I Have Unparalleled Comprehension - C.585 - : An Unusual Scholar and Progress Bar (2)

I Have Unparalleled Comprehension

C.585 - : An Unusual Scholar and Progress Bar (2)

Chapter 585: An Unusual Scholar and Progress Bar (2)

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“Who…Who’s looking for you?” The poor scholar shivered.

Before he could finish his sentence, he heard a melodious music. It was very pleasant to his ears, but other than that, it also disturbed his thoughts. He felt that his head was in a mess. In the blink of an eye, he had fallen into chaos.

Xu Bai let go of the poor scholar and asked slowly,’”‘Who are you? Why are you looking for me? What is your motive?”

The soul controlled scholar was confused, but when he heard Xu Bails question, he replied,””l’m an ordinary scholar from Nanhua Road. I’m here to get close to you and kill you.

I deliberately set up this trap to see if you would save me like those people in the martial arts world. If you could, I would befriend you and then assassinate you.”

“Assassinate me? What are you going to use to assassinate me?””

It wasn’t that Xu Bai felt good about himself, but this weak scholar in front of him could not break his defense even if he stood there and let the other party hit him.

The poor scholar raised his hand and rummaged in his pocket. Then, he took out a scroll painting.

The scroll was curled up and looked like a painting.

Xu Bai reached out his right hand and squeezed.

In the empty room, the sound of bones breaking could be heard.

The poor scholar let out a miserable cry. The scroll in his hand fell to the ground, and he looked at Xu Bai in fear.

Xu Bai picked up the scroll on the ground and said indifferently,””Not bad, you can actually deal with my soul control. I don’t know what method you used.

“First, you used the so-called inferior method to approach me. In fact, you already knew that you couldn’t get close to me, so you deliberately revealed a flaw to lure me over. Then, you pretended to be controlled by me.”

However, you’re still a little inexperienced when it comes to revealing your true intentions.”

The poor scholar laughed bitterly.” As expected of Prince Xu. You live up to your name. I’ll take it as I’ve lost today. However, this is only the first time.””

As soon as he finished speaking, the poor scholar’s face suddenly turned pale. Then, he tilted his head and lost his breath.

“They’re really organized and disciplined. Did they commit suicide without a chance?”Xu Bai shook his head and opened the scroll in his hand.

After the scroll was unfolded, a dagger was revealed at the end of the portrait. The dagger looked very ordinary, but there were blood -red patterns drawn on it. These patterns looked abnormally evil to the eyes.

Xu Bai suddenly had an idea-this dagger could hurt him!

This was an intuition that came from the depths of his heart. His intuition told him that this dagger could hurt him and make him feel danger.

“It should be related to the blood-red pattern on the dagger.”Xu Bai thought to himself. At the same time, he rolled the dagger back into the scroll and handed it to the first-grade puppet beside him.

After doing all this, he used his soul to scan the surroundings. After finding no other abnormalities, he left the dilapidated house.

The Qingyun Academy was the most famous academy in the Nanhua Path. There were many academies here.

Xu Bai had come all the way here. He would encounter an academy every thirty to fifty steps.

It was either majestic or small and exquisite. In short, this place was filled with the aura of a scholar.

Because the Qingyun Academy was the most famous, Xu Bai only needed to ask around a little to find it.

Xu Bai stood at the door and nodded repeatedly as he looked at the scholarly building in front of him.

It had to be said that this building fit the name of the Qingyun Academy perfectly. It was elegant yet gorgeous, simple yet solemn.

The door was open. As it was an academy, there were no servants here. Many scholars walked back and torth.

Sometimes, scholars would enter, and sometimes, scholars would come out. Each of them held a thick book in their hands.

Some of the scholars looked down, some of them held it under their armpits, and some of them walked while reading.

Xu Bai did not see Liu Xu. After all, he had not informed Liu Xu beforehand that he was coming, so no one had come to welcome him.

However, it wasn’t a big problem. Xu Bai didn’t think he would be stopped. Thinking of this, he lifted his foot and walked toward the door.

As soon as he stepped into it, he felt a sense of Righteousness. After all, this was the holy land of scholars. Even an ordinary person could feel it clearly here.

No one cared about him, and no one looked in his direction. Everyone was reading as if the book in their hands was more important than anything else.

However, Xu Bai didn’t know where Liu Xu was, so he had to ask. So, he found a scholar and grabbed him.

The scholar who was pulled frowned and waved his hand in dissatisfaction. He wanted to shake Xu Bai off, but Xu Bails hand was like an iron clamp. He could not shake it off at all.

“How can you be so rude? This is the land of sages. Why do you have to do such an impolite thing?”

The scholar’s hair bun was a little crooked because he had swung his hand. He was very dissatisfied with Xu Bai’s actions and could not help but scold him.

“I’m sorry, but where is Liu Xu?” Although Xu Bai said that he was being rude, he did not let go and asked.

“Senior Sister Liu?” When the scholar heard this, he seemed to have thought of something and his face was full of disdain.”Another prodigal disciple. Ever since senior sister returned from the Heaven Inspectorate, you guys have all been moved. I advise you to go back early and not ask for a snub..”