The World Is Ending And I Am Surrounded By Female Zombies - C.400 - :


Chapter 400: 400

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A Hard Battle

Wang Ran didn’t make a move. Instead, he carefully observed the battlefield.

In a battle of such numbers, he could not change the situation just by killing the enemies with all his might.

What he needed to do was to pay attention to the other party’s top combat strength at all times.

Sure enough, a Zombie Emperor sneaked into the midst of the attacking zombies, attempting to ambush Zhu Ming, who was slaughtering his way through.

Zhu Ming was one level weaker than Wu Jianguo. If he was ambushed by the Zombie Emperor, he would not be able to survive.

Just as the Zombie Emperor charged at Zhu Ming with a smug expression, Wang Ran moved!

The Zombie Emperor’s sharp claws quickly stabbed toward Zhu Ming’s back!

He was already preparing to show a victorious smile. Suddenly, he realized that his hand could not move any further!


The Zombie Emperor found a human clutching his wrist tightly.

This power…lt seemed to be even more terrifying than the Lord Dragon God…

When did such a perverted human appear?

At this moment, Zhu Ming turned around and saw the sharp claw that almost stabbed into his back.

“Boss, you saved my life!” “I have no way to repay you with my broken bones. I…” Zhu Ming was touched.

“Stop blabbering, hurry up and kill the enemy!”

Wang Ran glared at Zhu Ming, then turned to look at the Zombie Emperor.

The Zombie Emperor shivered, a sense of fear filling his heart.

“Don’t… Don’t kill me!”

“I have an 80-year-old zombie mother above me and… I have 26 female zombie wives.” “Please let me go!” the Zombie Emperor begged.

“26? More than me!”

Wang Ran’s face twitched as he punched the Zombie Emperor’s head.

The other Zombie Emperors hiding in the zombie horde all shrank back in fear.

They originally wanted to take advantage of the chaos to launch a sneak attack and kill a few human experts.

Now, it seemed that the strength of the humans was too terrifying…

It was better for him to hide and let the zombie tide attack.

After all, they still had the advantage in numbers. There was no need for them to take the risk.

Wang Ran had killed a Corpse Emperor, but that didn’t reduce the pressure on his side.

Many zombies had already rushed up the city wall.

If it wasn’t for the wandering troops rushing over in time to provide support, these zombies would have already crossed the city wall and charged towards the rear.

“Zhao Dong! Use your ultimate move!”

Seeing this, Wang Ran roared.

Zhao Dong, who was in the temporary command center at the rear, quickly turned on all the speakers.

It’s so cold in midwinter, so faint…”

It’s so cold in midwinter, so faint…”

It’s so cold. I was playing in the mud in the northeast…”

The classic music of the Curry Nation suddenly resounded throughout the entire battlefield.

No matter how strong or weak they were, most of the zombies were stunned.

This familiar rhythm, this familiar rhythm..

Their bodies started to twist involuntarily. The defending soldiers were also stunned.

He started dancing just like that?

Who are you looking down on?

“What are you waiting for? Kill!”

Wu Jianguo roared.

The defenders quickly regained their senses and charged at the other party.

The zombies struggled to resist the temptation of the music while dealing with the attacks of the guards. In an instant, they were all driven off the city wall.

The defenders heaved a sigh of relief, but they did not dare to be careless.

After a while, the zombies seemed to have adapted to the music. They gathered again and attacked the city wall.

The defenders once again felt the pressure.

Seeing that a part of the city wall was about to be breached, a fat zombie with red eyes stood up. “For N City!”

“For Satan!”

The fat zombie roared and charged at the zombie crowd!

A dull thud!

Fatty exploded in the midst of the zombies.

A large amount of corrosive liquid was sprayed everywhere along with the explosion.

The corrosive liquid wasn’t as harmful to zombies as it was to humans, but it still had some effect.

Many zombies nearby were blinded by the corrosive liquid.

” F * ck! We can’t lose to our zombie brothers!”

A heavily injured Awakened laughed. He picked up a string of grenades and hung them on his body, before pouncing outside the city wall.


The Metahuman had brought hundreds of zombies with him.

Such a scene was happening everywhere on the long city wall.

Everyone was doing their best to stop the invasion of these enemies.

In the air, Lin Momo, who was in the helicopter, suddenly had a nosebleed.

Those zombies were too strong.

Controlling them required a lot of effort.

In just ten minutes, Lin Momo was about to collapse.

“Tang Tang, I can’t control it for the time being.” “Find a place to land and help them kill the enemies.” Lin Momo wiped the blood from his nose.

“Alright, I’ve been wanting to make a move for a long time!”

Tang Tang clenched her fists.

She was known as the walking lawn-cutter, a human-shaped killing machine. Facing a large number of zombies, Tang Tang’s killing efficiency was quite high.

After settling Lin Momo down, Tang Tang arrived at the front line in her S-class mecha.

As soon as she came up, Tang Tang took out her greataxe and started her Whirlwind Slash.

The surrounding zombies didn’t even have time to react before they were dismembered one by one.

In other places, the roaming teams began to walk up the city walls, providing strong support to the defenders on the city walls.

Su Xiaoyu’s small team of followers also flexibly provided support at various parts of the city wall.

For a moment, the situation was balanced.

Wang Ran was still calmly observing the situation. He did not run around because of the sudden change in the situation.

He had a feeling that Zhao Qi was hiding some killer move.

As expected!

Wang Ran saw something unusual.

A Zombie Emperor was moving through the horde in a low-profile manner.

He was not heading towards the city wall, but was secretly walking to the side.

Around him, many zombies were following him.

There was a problem…

Wang Ran stared at these guys and realized that their numbers were quite large. There were at least a few hundred of them.

These zombies took advantage of the time when both sides were killing each other and slipped out of the zombie horde, running far away from the city wall.

“Sneak attack during chaos? Haha.” Wang Ran smiled.

This Zhao Qi was indeed not a good person.

If they were allowed to sneak in, their internal forces would be in chaos. In that case, the frontal forces would also be implicated, resulting in a loss of defense.

If Wang Ran hadn’t kept calm and observed carefully, they would have succeeded without anyone noticing.

Wang Ran rode a Xiaomi scooter and wandered in that direction.

Along the way, the guards and zombies all made way for Wang Ran.

Needless to say, no one dared to block Wang Ran’s path.

As for the zombies, they trembled as soon as they felt Wang Ran’s aura. Who would dare to go up and seek death?

Soon, Wang Ran arrived above the zombie squad.

Wang Ran lowered his head and saw that those zombies were all holding a vial of drug in their hands.

“Hmm? This…

Wang Ran quickly realized that Zhao Qi might not be the only one behind this zombie attack.

That crappy company…He might have a share too..