Transcendent Dawn - C.216 - 0: Subordinate (Additional 4200, two more subscriptions requested!)

Transcendent Dawn

C.216 - 0: Subordinate (Additional 4200, two more subscriptions requested!)

Chapter 216: Chapter 0216: Subordinate (Additional 4200, two more subscriptions requested!)

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“Indeed… The Language of Arrogance has an incredible lethal effect on humans…”

Watching the successful experiment, Su Lu, who was in a good mood, squatted down and looked at the two bandits who kept rolling around on the ground.

Last time, the Language of Arrogance did not harm Isaac and the others because he intentionally controlled its power.

But this time, its terror was more vividly manifested in humans. 𝖋𝔯𝔢𝔢𝖜𝖊𝖇𝖓𝔬𝔳𝖊𝔩.𝖈𝖔𝖒

“Hmm… If this goes on, these two ordinary people could have their blood vessels burst, their heads exploding, their brains growing tentacles and running away… or even transforming into beasts. All of these are possibilities…”

After some thought, he halted his chant.

“Pant… Pant…”

“Pant… Pant…”

The two burly men stopped struggling, but already lost all their strength, lying on the ground, panting heavily.

“Mystery… you are the Mysterious Person!”

The thinner of the two suddenly looked up, extreme fear showing on his face.

“Oh… It’s rare that you’ve heard of it. That makes things easier.”

The reason Su Lu dealt with the problem using mysterious power instead of his fists was to maintain his intimidation.

To gangsters, mysterious and unknown power are much more frightening.

“Firstly… as compensation for your previous malicious intent, I need your money bags!”

Su Lu had no intention of being polite with the bandits and simply gave them an order.

The two burly men, trembling, handed over their money bags.

Su Lu counted the money and dissatisfaction showed on his face: “Only seven silver coins and a copper elf? What a bunch of paupers!”

He should have thought of this earlier. How much spare cash could people desperate enough to resort to crime possess?

Looking at the two men struggling to stand up, wanting to run but not daring to, Su Lu continued to ask: “Names?”

“My name is Duran, his is Wood, we belong to the ‘Shark Meeting’!”

Duran named a gang in hopes of making the Mysterious Person in front of him be more cautious.


Su Lu laughed but remained silent: “You offended me, but I forgive you…”

As he spoke, the tension in the two burly men visibly relaxed: “Thank you for your mercy!”

“But…” He looked teasingly at Duran whose face slightly changed: “I need you to do a few things for me… Of course, I will pay for it. I can give you Gold Dragons, or potions that can restore your health and make you stronger, or items with exceptional abilities… and even… the way to become a Transcendent!”

This was his goal.

He needed local help to rent a house and find a job in Lore city.

These two guys seemed to be locals and were likely good at gathering information.

“Please give us your orders, respected Sir!”

Duran’s eyes sparkled, he bowed slightly. Wood was a beat behind, following the same motion, a little excited.

That was the power of a Transcendent!

Although becoming a Transcendent was definitely difficult, as long as they could acquire some magical potions, how many Gold Dragons could they sell it for?

They certainly didn’t know that Su Lu didn’t have a single potion left on him. Even Angie’s two Blood Vials were lost in the Spirit World Traversal, all of his promises were mere pie in the sky.

“Very well, my name is Sean. First, I need you to find an identity for me… and… find a suitable apartment! Lastly… I need to know who in Lore city is currently suffering from strange incidents, urgently need it resolved, and willing to pay what price for it…”

With the constant onslaught of the Transcendent wave, all kinds of mysterious incidents were bound to increase and the city’s official Transcendents wouldn’t be able to cope, leaving room for independent Transcendents.

Su Lu wanted to use this method to earn some wealth and to get into the local Transcendent circle.

“No problem, we will definitely investigate these matters as soon as possible.”

Duran nodded repeatedly, these were all within the scope of gathering intelligence, not too difficult.

“Good… just to be safe!”

Su Lu laughed, advanced a step, and drew a circle on both their necks with his finger.


Under the cover of white smoke, a circular mark appeared on the back of their necks.

“This is our little secret. I don’t want you to reveal it… it’s a gift from me, I can find you through it, give you help… or… let you enjoy the Language of Arrogance once every day!”

Su Lu explained with a smile, but his face at the moment must look no different than a demon’s in Duran and Wood’s eyes.

‘In fact… these two little players, are not worth my marking and locating… they are just two ugly tattoos… but they carry psychological intimidation!’

Looking at the two who were more obedient now, Su Lu asked calmly: “Where nearby is a good coffee shop?”

“There is the ‘Green Cat’s Eye’ coffee shop at number 23 on Lano Street nearby. It’s run by a pair of sisters and comes highly recommended!”

Duran answered in a slightly shaky voice after a moment of silence.

“Good, I’ll be waiting there for you… I want to see my apartment by tonight at the latest… otherwise…”

Su Lu left the dead-end, leaving behind the two bandits looking at each other.

“What should we do?”

Touching the brand at the back of his neck, Wood was almost in tears.

“What can we do? We should get to work… He’s a Mysterious Person! If we fail to satisfy him…” Duran shivered, his heart full of despair.

Maybe they should have had a divination done before they left that day.

They were just too unlucky!

However, the compensation the other party promised gave them some consolation.

Green Cat’s Eye Coffee Shop.

Su Lu slouched on the couch, listening to the soothing music, taking a sip of his coffee now and then.

This was a relatively high-end coffee shop that featured pet cats, and one could see energetic and contented cats anywhere: on the counter, around the aisle, next to the flower rack.

They had smooth fur, obviously well cared for, as if the finest silk brocade, it made one can’t help but want to touch them.

Su Lu rubbed his temples, carrying out his routine rearranging of the past few days.

Getting the ‘Knowledge of the Mad God’ not only added a passive ability, but also the Ancient Hebrew and Gulam languages, as well as a significant boost in Mysterious Knowledge.

Especially Mysterious Knowledge!

It had skyrocketed to LV5, with many knowledge points and memories needing to be assimilated.

This not only included some fragmented historical records, various characteristics of Transcendents, the landscape of the Spirit World, but also more incomplete information.

“Magic Potion… Marvel… It’s a shame Shewinado’s knowledge is too fragmented…”

Su Lu sighed, what he was doing now was mining more dazzling ‘gold and gemstones’ from the treasure ore given by the other party.

“Hmm… with my current understanding, raising agility and constitution doesn’t need to rely solely on magic potions, it can be achieved through some rituals… of course, it can’t be rituals requesting the Hidden Existence, that would most likely lead to Evil Gods, Demons, and nature of other terrible consequences.”