didn’t know what else to say.

If he hadn’t seen the content of the Simulation, he too would have complete confidence in the King Beast Trainer.

But now he realized that this giant demon beast was not a common one. It had a strong connection with the Abyssal Will, and its strength couldn’t be determined by its outward realm.

The previous Evil Beastmaster affected by the Abyssal Will from within the

Shadow Demon Domain wiped out several groups of Grandmasters present.

If this giant demon beast can successfully reach the Overlord level this time,

Vincent estimated that it would not be able to be taken down without five or six King Beast Trainers. The area around the Shadow Demon Domain would then become a Forbidden Area.

“Grandpa Winter, have you forgotten our time in the Death Demonic Domain? If it wasn’t for me awakening the Spirit of the Mysterious Realm, we might not have been able to witness the sun today.”

“You mean… inside the current Shadow Demon Domain, the Abyssal Will is causing trouble?”

“One hundred percent. Otherwise, even if the power of the Angel is low, it is still a Dominator, how can it not kill a dark-element demon beast that is not even a Dominator?”

Thinking about his previous experience, Aiden Winter couldn’t help but become more cautious. He said to Vincent:

“Since you already know that the Abyssal Will is involved in this disturbance, you must have measures in place, right? After all, it was you who drove it back last time, so can we depend on you this time?”

“That’s right, Grandpa Winter, as expected, you are truly keen, I have grasped the method of awakening the Spirit of the Mysterious Realm and I’m now waiting to go to the Shadow Demon Domain and report this matter to the Su Ruler. ”

“Alright! Where are you now, I am coming to get you.”

“I’m still in the hotel you booked for me.”


Aiden Winter hung up the phone.

In less than half an hour, Aiden Winter arrived at Vincent’s place, led Vincent away, and headed in the direction of the Shadow Demon Domain.

When Aiden Winter and Vincent arrived within the Shadow Demon Domain, they easily noticed the giant Thunder Flame in the distance..

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