Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband - C.258 - : Xavier Hamer Brother Slaps Face

Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband

C.258 - : Xavier Hamer Brother Slaps Face

Chapter 258: Chapter 258: Xavier Hamer Brother Slaps Face

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Everyone’s eyes widened. Did Zara Woods anger Xavier Hamer?

Mrs. Woods blurted out, “What does this have to do with Zara? My daughter is beautiful and kind-hearted, how could she possibly offend you? If you don’t give me a reason, I won’t leave today!”

“If that’s the case, then let me personally tell Mrs. Woods.” Xavier Hamer sneered, his eyes full of indifference.

To put Xaviera in a difficult situation is to offend him!

He heard that Zara Woods has a good reputation and has many men backing her up, so he wanted to see who would stand up for her today?

Whoever dares to bully their family’s Xaviera is going against him!

Xavier Hamer said coldly: “Mrs. Woods, I canceled the Woods family’s quota because the Woods family’s elder generation is really shameless. The art exhibition is a pure place, so I don’t allow the Woods family to enter.”

“Mrs. Woods, instead of arguing with me, why not ask Miss Woods what she’s done?”

Upon hearing Xavier Hamer’s words, Mrs. Woods’ face turned pale, and her lips trembled.

Was the Woods family’s elder generation shameless?

Who exactly had offended Xavier Hamer?

Mrs. Woods felt uneasy under the heated gazes of the people around her. Unable to think further, she refuted directly: “Nonsense! What did the Woods family’s elder generation do? What did my daughter do? You have to make it clear! Otherwise, I will sue you for slander!”

Yigol Mamet watched the farce and whispered to Steve Price: “Mrs. Woods’ shrewish appearance has already shown that the Woods family’s elder generation is disgraceful.”

Steve Price nodded like crazy.

Xavier Hamer asked leisurely, “Mrs. Woods, do you really want me to say it?”

Zara Woods’ face sank, and she felt uneasy in her heart. She hurriedly said, “Mr. Hamer…”

Xavier Hamer didn’t pay her any attention and slowly said, “Yesterday, Miss Woods happened to meet my sister and uncle in the mall. Miss Woods mocked my sister for being kept by my uncle.”

Everyone gasped.

Xavier Hamer said coldly, “My uncle only wanted to buy some clothes for my sister after not seeing her for a long time. In Miss Woods’ eyes, it turned into an improper relationship between a man and woman. I think it’s because the Woods family’s elder generation keeps young girls, which is why Miss Woods thinks this way.”

“This can’t be blamed on Miss Woods, after all, it’s the Woods family’s elder generation who did the disgraceful thing first.”

Having said that, Xavier Hamer looked around indifferently, “Mrs. Woods, didn’t Miss Woods tell you about yesterday’s incident?”

Everyone looked at the Woods mother and daughter with contempt.

However, it was not directed at them, but a dislike for the entire Woods family.

People in the industry knew that although Xavier Hamer was not good at socializing, he had a mild temper and did not fight with the world. This time, his public condemnation of the Woods family meant that they must have gone too far.

Moreover, Hamer said that Miss Woods had bullied his uncle and sister. Having his own family humiliated, he could not sit back and watch, right?

Not allowing the Woods family to participate in his exhibition was only reasonable.

“The Woods family still has the nerve to come here. They just insulted Xavier Hamer’s relatives, and they still ask how they offended Xavier Hamer? What an angelic bitch!”

“I heard that Hamer’s uncle is Page Uland!”

“Ah? Page Uland? The musical instrument master? And the Mr. Uland who is good at medicine?”

“The Woods family dares to insult Mr. Uland like this? They are really bold! Xavier Hamer has given them enough face, just not allowing them to attend the exhibition. If it were me, I would have slapped them both and told them to get lost. Do they still have the face to ask for an explanation here?”

Mrs. Woods trembled all over, looking at the scene before her in disbelief.

Zara Woods quickly supported the crumbling Mrs. Woods, her face extremely ugly, biting her lip, “I’m sorry, Mr. Hamer, I didn’t mean it yesterday, I… I will apologize in person, I’m very sorry!”

Although everyone didn’t Imow who Xavier Hamer’s sister was, just the identity of Page Uland alone was enough to infuriate them.

Mrs. Woods and Zara Woods left in disgrace, and the crowd entered the venue one after another.

Before long, Jake Lindsey rushed over, “Zara!”

Zara Woods’ tears fell pitter-patter, “Jake…”

“I heard that you and your aunt were kicked out. What happened?”

Zara Woods looked aggrieved: “Yesterday, I saw Xaviera and Xavier Hamer’s uncle shopping together in the mall, the two were very close, and the old man was even buying things for Xaviera. So I had some misunderstandings….”

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