The World Is Ending And I Am Surrounded By Female Zombies - C.397 - :


Chapter 397: 397

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so It’s Zhao Qi

The zombie tide was about to arrive. Since they couldn’t enter this city, they could only find another way.

These survivors were prepared to run north along the city wall.

The bald man was abandoned by them and sat alone on the ground, twitching.

All of a sudden, the blood vessels on the bald man’s body swelled up, and blue veins appeared on his face and neck.

There was also a creepy grunt coming from his throat. It was obvious that it was a sign of a zombie.


The bald man stood up with a twisted face and roared.

“Boss, he’s…”

Wu Jianguo was stunned.

‘ Ancient virus…”

It seems that zombies let them here on purpose.”

“There is a virus lurking in these people’s bodies. As long as certain conditions are met, it will erupt.”

If we let them enter the city, the ancient virus will spread rapidly within us.”

“Tsk tsk tsk… “This opponent has some brains.”

Wang Ran smiled.

Unfortunately, she was not a saint. She had no interest in the lives of these passersby.

“Damn… Fortunately, Boss was decisive enough to not let them in.” Wu Jianguo wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

If this happened from within, the entire city would definitely be in chaos, especially at such an important moment when the city was being defended. Almost all the combat power was concentrated on the city wall. Who could manage the inside?

The bald man quickly turned into a zombie and pounced on the other survivors.

They all turned into zombies and started to tear up the city wall.

“Deal with it.”

Wang Ran instructed.

Several gunshots rang out!

These guys ‘heads were directly blown up.

“Boss, we snipers don’t have much of an angle when it’s close to the city wall.”

“It’s more appropriate to smash it with the refrigerator.”

Wu Jianguo said.

‘ Yes, save some of the refrigerator. Don’t run out when the time comes.”

Wang Ran reminded.

“Boss, don’t worry. We’ve made 10,000 cement fridges. It’s enough!”

Wu Jianguo patted his chest.

At this moment, a helicopter approached.

Lu Shuangshuang, who was in charge of scouting, was on top.

“Wang Ran, the zombie horde is about to enter the 10-kilometer radius of N City.”

” They’ll arrive within an hour.”

‘ From their formation, they are relatively organized. They are not very scattered, so they should not be attacking in a siege.” “Our defense forces on the city wall can be concentrated in the middle.”

Lu Shuangshuang said through the walkie-talkie.

“Alright, thank you.”

‘ Continue scouting. Pay attention to increasing the altitude.” Wang Ran replied.

“Jianguo, inform all the guards to move towards the center.”

“Those at the edge, 50% to the center, to wander, and 10% to guard the spot. ”

“These zombies want to focus their firepower on one point, right…”

“Then I’ll focus my firepower on them!”

Wang Ran said with a smile.

This was much more comfortable than spreading out to defend.

The people on the city wall were quickly mobilized and gathered in the middle.

The logistics staff below were also busy gathering the supplies in the middle.

Time passed slowly.

Finally, a black mass of corpses appeared in everyone’s sight.

The number of zombies this time didn’t seem to be as many as the previous zombie tide, but their strength was much higher than the previous one.

Even those low-level zombies who looked like minions were as powerful as Silver Eye.

One kilometer away from the city wall, the zombie horde slowly stopped.

The zombies roared at the city wall.

Hundreds of thousands of zombies roared together, and even the ground shook slightly.

“Boss, their leader is over there!”

Wu Jianguo held the binoculars and pointed at a spot in the zombie horde. freew𝚎bn𝐨𝘃𝐞𝗹.𝗰𝚘𝗺

A few burly zombies were carrying a mattress, on which sat a man covered in scales.

Wang Ran took a look through the binoculars and immediately recognized the other party.

The scales on his body were definitely related to the lizard matriarch, and this face…

Zhao Qi!

Of course, Wang Ran remembered this guy.

It turned out that he was not dead and had even obtained the power of the ancient virus.

No wonder he wanted to destroy N City and Bei Du.

Not far away, Zhao Qi also saw Wang Ran on the city wall.

When enemies met, their eyes turned red. Zhao Qi’s killing intent surged out like a tidal wave.

‘Wang Ran…

” This time, I’ll show you what fear is…”

“I’m going to press your woman in front of you and stab her to death!”

“I’m going to tear off your flesh and feed it to the dogs!”

I’m already looking forward to it…”

Zhao Qi could not help but smile.

He was quite confident in the strength of himself and the zombie tide.

After all, he was the top zombie now.

Even if the ten Corpse Emperors under him joined forces, they were still no match for him.

wang Ran?

So what if he had some strength? After the baptism of the zombie tide, would he still have the strength to fight with him?

Zhao Qi was already looking forward to the moment when he would ravage

Wang Ran.

“Vanguard, attack!”

Zhao Qi ordered in a hoarse voice.

A Corpse Emperor walked to the front of the group and waved his hand!


The Zombie Emperor led tens of thousands of zombies and charged towards the city wall!

The earth shook and dust flew.

The zombies ran like hunting dogs.


The few zombies who were running at the front suddenly disappeared!

The zombies behind him also disappeared one by one!

“There’s a trap!”

“Be careful!”

The Zombie Emperor leading the team roared.

The pit itself was nothing to be afraid of. What was scary was the trampling after falling into the pit.

Most of these zombies were brainless and didn’t understand commands. They only cared about charging forward.

As expected, a stampede happened.

The zombies fell into the pit one by one, then were stepped on by the people who came later.

The sound of bones breaking could be heard continuously.

Those deep pits caused over 20,000 zombies to be trampled to death.

The corpses filled up the deep pit, preventing the zombies behind them from falling into it.

The remaining 20,000 zombies finally broke through the tunnel and charged towards the city wall.

“Puchi!” “Puchi!”

One by one, their heads exploded, and their brains and blood splattered all over the ground.

The snipers on the city wall were starting to take the kills!

Under Wu Jianguo’s command, the snipers used their bullets on the zombies that looked more powerful.

The lowest-level zombies would be left to the rifles at the back!

The zombies were getting closer and closer to the city wall!

There was a limit to the speed of the snipers. Although they had killed thousands of stronger zombies, they could not stop the charge of more than 20,000 zombies.

Very quickly! The sound of concentrated gunfire rang out!

The zombies entered the optimal range of the rifles. Thousands of rifles and hundreds of Gatling guns finally opened fire!

The bullets were like a fire net that instantly covered the zombies!