I Have Unparalleled Comprehension - C.586 - : An Unusual Scholar and Progress Bar (3)

I Have Unparalleled Comprehension

C.586 - : An Unusual Scholar and Progress Bar (3)

Chapter 586: An Unusual Scholar and Progress Bar (3)

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Xu Bai grinned and said, “Why did you lose your little life? Is Liu Xu a vixen?’”‘

The scholar’s expression changed. He said coldly,” Senior Sister Liu is now the chief of the Heaven Inspectorate. She took leave this time to come back mainly because she was waiting for someone. Do you know who she was waiting for?””

“Who is it?” Xu Bai was curious.

The scholar’s expression turned even colder.”

In his opinion, the person in front of him was not only a lecher, but also an ignorant lecher. He didn’t even know who Senior Sister Liu was waiting for, so what knowledge did he have?

“What do you want to do?”The scholar felt the pain in his hand and could not help but raise his voice.

“Those who don’t know are innocent. Let’s forget about it this time.”” If you call me that again, I’ll hook your tongue, ” Xu Bai said darkly.” Remember to call me Lord Xu in the future. No, call me Lord Xu.””

He had not forgotten what Eunuch Wei had told him before. He had to address himself as this king to the public. After all, Xu Bai was now a king with a different surname. He could not lose the face of Great Chu.

“Prince Xu? This king?” The scholar’s face was filled with doubt. Clearly, he had not reacted yet. Only after he reacted did he finally understand the meaning of these words.

“You are Xue Tu…”

His face was full of shock. He wanted to repeat the way Xu Bai addressed him, but before he could finish, he felt a chill coming from his spine, making him swallow the last two words.

“King…Your Highness.”

At this moment, the scholar was a little frightened.’”‘This one doesn’t know your highness ‘identity.”

“Yes.” “Tell me where Liu Xu is,” Xu Bai said.”

Although everyone was studying, Xu Bails group had caused quite a commotion. Naturally, some people looked over. After knowing Xu Bai’s identity, many people gasped.

The scholar hurriedly pointed in a direction, indicating that it was Liu Xu’s room. Moreover, Liu Xu was waiting for him in the room.

Only then did Xu Bai let go of his hand and walked in that direction. But before he left, he turned around and said,”As the saying goes, you can’t be subdued by power. Although you’re reading, you haven’t read the character of a scholar.”

He had only said this in a moment of rashness. After all, Xu Bai was also the one who had the responsibility to hurt others.

“You can’t be subdued by might…” The scholar looked in the direction where Xu Bai had left. He lowered his head and pondered over this sentence repeatedly. Then, he left as if he had obtained a precious treasure.

The surrounding scholars looked at each other and repeated this sentence.

Of course, Xu Bai didn’t know about this. He had already followed this direction and found Liu Xu’s room.

As for why he was able to find it so accurately, the answer was very simple. It was one word.

Smells good.

The pleasant smell of sandalwood could be smelled clearly even from far away. Xu Bai guessed that Liu Xu’s room had already been lit up with sandalwood, so he only needed to smell it to be able to smell it.

“Dong dong dong!”

He walked forward and knocked on the door gently. The sound of knocking was reminiscent.

A moment later, Liu Xu’s voice came from the room.

“Xu Bai, wait a minute. I’ll disable the mechanism in the room.”

No matter what, he was still a Rank-3 expert. Liu Xu could easily tell who was standing outside the door.

Hearing these familiar words, Xu Bai instantly recalled the first time he had met Liu Xu.

At that time, they were still in Shengxian County, and both of them were rookies. However, compared to him, Liu Xu was an old rookie.

In Liu Xu’s room, there were all kinds of mechanisms. Moreover, they were all the ways of the martial arts world. The purpose was to guard against them.

He did not expect that Liu Xu would still be the same in the Green Cloud Academy. She had not changed at all.

Soon, the door opened and Xu Bai came back to his senses.

Liu Xu’s face was covered with a veil. She slightly bowed and said, “Greetings,

Prince Xu.”

There was a hint of a joke in her eyes. Although her face was covered by a veil, one could see that the smile in her eyes was not reduced.

Outside the room, a few scholars in white happened to pass by and were looking at him curiously.

However, after sensing Xu Bai’s gaze, they quickly dispersed.

“If you continue to tease me like this, I’ll turn around and leave.” Xu Bai deliberately said with a straight face.”

How could he not tell that Liu Xu was teasing him?

Liu Xu turned her body and tilted her head.”No, please come in, my Prince Xu.” Xu Bai felt helpless, but he still walked in.

As soon as he entered the room, he smelled an even stronger sandalwood smell. Xu Bai saw the metal container on the table, which was emitting green smoke, and could not help but shake his head.

“Aren’t you afraid that this fragrance will marinate your body? Oh, no, your body has already been marinated.”

Liu Xu turned around and closed the door. Just as she was about to turn around, she saw Xu Bai walking to the table. At the same time, she saw Xu Bai pick up the book on the table and slowly open it.

Her expression changed immediately. She was about to take a few steps forward and snatch the book away, but Xu Bail?s hand was faster.

“Yo, looks like this is your secret. Could it be a diary? Who would write a diary?”

Xu Bai teased as he flipped to one of the pages. When he saw the contents, his face froze..

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