Please Permit Me To Love You Forever - C.2074 - -can l t retreat

Please Permit Me To Love You Forever

C.2074 - -can l t retreat

Chapter 2074: Chapter 2074-can?l?t retreat

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After he finished speaking, he looked at the other people and drew a hand gesture that only they could understand.

In the next second, the people surrounding Kang Zhen pounced on him at the same time. Their movements were fast and fierce. Everyone had their own tasks. They hugged his neck, hugged his arms, hugged his legs, hugged his waist.

it always locked down every part of kang zhen’s body that could exert force and move.

the higher-ups had said that the chief could not be hurt.

So, they didn’t want to fight Kang Zhen physically. They wanted to overpower him and take him away.

Kang Yu stood there unmoving. He sneered, that’s all you can do. Don’t say that you’re a Special Forces soldier when you go out in the future, lest you embarrass yourself.

These soldiers were several ranks lower than the soldiers he had trained. How could they compare to him now?

Kang Zhen’s two arms were easily lifted up, and the two strong men holding his arms were lifted up with his arms, their feet off the ground.

Everyone’s eyes widened in shock at the scene. They couldn’t believe that the two strong men were carrying Kang Yu like they were playing.

But what happened next surprised them even more. Kang Yu casually swung his arm and the two of them were thrown more than ten meters away. They fell to the ground with two thuds and lay there in pain.

Kang Zhen looked at the people still clinging to him. “Do you want me to kick you away, or do you want to let go?”

“Although we know that we can’t beat you, we still can’t let go of Yingluo,” the class monitor said through gritted teeth.

As a true soldier, he could fail his mission, but he could not retreat. Even if he knew he could not win, he could not run away.

Kang Yu’s mouth twitched, “very good, ran ran.”

The result was obvious. The remaining few people were thrown away one by one and fell to the ground one by one like a fairy scattering flowers.

after kang jin left, the soldiers took a long time to stand up.

One of them bent down and picked up the flashlight that Kang Xi had broken. “Class monitor, class monitor Yingluo, look Yingluo!” He said with a face full of fear.

The class monitor took a look. F * ck, that flashlight had been twisted, and the fingerprints on it were unusually clear.

Seeing this, the class monitor gasped, ” sigh, it’s not a loss even if we lose. They’ve been merciful. Otherwise, we’d be the flashlights.

Kang Zhen walked around the Lian family’s house. In the end, he stopped a group of people climbing up a drain in the backyard.

This team came in from the sewer Connected to the outside of the Lian family’s house. They had perseverance and brains, but Yingying was unfortunately caught.

“Do you all think you’re rats on the street?” Kang Yu sneered at them. you actually went down the sewers.”

The leader of the team was stinky and his face was pale. He stood in front of Kang Zhen and said, Sir, we have no other choice. There’s a power grid on the wall, surveillance cameras, red and infrared alarms, and glass shards. We can’t get past them, so this is the only way.

There were seven or eight people standing behind him. Like him, they had come out of the sewer and smelled terrible. However, their eyes were firm and they were not afraid of Kang Xi.

To be able to crawl for dozens of minutes in the stinky sewers, where people could faint at any time, was actually very impressive. At least they had strong willpower and endurance..

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