Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband - C.259 - : Time to Make a Move

Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband

C.259 - : Time to Make a Move

Chapter 259: Chapter 259: Time to Make a Move

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“I didn’t do it on purpose, I just hadn’t seen that old man before, and I couldn’t understand why he would spend so much money on Xaviera for no reason, so I thought they had an inappropriate relationship.”

“I did it for Caleb, so I advised Xaviera to break off contact with that man; I didn’t mean any harm. Who would’ve thought that it would offend Xavier


Zara Woods choked up, “I don’t mind being wronged, but my mother and I have suffered because of this.”

Upon hearing this, Jake Lindsey’s face filled with rage, “That Xaviera is such a troublemaker! She’s not even related to that man, yet she spends his money. It’s only normal for people to misunderstand.”

“Only blame her for having a bad reputation! If it were you, no one would ever think such a thing!”

Zara lowered her eyes, “I angered Xavier, and it might even involve my brother. I’m afraid.’

Jake gently reassured her, “Don’t worry, I’ll help you. In a couple of days, there’s an auction in Libanan, and Xavier once said that he really wanted one of the violins there to give to his sister. If we can get that violin and give it to him as an apology, maybe.”

When Zara heard the words ‘give it to his sister,’ she thought of Xaviera.

Could Xaviera be Xavier’s sister?

It’s absolutely impossible!

Xaviera doesn’t have a brother at all; it must be that Xavier, due to Page Uland’s reputation, was unwilling to say that his relationship with Xaviera was inappropriate, so he claimed her as his sister.

Zara nodded. Giving Xavier that violin would probably make him stop holding a grudge against the Woods family.

But on second thought, she furrowed her brow, “That handmade violin is worth…five million dollars. I don’t have that much money right now.”

Jake immediately understood her meaning and patted his chest, “It’s just five million dollars! I’ll help you out!”

“Jake, no, you can’t!”

“We’re good friends, and giving you a violin is nothing. It means nothing to give you five million dollars, as long as you’re happy! Zara, I’ve never given such an expensive gift to my girlfriend, but if it’s for you, I’d buy it no matter the cost. ”

Zara blushed and whispered, “Jake, you’re so kind.”

Yigol Mamet hid in the shadows, listening to their conversation, his eyes filled with disappointment.

That Jake Lindsey is a strange one!

If he’s so in love with Zara Woods, why would he look for other women? Wouldn’t it be better to be with Zara directly?

Claiming to be friends while being closer than lovers is just cheating, isn’t it?

Jake held Zara gently and said, “Zara, there’s one more thing. I investigated

Xaviera and discovered that she never took the college entrance examination.” Zara’s eyes lit up, “Really?”

“She didn’t take the college entrance examination, yet she got into Libanan University. It must be because she hooked up with some man or was someone’s sugar baby. That sugar daddy must have pulled some strings.”

Zara’s eyes darkened, and she feigned surprise, “How could a prestigious university like Libanan accept a teacher like her?”

At this time, Xaviera saw the message sent by Xavier Hamer. She was sure,

“Master Uland, did you tell Xavier about this and advise him?”

Page Uland leaned back lazily in his chair, “You silly girl! Your brother Xavier can be ruthless enough to kill Zara Woods. It took a lot of persuading on my part to get him to agree to just kick her out.”

Xaviera nodded, that made sense.

At first glance, Xavier seemed harmless and gentle-natured, but he was actually the most dangerous when angered. When he acted, it could be deadly.

At this moment, Xaviera’s phone rang. It was a call from the Evans Old Manor.

Her expression turned puzzled. Why was the Evans family calling her?

“Xaviera,” Page Uland saw her hesitation, “The Evans family has been asking your brother Albert for forgiveness these few days.”

Xaviera expressed her surprise, “Albert didn’t tell me about this!”

“He knew you hate the Evans family and didn’t want to bother you. But even if the Evans family had the guts, they wouldn’t dare to touch you now. It’s time to take action. What do you think?” Page Uland raised an eyebrow.

Master Uland, being a cultured person, even his threatening words were so tactful. Xaviera understood his meaning in an instant.

It was indeed time to pav a visit to the Evans family!

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