Transcendent Dawn - C.223 - 0: Conference (Congrats to alliance leader AP Heavenly Speech!)

Transcendent Dawn

C.223 - 0: Conference (Congrats to alliance leader AP Heavenly Speech!)

Chapter 223: Chapter 0223: Conference (Congrats to alliance leader AP Heavenly Speech!)

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“That Duke… is definitely going to get killed!”

The beautiful lady sitting next to Su Lu cursed.

Any occupational person hearing this news would not be in a good mood.

Under such fury, even if only one in ten thousand took action, that Congressman’s situation would be very precarious.

‘Of course… it’s none of my business.’

Su Lu continued to eavesdrop.

“Ladies and gentlemen… time is pressing, we must make preparations!”

The calm voice of Speaker at the head of the table had a soothing effect on the commotion.

“In the next municipal election, our people must obtain as many seats as possible…”

“In the shipbuilding and fishing industry, as well as in the city’s pillar industry, we must expand our share… we must achieve that if we fall, the whole city will collapse…”

“The behind-the-scenes propaganda aspect is also very important… for this, we need your help, Mr. ‘Reader’!”

The Speaker at the head was assigning tasks.

The more Su Lu listened, the heavier his mood became.

He already knew that the gatherings of the Shadow Council were very old.

And the power passed down through generations, even in the twilight of the gods, might not be able to ascend too high, but it was enough to allow them to retain influence and wealth.

The energy accumulated over such a long time was terrifying.

Under the stimulation of the potential Professional Registration Bill of the Federation, it sprang into action quickly.

‘Even cleaning up the gang… should be just a side effect of this current plan, right?’

Accompanied by the continuation of one issue after another, the session soon reached the free exchange segment, where every member had their say.

The content could be solving disputes, purchasing items, or trading information.

“Hehe… Scholar?”

A man in a black robe across Su Lu stared at him: “Tell Michael, he can stay in the dock area at most, if he dares to come out, I’ll kill him.”

From his aura, Su Lu thought this man must be the real boss of the gangs in Lore city, the unseen hand behind many gangsters.

Thinking of this, he smiled: “I will relay the message faithfully.”

In fact, even if you really kill him, I wouldn’t care less.

He thought indifferently.

“Good, I’m ‘Black Whale’, and if there is a conflict in the future, you will see me!”

The big man across the table added and then fell silent.

When it was Su Lu’s turn, he thought for a while then stood up: “I need to buy occupational information of the first level, a type that commands animals and beasts.”

This was prepared for Isaac.

Although he had promised to introduce Isaac into the circle of Mysterious Persons, this gathering was too high-end, it’s better not to scare the boy.

Having himself make the purchase and offering a discount on the transaction fee was for the boy’s safety.

“As a newcomer, your first request will always receive preferential treatment.”

In the midst of silence, the speaker was the first to speak: “I have a profession here that suits your requirements perfectly, for just 50 Golden Dragons!”

“Oh? Can you describe it?”

Su Lu’s eyes flickered, asking calmly.

“Of course… it’s called [Shepherd], a first-level profession, it improves the physical condition of the occupational person, making their sense of smell more acute, their actions swifter, and gives them a certain ability to communicate with beasts.”

‘Isn’t this the path of the [Beast Shepherd]?’

Knowledgeable Su Lu immediately thought of that.

[Shepherd] —— [Wolf Shepherd] —— [Beast Shepherd]!

This is a rip-off profession that Rod even specifically mentioned to him once, for its fifth-order legend is called [Dragon Shepherd]!

Never mind the other preconditions for taking office, the key is that one must command a Giant Dragon, a real Giant Dragon!

Giant Dragons have long been extinct on both the Old Continent and the New Continent.

Perhaps only on the edge of the world, atop the Dark Continent, does one find traces of them.

Therefore, this is a profession with almost no future.

“Excellent, I’ll take it!”

But Su Lu immediately nodded, agreeing to the transaction.

Because he doesn’t think Isaac has the potential to become a legend in the future, his requirement is merely to control that Erha.

Even if the first level doesn’t work, the second level [Wolf Shepherd] would certainly suppress that fool.


Seeing Su Lu drawing out the Golden Dragons, the Speaker coughed in surprise at his decisiveness: “I would like to remind you here that its follow-ups are a bit difficult, and the [Shepherd]’s ability to communicate with beasts is limited to understanding their emotions from their bodily movements, not truly understanding the ‘animal language’!”

“No problem, but I would like to know if the follow-ups, the second and third levels of content, can be purchased here?”

Su Lu asked another question.


The Speaker nodded: “I retain its legacy, up to the fourth level!”

‘But I am sure you are not pursuing this path… The occupational path of [Shepherd] has high demands for transcendent beings, even reaching [Beast Shepherd] is very difficult…’ Su Lu counted fifty Golden Dragons, handed them to the Speaker, and received a parchment filled with information in return.

The mysterious content and symbols written on it were identified by his Mysterious Knowledge as correct, so he put it away safely.

‘The thing I promised Isaac has already been done, as for the follow-up, he will need to arrange for the trade himself…’ 𝒻𝓻𝑒ℯ𝘸𝘦𝑏𝑛𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓁.𝑐𝘰𝓶

After completing the transaction smoothly, he did not sit down, but looked around: “I want to buy a Marvel that has storage capabilities!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he heard a member of the council whistle cheekily: “I want one too… even if it costs five thousand Golden Dragons to buy, unfortunately, there aren’t any… perhaps, only those ancient transcendent families have one or two, like our honorable Speaker.”

“The premium on this kind of transcendental item is very high, and oftentimes, they are priceless!”

The Speaker shook his head, indicating that he was unable to help.


Su Lu took a deep breath, already anticipating this: “I need to buy a detailed piece of information about the mysterious events happening in Lore city and nearby, the transcendent beings involved, and an overview of the various transcendent powers.”

Marvels with storage capabilities are quite rare, which leaves him with only one path, to make it himself.

Su Lu knew that to find suitable materials, he must hunt or buy some unique mysterious creatures, and Erha definitely won’t do.

“Hehe… for this kind of information, you can buy it from me.”

The ‘Saintess’ next to him laughed in her lilting voice, leaning towards him, bringing with her a rich perfume scent: “I am the information director of the Shadow Council…”

“What about the price?”

Su Lu asked dispassionately.

“30 Golden Dragons, this is the discount for our members. If you are willing to accompany me, I can give it to you for free!”

The ‘Saintess’ spoke breathily into Su Lu’s ear.

But when Su Lu saw that none of the council members were jealous, merely sitting back and enjoying the show, he knew this couldn’t be good: “It’s not necessary… I’ll pay cash!”

“How… boring!”

The ‘Saintess’ sat back down listlessly, yawning out of boredom.