Your Talent is Mine - C.491: The Objective

Your Talent is Mine

C.491: The Objective

TL: Etude

“Kill a hundred thousand God-level ferocious beasts!”

“Divine Lord Dantai, it’s a bit exaggerated for me alone to kill 100,000 God-level ferocious beasts in the Beast God Realm,” Ye Tian said with a sense of helplessness.

“It’s actually achievable!” Divine Lord Dantai responded, “As long as you remain in constant battle, it is possible to kill a hundred thousand God-level ferocious beasts in ten years. Of course, you must also protect yourself, as some God-level ferocious beasts are not something you can deal with at the moment!”

“If you can achieve this target, the Supreme Hall of Humanity is willing to reward you with a Heavenly Dao character,” Divine Lord Dantai revealed the reward.

“A Heavenly Dao character, which one?” Ye Tian eagerly inquired.

“The Wood Heavenly Dao character!” Divine Lord Dantai declared.

“The Wood Heavenly Dao character!!!” Ye Tian was extremely excited; it was exactly the Heavenly Dao character he was missing.

Currently, he already possessed the Gold Heavenly Dao character, the Water Heavenly Dao character, and the Fire Heavenly Dao character, lacking only the Wood and Earth Heavenly Dao characters.

The Supreme Hall of Humanity was aware that he was missing the Wood and Earth Heavenly Dao characters and deliberately set up this reward fearing he would not accept the challenge.

Strictly speaking, if Ye Tian really decided not to venture into the Beast God Realm, the Supreme Hall of Humanity couldn’t force him.

The Supreme Hall of Humanity wasn’t a coercive organization; it was merely a training institution organized by the Supremes of humanity.

The Supreme Hall of Humanity doesn’t enforce anything, so it doesn’t restrict one’s choices, even if one wishes to idle away their time within the hall.

“Divine Lord Dantai, I am willing to go to the Beast God Realm!” Ye Tian immediately agreed.

In fact, he never considered refusing; he was merely asking casually, hoping to learn more about the Beast God Realm from Divine Lord Dantai.

Now that the Supreme Hall of Humanity was willing to offer the Wood Heavenly Dao character as a reward, it was an unexpected surprise.

“Then I’ll take you to the Beast God Realm now!” Divine Lord Dantai stated.

“Alright!” Ye Tian nodded.

The Beast God Realm.

This star field was very special, initially occupied entirely by countless ferocious beast races, but later taken over by humanity.

Humanity had subdued many powerful ferocious beasts, leaving behind a vast number of lower-level ones.

Even now, the Beast God Realm was home to countless ferocious beasts, some of which, due to their cute and beautiful appearances, had even become the favorites among many female powerhouses across human domains.

Many ferocious beasts were highly valuable and sold in large quantities.

The Beast God Realm could be considered a breeding ground for ferocious beasts, making it the prime location for trading them.

On the way, Ye Tian asked Divine Lord Dantai, “Divine Lord Dantai, with the countless ferocious beasts in the Beast God Realm, could there be any with a Mystic-level time talent?”

“I’m not sure, but I have heard of transactions involving time-talented ferocious beasts. However, most are top-level time talents or below, and their value is just so-so.”

Clearly, for a powerhouse like Divine Lord Dantai, ferocious beasts with top-level time talents were of no interest.

However, Mystic-level time talents were still exceedingly rare; otherwise, a Universal God like Divine Lord Dantai would have heard of them.

Soon, Ye Tian and Divine Lord Dantai arrived in the Beast God Realm.

Upon arriving, Ye Tian, through the cosmic spaceship, witnessed a stunning scene.

In the vast expanse of space, a gigantic golden bird, comparable in size to a small planet, was flying at high speed.

“What is that?” Ye Tian exclaimed in surprise.

“That’s a Galaxy-level ferocious beast, the Golden Silk Phoenix Sculpture. Such flying Galaxy-level ferocious beasts are the favorite mounts of many Universal Gods! That was a Universal God passing by just now. We exchanged greetings, but you wouldn’t be able to perceive our level of communication,” Divine Lord Dantai explained with a smile.

“So, it’s a Galaxy-level ferocious beast, no wonder it’s so imposing!” Ye Tian marveled.

Not long after, Ye Tian and Divine Lord Dantai arrived at the Great Continent of Ten Thousand Beasts.

The Great Continent of Ten Thousand Beasts, the Mountain Range of Ten Thousand Beasts.

Ye Tian was brought here by Divine Lord Dantai, and soon the two of them waited there.

“Divine Lord Dantai, are we waiting for—” Ye Tian inquired curiously.

“The World of Ten Thousand Beasts isn’t entirely controlled by our Supreme Hall of Humanity; it’s merely borrowed by us for now.

Although I can send you into the Beast God Realm, it’s best to let the master of this place open the Beast God Realm,” Divine Lord Dantai explained.

“I see!” Ye Tian understood.

Suddenly, a tremendous roar was heard as a gigantic gorilla, with each step causing the earth to tremble, approached them.

The ferocious aura caused countless ferocious beasts in the area to flee in terror, even the Great God-level ferocious beasts dared not withstand such a wild presence.

Through the Xumi Eye, Ye Tian saw the gigantic gorilla from afar.

