Please Permit Me To Love You Forever - C.2075 - : We’re still trash

Please Permit Me To Love You Forever

C.2075 - : We’re still trash

Chapter 2075: We’re still trash

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This team’s combat power clearly surpassed that of the previous team.

“Do you think that you’re already very powerful to be able to break into the Lian family?” Kang Yu coldly glanced at them.

The captain puffed out his chest. No, sir. If we can’t complete the mission and take you away, we’ll still be a bunch of useless people.

“Not bad,” said Kang Yu, the corner of his eye twitching, “you can admit that you’re a good-for-nothing, but not completely useless.”

then, ” he said coldly, ” now, trash, you can go back together with the group outside.

In the end, the squad leader actually shouted, ” “sir, we’ve only been discovered by you. we haven’t completely failed yet. we’re not useless for the time being.”

“Very well. If you want to fail, I’ll fulfill your wish.” Kang Zhen rolled up his sleeves.

This time, he didn’t want to be hugged by a group of stinky people, nor did he want to touch them with his hands, because Yingying was really too stinky.

Kang Zhen looked at his legs and thought that he could test the strength of his legs this time.

When the first person charged at him with a fist, Kang Yu kicked him before he could even get close. The first person was sent flying.

in the next few seconds, it was as if kang yu was performing a shuttlecock. his speed was so fast that it dazzled the eyes.

He said to the soldiers who were struggling to get up from the ground, ” “You can go now, trash.”

Kang Jin was very satisfied with what he saw. He controlled his power well. At least, these people didn’t die on the spot. This was a big improvement.

Kang Yi had a bad thought at first. He thought that they should crawl back through the sewer. But, he saw the pained expressions on their faces.

He thought, forget it.

kang yu opened the door and let them leave.

The captain clutched his stomach and said,”Thank you, chief Xi Qiao, for showing mercy. ”

Kang Zheng raised his eyebrows. This kid was not bad. If he could still lead troops after he returned, he would bring him over and train him well. “Remember to go back to the hospital for a check-up,” Kang Xi added.

these people were the same as him. they were loyal to the country and they wanted to protect the people of this land. so kang Zhen had no intention of hurting them.

however, no matter how good his control was, he could still hurt people.

“Go back and tell the person who gave you the order not to look for me again. When I’m willing to go back, I’ll go back,” Kang Zhen told them.

“Yes, we’ll definitely pass on your words.”

“also, don’t come to the lian family to cause trouble.”

“It’s Yingluo.”

The people from team one and team two had already found out and chased them away.

However, the location of the third team was still unknown.

Kang Yu looked around the entire Lian family’s house, but he still couldn’t find any traces.

He was puzzled. Was this team too strong, or did they not come at all?

Kang Yu wandered around for a while but found nothing. He returned to the laboratory.

However, as soon as she got closer, she saw that the lights in the house were on.

Kang Yi was puzzled. Natsume’s laboratory had been moved to a dark room inside. The room outside had not been used for a long time, and he basically never came out. Why was the light on?

Kang Yu’s heart skipped a beat. Oh no, it couldn’t be Yingluo.

He quickly rushed over and kicked open the door. Inside the room, he saw seven or eight soldiers in camouflage and oil paint. They were talking and laughing as they held an Apple in their hands..

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