The World Is Ending And I Am Surrounded By Female Zombies - C.394 - :


Chapter 394: 394

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The Excited Amantha

After a few hours of flight, the helicopter was finally about to return to N City.

Below, the dense zombie tide was getting closer.

It was estimated that around noon tomorrow, their troops would arrive at the city gates.

“Wang Ran…Boss, these zombies are much scarier than the previous zombie horde.”

“Not only are they huge in numbers, but they are also very strong individually.” “Very difficult to deal with…

Zhang Guozhu reminded him. He also changed the way he addressed Wang Ran from Brother Wang Ran to Boss Wang Ran.

“It’s okay. No matter how powerful they are, they’re just some zombies. There’s always a way to deal with them.”

“Right, Tang Tang, lower your altitude a little.” “I want to try throwing a can of herring down.”

Wang Ran said as he took out a can from his bag.

The canned herring had played a big role in the last zombie tide. Wang Ran wanted to see if it would be useful to these zombies.

As soon as the can was opened, a strange smell instantly filled the entire cabin. 𝔣𝖗𝔢𝔢𝔴𝖊𝖇𝖓𝔬𝔳𝖊𝔩.𝔠𝔬𝖒

“Damn it! What’s this smell!”

“I can’t take it anymore…”

Zhang Guozhu quickly opened the hatch.

If he had been a little later, he would have suffocated.

The lethality of this thing was even more terrifying than biological weapons.

No wonder N City was so easy to guard against the zombie tide. It turned out that there was such black technology.

Wang Ran took the opened can of herring and threw it directly at the zombie tide below.

Soon, the canned food was drowned in the zombie tide.

The zombies below didn’t flee in all directions as Wang Ran expected. Instead, they rushed towards the can.

It looked like they were all fighting over the herring.

“Damn… Are those zombies from the Curry Nation that hardcore?”

“You can even eat this?”

Wang Ran could not help but sigh.

” Those are the zombies from the Curry Nation. Think about their living environment. They could even drink the water of the Ganges River…”

Zhang Guozhu reminded.

“That’s true.”

‘ Looks like the canned herring is useless. Go back and tell them not to splash it on the wall, lest it stinks to our own people.”

Wang Ran closed the hatch.

The plane flew for a while before they finally saw the outer wall of N City.

Wang Ran had Tang Tang fly directly to the plantation.

After the helicopter stopped, Wang Ran jumped off the helicopter first.

Amantha, the person in charge of the plantation, came up to him.

“Hello, boss…”

Amantha bowed and stood aside.

Her eyes were red, not because she had become a zombie with red eyes, but because she had cried so hard.

It seemed that the news of Zhang Guozhu’s death was a heavy blow to her.

However, she did not slack off because of this. The plantation was still in order under her care.

“I brought you a gift.”

“You should be mentally prepared.” Wang Ran said with a smile.

“A gift?”

Amantha was stunned.

Now, there probably wasn’t any present that could make her happy.

At this moment, another figure appeared at the cabin door.

Amantha turned around and was shocked !

“Pillar…Brother Zhu!”

Amantha’s tears instantly burst out!

“Amantha…You’ve lost weight…”

Zhang Guozhu walked forward and hugged Amansha with one hand.

Amantha was now 50 pounds thinner than before. It was unknown whether it was because she had eaten too many healthy mutated vegetables or because she was too sad.

Zhang Guozhu hugged Amansha, feeling touched.

His family’s dislike for him was a stark contrast to Amantha’s. Zhang Guozhu had already made up his mind to live up to Amantha!

“Brother Zhu! You scared me to death!”

‘ You don’t know how many times I cried…

“Don’t go out in the field anymore!”

Amansha buried her head in Zhang Guozhu’s arms and started crying.

“Don’t worry, I’ve already decided. I’ll stay here with you from now on.”

“I’m never leaving again.”

Zhang Guozhu reached out and touched Amantha’s head.

The two of them hugged each other, tears streaming down their faces. “Uncle, do you think this scene looks like Yang Guo and Xiao Longnu?”

Tang Tang snickered at the side.

“They are Yang Guo and Xiao Longnu. Are you stupid?” “Let’s go. Don’t be a third wheel.”

Wang Ran pulled Tang Tang back to the helicopter.

The helicopter slowly rose and flew toward the outer wall of N City.

Tomorrow, the zombie tide would arrive. Wang Ran needed to patrol around to see how the preparations were going.

Arriving at the city wall, Wang Ran found Wu Jianguo, who was busy.

“Hey, Boss, you’re back.”

“Old Zhang…Have you found it?”

Wu Jianguo’s face also had a trace of sadness.

He had drank with Old Zhang before, so they were considered friends.

Unfortunately… He was gone just like that.

I’ve found it. It’s only missing an arm. It’s still intact.”

“Amantha’s making out with him right now.”

Wang Ran said with a smile.

“What?! Intimate!”

Wu Jianguo and Zhu Ming were shocked.

She had been dead for a day, so she was probably starting to rot.

Amantha had such a strong taste…Or was it that her feelings for Zhang Guozhu were too deep..

Anyway, Wu Jianguo did not dare to think about it anymore.

Wang Ran smiled and didn’t explain. “How are the defensive measures here?”

“Did you encounter any problems?”

Wang Ran turned his attention to serious matters.

“It’s almost done.”

“We dug dozens of deep bits outside the wall as speed bumos. If those zombies charge without thinking, just stepping on them will cause countless casualties. ”

“In addition, Boss Tang Yan has sent a large number of weapons over. There are 10,000 rifles and millions of bullets.”

‘ There’s also a large number of rocket launchers, grenades, and C4s.”

” We’ve already buried the C4 in the tunnel ahead. We can detonate it when they gather in numbers.”

Wu Jianguo introduced them one by one.

‘ By the way, the zombies this time carry an ancient virus, which is highly infectious. ”

“If the gunners on the city wall can’t suppress their firepower, arrange for them to retreat in time and retreat to the second wall.”

“Try to avoid the low-level combatants from being infected and being attacked from both sides.”

Wang Ran reminded.

” Yes, I’ll arrange for a Level 4 or 5 Metahuman wearing a B-class kinetic skeleton every 100 meters on the city wall. In addition, I’ll arrange for 30 five-man mobile squads to move around and support them at any time.”

“There’s no other way. The perimeter of the wall is too long. We can only try to cover it as much as possible.”

‘ Bei Du has sent over some video data. The zombies this time are indeed stronger. It looks like it’s going to be a tough battle.”

Wu Jianguo felt a little uneasy.

“Right, while there’s still time…”

“Prepare more sound systems and arrange them along the city wall. Prepare some songs and dances.”

Wang Ran wanted to see if this method would work..