Your Talent is Mine - C.492: The Diamond Forest, Slaying a God-level Ferocious Beast

Your Talent is Mine

C.492: The Diamond Forest, Slaying a God-level Ferocious Beast

TL: Etude

Disguised as an Emperor-level ferocious beast, Ye Tian flew a distance and finally arrived in a huge mountain.

Upon his arrival, a gigantic python with two heads charged out, roaring furiously at Ye Tian, “Scram, this is my territory!”

Ferocious beasts have a strong sense of territory and generally do not welcome outsiders.

“An Emperor-level ferocious beast!”

Ye Tian quickly determined the opponent’s cultivation level and immediately employed his spatial talent to enact a spatial lock.

Instantly, the space around them froze.

The Emperor-level ferocious beast became like a statue, unable to move at all.

“It’s too weak!” Ye Tian then activated his hypnotism talent and put the Emperor-level ferocious beast under.

Soon, Ye Tian roughly understood the situation in the Beast God Realm from the beast’s words.

This Emperor-level ferocious beast did not know how vast the Beast God Realm truly was, only that the area it inhabited was controlled by a powerful God-level ferocious beast.

The God-level ferocious beast, known as the Diamond Giant Crocodile, was incredibly strong, commanding over a hundred God-level ferocious beasts, with countless Emperor-level ones under its rule.

Every ferocious beast had to offer tribute periodically, and failure to do so meant becoming a meal for the Diamond Giant Crocodile.

In short, the Diamond Giant Crocodile was the undisputed ruler of this region.


Using his Soul Spear talent, Ye Tian obliterated the soul of the two-headed snake, effectively killing it.

Immediately afterward, Ye Tian took over the snake’s den, transforming it into his own residence.

He planned to stay there for a while, until he killed the Diamond Giant Crocodile, and then move on to other areas to slay other God-level ferocious beasts.

“This two-headed snake was too weak, hardly knowing anything about the Diamond Giant Crocodile’s strength. If it had, things would have been easier,” Ye Tian muttered.

Like human God-level martial warriors, once a ferocious beast reached the God-level, its physical strength could no longer increase. What could improve were its divine power and soul strength, but enhancing soul strength was difficult, so God-level beings relied on cultivating divine power for advancement.

Depending on the strength of the divine power, there were nine small realms from first to ninth stage within the God-level.

Initially breaking through to God-level placed one at the first stage, and reaching the ninth stage meant attaining the peak of the God-level realm.

The gap between the first and ninth stages of the God-level was immense.

Ye Tian had not fought against anyone above the God-level, making it difficult to judge his own strength, but ordinary God-level beings were no match for him.

By his estimation, even some weaker God-level ninth-stage beings were no match for him.

However, the Beast God Realm was filled with countless God-level ferocious beasts, many with incredibly powerful talents that were beyond his current capability to defeat.

Over the next few days, Ye Tian continuously ventured out to find and capture solitary Emperor-level ferocious beasts, hypnotizing them to extract information.

Before long, Ye Tian had a good grasp of the Diamond Giant Crocodile’s strength.

“A God-level sixth-stage ferocious beast!”

This level of God-level ferocious beast was not very powerful. Even with slightly better talents, Ye Tian was not afraid.

As long as it wasn’t a peerless Heavenly Pride who had reached the sixth stage of the God-level, Ye Tian had nothing to fear.

The Diamond Giant Crocodile, with only a hundred God-level ferocious beasts under its command, could not be so heaven-defying. If each of them were that formidable, there would be no need for Ye Tian to slay God-level ferocious beasts since it would be an impossible task.

On that day, Ye Tian headed alone to the Diamond Giant Crocodile’s lair – the Diamond Forest.

The Diamond Forest covered a vast area with extremely rich yuan qi, making it the most concentrated area in the region.

Hence, the Diamond Giant Crocodile made it its lair.

As Ye Tian approached the outskirts of the Diamond Forest, he saw a large number of Emperor-level ferocious beasts.

These Emperor-level ferocious beasts were mostly underlings of the Diamond Giant Crocodile, guarding the Diamond Forest on its behalf.

Ye Tian’s goal was to slay God-level ferocious beasts; killing Emperor-level ones was of little value.

Therefore, Ye Tian directly used his invisibility to sneak into the depths of the Diamond Forest.

Passing through the outskirts and entering the deeper parts of the forest, he hardly saw any Emperor-level ferocious beasts.

Suddenly, a white fox appeared in Ye Tian’s line of sight.

The white fox also noticed Ye Tian. Its large pupils fixed on the invisible Ye Tian, and its eyes flashed with a killing intent.

Swoosh! The white fox swiped its claw, which was imbued with intense divine power.

Clearly, it was a God-level ferocious beast.

Ye Tian knew his top-tier invisibility talent was useless against beings above the God-level, as their divine consciousness could penetrate the invisibility.

Therefore, he deactivated his invisibility talent.

Facing the God-level ferocious beast’s claw, Ye Tian remained calm and instantly teleported away.

From that single swipe, Ye Tian preliminarily judged the beast’s cultivation to be around the third stage of the God-level.

