I Have Unparalleled Comprehension - C.578 - : Emperor Chu: This Power Is Big Enough (5)

I Have Unparalleled Comprehension

C.578 - : Emperor Chu: This Power Is Big Enough (5)

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In the past, after the emperor announced a major decision, there would always be a heated discussion among the officials. However, there was no such thing now.

Xu Bai felt two pairs of eyes staring at him.

One of them was a white-haired old man standing in front of the civil servant.

Xu Bai could feel the obvious disgust in his eyes, as if he didn’t like him at all.

Why was he disgusted?

Even if he used his feet to think, Xu Bai could tell that this person was the current prime minister.

The other was a general wearing armor.

When the general met Xu Bail s gaze, he even mouthed something.

Xu Bai could instantly tell that these were the words “King of the Ascending


Good heavens.

He finally understood why there wasn’t any heated discussion. King Sheng You and Prime Minister Wen probably knew about this.

One of them was the King of Shengyou, and the other was the Prime Minister. Both of them knew about it, so they probably had already informed most of the people.

“So it’s quite simple.” Xu Bai thought to himself.

In the main hall, it was still proceeding.

A eunuch held the Imperial Roll and began to read out the list of kings. Other than the members of the Imperial Family, there were many other kings with different surnames.

Xu Bai heard them and felt that they were very unfamiliar, but he remembered these names and their fiefs in his heart.

A moment later, it was time for the finale.

The eunuch cleared his throat and read,” Feng, the former Yin Posthouse’s chief, Xu Bai, is King Xu. He will not be given a fief, but he will be given the power to monitor the merits and demerits of the kings. If the kings are guilty, when there is evidence, there is no need to go through the capital. They will be executed immediately.’”‘

Xu Bai had thought that nothing would happen today. After listening to the recitation, he was about to come out and claim the reward. However, he did not expect it to cause a huge uproar.

Most of the civil and military officials did not think much of it. Only those who had been conferred the title of king, especially those with different surnames, could not sit still.

What kind of joke was this? They had waited so long for this day, but they did not expect that there would be someone above them who could supervise them. That was equivalent to a knife hanging over their heads.

No one could stand this.

Almost immediately, one of the officials who was conferred the title of king walked out and cupped his hands.”Your Majesty, I have an objection!”

This person was also old. He probably followed the emperor through life and death situations back then.

Xu Bai remembered that it was Chen Wang.

“Speak,” the Chu Emperor said indifferently.

The King of Chen clasped his hands,” This subject believes that this cannot be done. Xu Bai has experienced many dangers along the way and has made great contributions. However, it is impossible for him to be conferred the title of King. Furthermore, he has been conferred the title of King with such great authority.”

The other kings looked at each other and nodded.

“Minister Xu, what do you think about this matter?” The Chu Emperor didn’t even lift his eyelids.”

Xu Bai was originally a bystander. He didn’t expect to be the one to get the gossip. He could only walk out from the back of the line.

Now that the Chu Emperor had kicked the ball to him, he would kick it back.

“The world belongs to His Majesty. His Majesty can bestow titles to whoever he wants. Why is there still someone who cares about this kind of matter?”

Originally, Chen Wang had already prepared a whole bunch of excuses, but he didn’t expect Xu Bai to suddenly say such a thing.

How could this be?

Could it be that the world doesn’t belong to His Majesty?

His Majesty would probably drag him out and behead him immediately.

The other emperor also stepped out when he saw this scene, helping Chen Wang to solve the problem.

“Lord Xu, aren’t your words chilling our hearts? We are sharing His Majesty’s worries. We all have the responsibility to share His Majesty’s decision.”

“Oh.” &ququot; If you don’t accept it, wouldn’t you say that His Majesty is incompetent?” Xu Bai said lightly.”

“You!” This person came back to his senses and was instantly furious.”You’re framing me! ”

Xu Bai rolled his eyes. So what if I framed you? Come and hit me.

This person was even angrier. He felt that he had met a scoundrel.

Alright, Xu Bai.” The Chu Emperor rubbed his forehead.” Since they are suspicious of your achievements, tell them about it. ‘”‘

He knew that Xu Bai was indirectly venting his anger.

Hearing this, Xu Bai knew that he had to have a limit, so he put away the sloppy expression on his face and became extremely serious.

“Hmm, nothing. On the way here, I’ve uncovered countless rebels. Does it count?”

Chen Wang finally recovered from his initial embarrassment and shook his head,”Yes, but not enough.”

“I’ve fought thousands of people on my way here and carved out a bloody path.

Is that enough?” Xu Bai asked.”

Chen Wang’s face stiffened, but he still shook his head,”lt’s still not enough.”

Xu Bai tilted his head and focused his gaze. In one night, I killed 212 traitors and spies in the capital. Is that enough?” This sentence silenced everyone.

Chen Wang was stunned.

How could they not know the blood that had flowed in the capital during this period of time?

However, the problem was that Chen Wang felt that he couldn’t back down. If they retreated, Xu Bail s power would be above theirs, and the problem would be them.

“It’s still not enough!” Chen Wang gritted his teeth.

As soon as these words came out, even the Chu Emperor frowned.

Sometimes, when it came to their own interests, these people would lose their minds.

For example, some sharp-eyed people had already noticed that the Chu Emperor was unhappy.

After all, it was His Majesty’s decision, and Xu Bai had also shown his ability. However, these people were jealous for the sake of benefits.

Xu Bai looked at the Chu Emperor, implying that he had already done his best. It was this person who didn’t give him face, not him.

However, just as he was about to look over, an egg flew out from the outside and landed on Chen Wang’s head.

The egg flew everywhere, and the yolk slid down Chen Wang’s head.

Then, a curse came from outside the hall.

“Motherf * cker, this isn’t enough, that isn’t enough. I’m here, tell me, is it enough?”

After the scolding, everyone present trembled and looked outside the hall..

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