I Have Unparalleled Comprehension - C.579 - : Tremble, Jiangnan Dao (1)

I Have Unparalleled Comprehension

C.579 - : Tremble, Jiangnan Dao (1)

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When this voice came from outside the hall, all the officials present shuddered, especially the few who had spoken just now. They all shut their mouths and looked outside the hall at the same time.

Xu Bai felt that this voice was very familiar, so he also looked over. Soon, a strong figure walked in from outside.

The person who came in was wearing armor, and his entire body was filled with the killing intent of the military. Especially his eyes, which were about to spew fire, it was obvious that he was in a state of extreme anger.

“I heard that you guys were making things difficult for Xu Bai, so I just came to take a look. I didn’t expect that this would really happen.”

In the Imperial Palace, especially when discussing important matters in the court, there was only one person in the Great Chu Country who could address him as ‘Laozi’.

– King of the Ascending

Chen Wang, who was the first to speak, silently retreated, wanting to hide in the crowd. However, before he could even take a step back, King You Sheng took two steps forward and grabbed Chen Wang’s collar, pulling him out of the crowd.

“Back then, when I rescued you from the prison of Gale Country, you were so grateful to me that you even wanted to lick my shoes. Why are you rebelling

“What’s your name? I should call you Chen Wang now, right?”

King Sheng You’s eyes widened as he stared at Chen Wang. A baleful aura radiated from him.

“No, no, no. This lowly subject doesn’t dare, Your Highness.” Chen Wang’s face turned extremely pale.

The person in front of him was someone who dared to beat people up in the main hall. Even the Chu Emperor wouldn’t say anything about it. He was afraid that he would be slapped twice if he made a mistake. That wouldn’t be worth it.

“Then tell me, is it enough?” King Sheng You said in a muffled voice.

“Enough!” Chen Wang hurriedly nodded his head, indicating that it was definitely enough.

King Sheng You turned his gaze to someone else, meaning that it was not enough.

The people who were swept by his gaze all shut their mouths. Although they did not say anything, it was obvious that they agreed tacitly.

The Chu Emperor sat on his dragon throne, smiling as he watched the scene before him. He turned his head and gave Eunuch Wei a look.

Eunuch Wei coughed lightly and said,””Your Highness, don’t be rude in the main hall. We have to follow the rules.”

Only then did King Sheng You put down Chen Wang and clapped his hands, “Old Wei, this king will give you face. Although you are a sinister and cunning person, your heart is not bad.”

Eunuch Wei’s mouth twitched, but he still endured it.

“Elder brother, this matter of the reward is considered over, right?”King Sheng You looked at Emperor Chu.

The Chu Emperor nodded his head and was about to say a few more words when he saw King Shengyou directly hook his arm around Xu Bail s neck and walk out of the hall.

“Hey, I haven’t seen Xu Bai for a long time. Now that we’ve suddenly met, we need to find a place to have a drink. “King Sheng You hooked Xu Bai’s arm and left.

The latter turned his head and spread his hands with a helpless expression, meaning that he could not be blamed for this, so he let nature take its course and followed King You Sheng.

Only after King Sheng You left did the people in the hall dare to discuss.

“Nonsense! His Highness isn’t guarding the border, but running to the capital, this is simply nonsense!”

“Your Majesty, you are the elder brother of His Highness. You must take care of this matter.”

“That’s right, Your Majesty. It’s been so many years, but His Highness’s temper still hasn’t changed. We can’t let him be so willful!”

This group of officials began to express their opinions.

The Chu Emperor merely smiled and turned his gaze towards Prime Minister Wen, who had remained silent all this while. He smiled and said,””Beloved minister, usually when Imperial Brother attends court, you would always rebuke him a few times. Why are you not saying anything today?”

Prime Minister Wen calmly cupped his hands and said, “No mistake, no words.””

“Oh?” ‘Why?” The Emperor of Chu asked with interest.”

Prime Minister Wen said slowly,” Xu Bai is qualified to take on this important task. There is no question of whether he is qualified or not. If Your Highness does not come to cause trouble, I will speak up for him. Otherwise, I will let those who oppose him try to see if they can be like Xu Bai and walk on my Noble Spirit Everlasting.

As soon as he said this, the entire place fell silent, especially those who had spoken at the beginning. They all shut their mouths.

So Xu Bai had even gone through the Eternal Noble Spirit Chapter?

Forget it, forget it. There was no point in playing anymore. Who didn’t have some thoughts these days? Who could perfectly pass the Eternal Noble Spirit?

It could only be said that the thoughts of the people present were only small problems and would not violate the laws of the Great Chu. However, if others saw it in public, it would really be embarrassing.

“I feel that it is Great Chu’s fortune to be like you. Everyone loves each other and governs Great Chu together. “The Chu Emperor said loudly.

No,” Prime Minister Wen quickly refuted.” I’m still not used to seeing Xu Bai. But no matter how much I’m not used to seeing him, I still have to consider the big picture.’”‘

Emperor Chu: ‘

Today’s court session could be considered an eye-opener, especially today’s matter, which was enough to move the world.

Conferred king, especially a king with a different surname, the weight of these three words was too heavy.

However, what happened after that could only be verified with time.

Xu Bai didn’t know what happened after that, but he knew that this matter was already set in stone.

At this moment, Xu Bai was being pulled by King Shengyou. They did not stop and found a luxurious room. King Shengyou kicked the door open.

The room was very big and the interior was decorated in a unique way. It was cleaned frequently and was spotless.

“This is this king’s residence. As long as this king returns to the capital, this is this king’s place. Come, Xu Bai, this king has something to ask you. “King Sheng You first asked a few servant girls at the door to prepare wine and dishes before pulling Xu Bai to a seat and asking..

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