Beast Taming: Infinite Simulation as a Tamed Beast - C.281: 227: The Giant Advances


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Vincent Wolf doesn’t have the ability to make the Su Ruler voice his inner thoughts, all he could do was silently complain.

Next, Vincent used Evan’s identity to simulate another run of the Shadow Demon Domain.

This time, a new variation occurred.

Albeit it was bad…

“I thought using Evan, a creature similar to humans, to simulate might give us insight into the Su Ruler’s thoughts. I didn’t expect to be killed by Su Ruler as soon as I appeared, after he seized the Spirit of the Mysterious Realm from me…”

“I almost forgot about Evan’s identity as a demon beast. If a demon beast possesses the Spirit of the Mysterious Realm, Su Ruler would certainly kill the beast to get the treasure. If Flora Gates, a pet beast has it, Su Ruler would respect its status, only seizing it when necessary.”

There was no breakthrough found in the simulation, so Vincent Wolf had no choice but to wait next.

Another day passed.

Vincent watched as the giant demon beast before him was tormented by an infinite number of attacks for a whole day, showing no changes, just as before.

The giant demon beast showed no changes, but the Su Ruler’s brow gradually furrowed more and more.

Vincent borrowed a trumpet from Aiden Winter, yelling into the sky continuously:

“Su Ruler! Only the Spirit of the Mysterious Realm can resist the Abyssal Will! If this continues, you will only lose your power for no reason!” After shouting for a while, the Su Ruler finally came down.

“Enough. I have tried thirty-four methods to break its regeneration but the Abyssal Will is indeed a higher-level existence. Especially with the near infinite energy support from the entire Devil’s Domain, I understand there is indeed no better method to deal with it now.”

It turned out that Su Ruler was trying other methods to deal with the giant demon beast, and it wasn’t as monotonous as visual observation suggested.

No wonder Su Ruler previously said he temporarily didn’t need it, not that he didn’t need it.

Once he understood, Vincent hurriedly handed the Spirit of the Mysterious Realm to Su Ruler, adding a sentence:

“Be careful, Su Ruler. Dark elemental beasts may come to cause trouble.”

Su Ruler nodded, taking the White Jade Heart and moving towards the front of the giant demon beast.

This several hundred-meter giant demon beast, with an enormous body that resembled a mountain. Its skin was rough and uneven, like charred tree bark, covered in all kinds of grime and dried blood. On its head, a pair of massive, curved horns, like ancient rocks weathered by time. Its tail was long and stout, like a flexible python.

In front of it, Su Ruler looked like a tiny ant.

But it was this tiny ant, upon reaching the front of the giant demon beast, it became exceedingly frantic, incessantly roaring, its restless body almost breaking free from the bondage of the Thunder Flame.

The Thunder Flame suddenly increased its attack intensity, countless thunders crisscrossing within, each thunderbolt like a relentless judge falling directly from the sky. They streaked through the air, leaving visible scorches, like sighs between heaven and earth.

Meanwhile, the ground fire was burning fiercely. Flames burst from the pores of the earth, like the earth venting its own fury. The scorching color, the smell that incinerates everything, the burning temperature – it was as if any object seemed powerless to resist in front of the ground fire, easily burned into ashes by it.

This intense offensive left the giant demon beast powerless again, only able to resist arduously with its own regeneration power.

Su Ruler positioned himself in the attack of his own pet beast but was without a single ripple of effect.

He held up the White Jade Heart in his hand, considering it again and again, but ultimately slowly placed it into the gaping hole in the giant demon beast’s left chest.

The hole was a mouth of ten or so meters in diameter, but the heart was only about the size of a human fist, clearly mismatched.

As soon as Su Ruler placed the heart in, he saw the heart automatically drift to the dead center of the hole in the giant demon beast’s left chest. The once inert White Jade Heart began to slowly pulse, and beat.

“It moved, it moved…” Vincent Wolf and Aiden Winter were both a bit shocked.

Then, the White Jade Heart began to change again.

Its emitted light now filled the entire gaping hole, solidifying its intense energy, building blood vessels, muscles, nerves, tissues, etc.


Actually grew itself in the giant’s left chest!

“This is…” Vincent Wolf and Aiden Winter were both stunned.

“Vincent, do you think if this giant’s strength is already at this level without a heart, wouldn’t it take a further step if it had one?”

“…Maybe so.”

If Vincent didn’t know that this White Jade Heart was indeed the Spirit of the Mysterious Realm, an existence opposing the Abyssal Will, he would be really nervous.

The White Jade Heart now seemed like a gigantic drum, pulsating with an unsteady rhythm. Waves of energy gushed out from the heart to every part of the giant demon beast’s body, causing its originally ugly body to become smooth and white, emanating a special sense of sanctity.

Boom, boom, boom-!

The giant let out a cry of pain, its massive strength directly broke free from the bondage of Su Ruler’s Purple Gold Thunderfire, regaining its freedom.

This sudden change startled not only Vincent, but also Su Ruler.

He hastily tried to regain control over the giant demon beast to prevent it from launching an attack.

But just as Su Ruler was about to act, he found that the giant demon beast, for some reason, suddenly became immobile. Furthermore, a pure dark energy suddenly rose from within its body, opposing the light energy emitted by the White Jade Heart. This caused the body of the giant demon beast to display a stripe of black and a stripe of white, each in conflict and attacking each other..

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