He also assessed the white fox’s talents, which were average at best, with its strongest being only at the Mystic level.

Such a God-level ferocious beast was not very strong and could be considered one of the weaker ones.

“Thousand Layer Realm Barrier!”

Ye Tian cast the perfected realm spatial divine ability, Thousand Layer Realm Barrier, directly targeting the white fox.

Boom! With layers upon layers of barriers coming into effect, the white fox was not only trapped but also suppressed by the tremendous pressure, rendering it immobile.

“Spatial Collapse!”

In an instant, the area where the white fox was located collapsed, its divine body shattered into countless blood mists, dissipating in the broken space.

“It’s too weak!” Ye Tian muttered.

He had barely exerted any effort, and the God-level ferocious beast was already slain by him.

At the moment of the white fox’s death, a white light flew into Ye Tian’s wrist.

A virtual screen appeared on his wrist, displaying the number “1”, signifying that Ye Tian had slain a God-level ferocious beast.

This wristwatch, given to him by Divine Lord Dantai, was a minor gadget created by the Supreme Hall of Humanity. It could detect how many God-level ferocious beasts he had slain, and cheating was nearly impossible.

To complete the task assigned by the Supreme Hall of Humanity, Ye Tian had to increase this number to 10,000, thereby earning the reward from the Supreme Hall of Humanity—the Heavenly Dao characters of wood.

The death of this white fox caught the attention of some God-level ferocious beasts deep within the Diamond Forest. One after another, God-level ferocious beasts flew over.

Ye Tian didn’t take out his saber this time, intending to rely solely on his spatial divine abilities, as he was currently disguised as a ferocious beast. Using a saber would easily expose his identity.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh! One after another, God-level ferocious beasts appeared, surrounding Ye Tian.

“The White Fox is dead!” a giant bear exclaimed in shock.

Suddenly, its gaze turned to Ye Tian: “You’re just an Emperor-level ferocious beast. Why are you here? Who killed the White Fox? Speak up!” f𝐫e𝚎𝘄eb𝚗o𝐯𝐞𝐥.𝐜𝚘m

Clearly, these God-level ferocious beasts assumed another God-level ferocious beast had infiltrated and killed the white fox, not considering Ye Tian as the killer.

To these God-level ferocious beasts, an Emperor-level, no matter how strong, would hardly be able to kill a God-level ferocious beast, especially a third-stage God-level one. After all, the transition from Emperor-level to God-level involves an increase in divine body and divine power by a hundredfold!

“This fox was slain by me!” Ye Tian said with a smile.

“You…” All the God-level ferocious beasts stared at Ye Tian with a sneer, utterly disbelieving him.

“Forget it, capture him and hand him over to the boss!” the giant bear said.

As it reached out to grab Ye Tian, suddenly…

Waves of spatial divine power erupted from Ye Tian’s body, transforming into a colossal divine figure.

Swoosh! With a swift movement, Ye Tian appeared beside two God-level ferocious beasts, his giant Xumi palm grabbing them. With a gentle squeeze, the two God-level ferocious beasts shattered into countless pieces.

Puff, puff, puff! God-level ferocious beasts were effortlessly slain by Ye Tian, instilling fear in the others. They couldn’t imagine an Emperor-level ferocious beast being so powerful, slaughtering God-level ferocious beasts as if slicing through vegetables.

“Run!” the giant bear roared.

By now, none of the God-level ferocious beasts still considered Ye Tian an Emperor-level. They were filled with endless fear, knowing they would undoubtedly die if they didn’t flee. Even if all the God-level ferocious beasts joined forces, they wouldn’t be a match for Ye Tian.

The gap between them was simply too vast! However, escape was impossible for them.

“Thousand Layer Realm Barrier!”

Thousands of layers of barriers enveloped the area, each layer stacking upon the next, trapping all the God-level ferocious beasts within the divine ability of Thousand Layer Realm Barrier, making it impossible for them to break free.

In the blink of an eye, most of the dozens of God-level ferocious beasts that had arrived were dead, leaving only about ten.

Just then, a roar came from the depths of the Diamond Forest.

“Who dares cause trouble in the territory of the Diamond Giant Crocodile?”

Boom! The sky and earth changed color, and the void trembled.

A silver ancient giant crocodile, its massive body resembling a small mountain range, flew over. It was the master of the Diamond Forest—the Diamond Giant Crocodile! Following behind it were about fifty other God-level ferocious beasts.

“The boss is out, we might have a chance to survive!”

The remaining God-level ferocious beasts rejoiced.

Unfortunately, before the Diamond Giant Crocodile could arrive, Ye Tian swiftly killed the remaining God-level ferocious beasts.

In a blink of an eye, the Diamond Giant Crocodile arrived.

At that moment, the Diamond Giant Crocodile stared at Ye Tian with immense rage, its killing intent darkening the skies.

It despised Ye Tian immensely! The God-level ferocious beasts Ye Tian had just killed were almost half of its subordinates.

“You’re dead!” the Diamond Giant Crocodile roared.