Suddenly, the enormous gorilla turned its gaze towards Ye Tian, its eyes, like stars, fixated on him.

In that moment, Ye Tian felt as if he was immobilized, unable to move his body, and even his God-level spatial talent couldn’t help him break free from this constraint.

“It’s been a while, Divine Lord Gold Ape!” Divine Lord Dantai spoke up from the side.

Swish! The restraint disappeared, and Ye Tian could move again.

Then, the gigantic gorilla vanished in an instant and reappeared before Ye Tian and Divine Lord Dantai.

At this time, the gorilla’s aura had receded, making it seem like just an ordinary, albeit huge, gorilla.

It was only then that Ye Tian noticed a person standing on the gorilla’s shoulder.

This person appeared young, with incredibly deep eyes that had a faint golden glow swirling within them.

He was dressed in clothes that bore the emblem of a golden monkey, so lifelike it seemed almost real.

Out of habit, Ye Tian used his Copy Talent to check the young man’s talents, and to his astonishment, he was stunned by what he found.

Gold Ape: Yuan Tian bloodline talent: Universal-grade strength talent: God-level defense talent: God-level speed talent: Mystic-level staff technique talent: Supreme-level golden armor talent: God-level.

“He’s not human!”

Ye Tian was greatly surprised.

Whether this Divine Lord Gold Ape was a ferocious beast disguising as a human, or openly living as a ferocious beast in the Beast God Realm, was a significant matter. If it was the former, a ferocious beast disguising as a human, especially one at the level of a Universal God, could cause a lot of trouble, potentially leading to massive losses for humanity.

If it was the latter, it wouldn’t matter as much since everyone would know he’s not human, alleviating any concerns.

With the Divine Lord Gold Ape present, Ye Tian dared not inquire Divine Lord Dantai about it, to avoid offending the Divine Lord Gold Ape.

Divine Lord Dantai and the Divine Lord Gold Ape seemed to be friends, chatting for a while.

Afterward, Divine Lord Dantai said, “Divine Lord Gold Ape, this is an Eternal Price from our Supreme Hall of Humanity, Prince of Ten Thousand Laws. The Supreme Hall of Humanity has tasked him with training in the Beast God Realm for ten years. Please assist in opening the Beast God Realm.”

“No problem!” The Divine Lord Gold Ape said, patting his chest.

He then took out a token, emitting a beam of light into the void.

Boom! A portal appeared in the void, leading into the Beast God Realm.

“Divine Lord Dantai, I have some minor matters to attend to and must leave now. This portal will remain open for one day, and I will return in ten years to reopen the Beast God Realm!”

With that, the Divine Lord Gold Ape and the gigantic gorilla vanished.

Once the Divine Lord Gold Ape had left, Ye Tian couldn’t help but ask, “Divine Lord Dantai, what is the identity of this Divine Lord Gold Ape?”

“He is not human!” Divine Lord Dantai said with a smile, “He is the contracted beast of a significant figure, someone who is a true high-ranking member of humanity! His power is only second to the seventy-eight Supreme Beings of humanity; we are but ants in their eyes! Because of that figure’s status, the Divine Lord Gold Ape is free to move about in human territories. I once lived in the Beast God Realm for a while, which is how I came to know this Divine Lord Gold Ape, and we became friends.”

Reassured by Divine Lord Dantai’s words, Ye Tian said, “Divine Lord Dantai, I’ll now enter the Beast God Realm!”

Ye Tian turned and flew into the portal, entering the Beast God Realm.

World of Ten Thousand Beasts.

As soon as Ye Tian flew in, he saw a gigantic maw.

With Ye Tian’s speed, if he didn’t change direction, he would leap right into this maw.

“I’m jumping into the mouth of a ferocious beast!” Ye Tian thought to himself.

Luckily, this ferocious beast wasn’t very strong, merely an Emperor-level ferocious beast, with strength roughly equivalent to that of a seven or eight-star Emperor.

“Die!” With a thought, Ye Tian activated his spatial talent, using powerful spatial forces to shatter the Emperor-level ferocious beast’s body.

With a bang, the Emperor-level ferocious beast turned into countless mists of blood, dispersing without staining Ye Tian with a single drop of blood.

“Roar!!!” Many ferocious beasts rushed over, attracted by the scent of blood.

“Let’s go!” Ye Tian quickly left.

Although his goal in the Beast God Realm was to kill a hundred thousand God-level ferocious beasts, there was no need to rush.

Immediately, he used his Disguise Talent to take on the form of an Emperor-level ferocious beast and swiftly departed.

The Disguise Talent was very useful, especially in a place like the Beast God Realm.

If a human entered and killed a God-level ferocious beast, word would spread, and countless God-level ferocious beasts would swarm to attack.

But if he used the Disguise Talent to become an Emperor-level ferocious beast and killed other God-level ferocious beasts, even if word got out, the beasts here would only marvel at the terrifying power of this Emperor-level ferocious beast, without attracting a mass attack from God-level ferocious beasts.

No one knew exactly how many powerful God-level ferocious beasts were in the Beast God Realm. Acting recklessly, not to mention killing a hundred thousand God-level ferocious beasts, even surviving for ten years would be in question.