Transcendent Dawn - C.214 - 0: Farce (Additional 4000, five more subscriptions requested!)

Transcendent Dawn

C.214 - 0: Farce (Additional 4000, five more subscriptions requested!)

Chapter 214: Chapter 0214: Farce (Additional 4000, five more subscriptions requested!)

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As it turned out, the resentful spirit of the ancient tomb’s owner wasn’t so terrifying.

When Hallock charged and started tearing and pulling at the other’s resentful spirit as if it were a toy, Isaac and the others stared dumbfounded.

“Hallock…Good dog!”

An excited expression gradually appeared on Isaac’s face: “My dog is the best!”

When superpowers were confirmed to exist, these young men and women, after their initial shock, wore excited expressions on their faces.

“Hey… Isaac, let’s talk. Weren’t you planning to sell Hallock? What if I take over? I’ll offer double, no, five times the price!”

James swallowed, his eyes gleaming as he stepped forward.

“No way… Nobody can make me sell Hallock! Anyone who touches my dog will have to fight me!”

Isaac answered firmly.

Even if he wasn’t a Transcendent, having a superpower pet was great too.

Didn’t he see the envious expressions on the faces of Elizabeth and Diana next to him?


James smiled awkwardly: “If it doesn’t command you to pee on the street…”

Thinking about what had just happened, Isaac stiffened. He was starting to realize that he seemed to be losing control over his pet and Erha was notoriously naughty.

“Arwooo… bark bark…”

Su Lu watched the battlefield of two chicken-pecking greenhorns.

Erha clearly didn’t see this as a fight, just a game, and was having a lot of fun.

‘Hmm… Besides a little hypnotic ability, it seems to be able to see low-level resentful spirits and has some offensive ability… Which professional path does this belong to?’

Su Lu pondered for a while and found no clues at all.

After all, there were as many paths in this world as there were stars in the sky. Even in the two largest categories, [Soldier] and [Apprentice], there were some hidden branches, not to mention other paths.

Many professions had disappeared over the long course of history and not even the Green Tree Castle’s Inner Circle could fully record them.

‘An interesting profession… the method of inheritance should be through a potion or some kind of marvel… the key is ‘eating’ and ‘swallowing’?’

How could Erha possibly learn? Su Lu strongly suspected that Hallock had eaten something strange in the other’s tomb, which had caused this change.

“Go for it, Hallock; you’re the best dog!”

“If you win, I’ll buy you bones for a year!”

“Take it down!”

Surrounding the two chicken-pecking greenhorns was a group of even less competent ordinary people.

They were not as relaxed as Su Lu, feeling that their lives depended on Hallock. They cheered for each of its jumps.

But Su Lu thought that Hallock was having even more fun and let the other’s resentful spirit off the leash several times when it could have ended the fight.

“It’s time… to end this farce.”

Su Lu yawned languidly, ready to sleep.

He looked in the direction of the resentful spirit and once again uttered the Language of Arrogance.

Like the clashing of heavy metals, like the screams of madmen, complex sounds formed from countless people’s mumblings emerged.

The bystanders, including Isaac, either covered their ears in discomfort or listened carefully while trying not to vomit, only to find that they could not remember a single syllable.

This difficulty was simply inhuman!

“You lingering resentful spirit… Your only fate… is complete obliteration… Flames will burn your body, reducing all your spirit into ashes…”

Su Lu, in the Language of Arrogance, spoke to the resentful spirit.

The power of the Language of Arrogance was related to the length of the phrases; this was what Su Lu had discovered in his previous experiments.

That is to say, the shorter the characters, the less powerful, and the longer the verse was chanted, the greater the effect and power were.

At this moment, the mystical characters he spewed out were already enough to annihilate a rank one spiritual body!

‘This seems like a real pain … According to this logic, if I want to deal with rank three or even rank four professionals … I would have to prepare a concert in advance … ‘

‘Perhaps after leveling up, the cooldown of this skill could be shortened?’

‘Am I still lacking some key and core element, and need to obtain more ‘Knowledge of the Mad God’?’

Upon Su Lu’s sensing, he finished ‘chanting,’ tactfully moving nature’s mystery, a force abruptly descended.


A red flame suddenly rose from the Revenant’s body, giving Hallock a fright, who quickly backed away.

Amid the flames, the Revenant’s numb face showed signs of severe pain and despair, releasing screams of pain and horror, turning Elizabeth and others pale.

Three to four seconds later, the red flame disappeared, and so did the original Revenant.

“Cough cough …”

Su Lu rubbed his throat, opening a water bottle, and took a drink of spring water: “Done with it, let’s sleep. We have to get up early tomorrow.”

“You … you took care of that Revenant?”

Diana looked at Su Lu.

“No … the real credit goes to Hallock, I was just the last hit…” Su Lu modestly said.

“That kind of spell … It’s really loud, but it’s just so cool!”

Isaac’s eyes were shining: “Can I learn it?”

“You can … as long as you can remember it!” Su Lu shrugged.

Thinking of the scene just now, Isaac had no choice but to put down his head and said, “Okay … I admit … it does need talent!”

These five ordinary people were actually very yearnful of the mysterious power they witnessed, but when they thought of the complicated syllables earlier, they began to feel fear.

Were those the words of an ordinary person?

Instead of learning that, it would be better to train Hallock, who had already proved to be an extraordinary creature!

The next day, the five of them, with not small gains, ended their camping and prepared to return to Lore city.

Su Lu was with them as well, and there was a large black and white striped dog next to him.

‘I’m currently in bad condition, I’ll recuperate in Lore city first, then go back home to check … and by the way, spy on Rod and Sean’s whereabouts … ‘

Su Lu secretly planned his future and glanced at the attributes panel:

Name:[Su Lu Pottery]

Profession: [Magician] (Rank 3), [Wanderer] (Rank 2)

Professional Rank: [3]

Title: [Black Knight]

Strength:[1.4](2.4), Agility:[1.7](3.2), Constitution:[2.0](3.0), Spirit:[4.5](10.0)


Skills:[Creation of Dead PrincessLV1], [Maga Fighting SkiⅡLV7], [Soul TranceLV6], [Spirit OppressionLV4], [Spirit ChainLV1], [Marvelous Item CreationLV4], [Magic Potion RefiningLV1], [Heart TrickLV1]

Passive:[Common HebrewLV3], [Basic PhysicsLV5], [Demon Hunting KnowledgeLV4], [Ancient HebrewLV3], [Gulam LanguageLV4], [Mysterious KnowledgeLV5], [StrongLV4], [Agile StepsLV1], [Language of ArroganceLV1]


Status: [Soul Burn],[Medium Injury]

‘With the Strong passive, physical injuries can slowly recover, and the soul is the same; it needs to slowly cool down … maybe, I can prepare some potions to speed up this process?’

He secretly made a plan for himself.