The Supreme Martial King Shocking All Realms - C.349 - 346: Taking Care of Liaocheng_l

The Supreme Martial King Shocking All Realms

C.349 - 346: Taking Care of Liaocheng_l

Chapter 349: Chapter 346: Taking Care of Liaocheng_l

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In Beishan Main City, Steward Feng appeared to be a high-ranking official, but in reality, there were only one or two people in Beishan Main City who could truly make decisions. And Steward Feng was definitely not one of them.

Yang Chen noticed this because Steward Feng had been glancing in a particular direction since he entered the Arms Pavilion. Although he didn’t know what treasure Steward Feng was looking at or had his eye on, he knew that there must be something inside the pavilion that had caught Steward Feng’s interest.

Moreover, it didn’t seem easy for Steward Feng to obtain the treasure, or else why would he just sit there and do nothing?

Yang Chen didn’t care about what the treasure was or why it was so sought after. What mattered to him was Steward Feng’s attitude.

As expected, upon hearing Yang Chen’s words, Steward Feng’s tone turned cold: “Yang Chen, are you sure you want to give me the remaining two chances? Do you know what this means? You are giving up the opportunity to choose two Spirit Weapons.”

If he could, Yang Chen would not want to give this opportunity to Steward Feng.

After all, he and Steward Feng were not close, and just now, Steward Feng had greatly taken advantage of him with the Thousand-year Treasure Key incident.

Yang Chen was already keeping his cool by not turning against Steward Feng. However, he had no choice since Steward Feng had a higher Martial Arts Cultivation level, and it wasn’t necessary to provoke him further.

“Of course, Elder Feng. When it comes to treasures, if you bite off more than you can chew, you won’t be able to savor them. Besides, with my limited vision, I can’t tell which of these Spirit Weapons is a true gem. Instead of that, why not give the opportunity to Elder Feng?” Yang Chen chuckled.

Indeed, there is a hierarchy among Spirit Weapons.

However, Steward Feng didn’t believe Yang Chen’s words. He squinted: “Yang

Chen, there’s no need to be roundabout, just speak your mind. Haha, you are right. There is a treasure in the Arms Pavilion that I desire. But you wouldn’t just give up your selection rights for nothing, would you?”

“Of course not, Elder Feng’s wisdom is unparalleled.” Yang Chen smoothly flattered Elder Feng. He was joking, there’s no way he would give up his rights to choose two Spirit Weapons for free.

Steward Feng’s voice grew colder: “Tell me what you want quickly.”

Yang Chen didn’t beat around the bush and quickly said: “It’s simple, I’m from Liaocheng and I represent Liaocheng. Since I represent the city and performed well in the battle, shouldn’t Beishan Main City show some favor to Liaocheng?” “Of course.” Steward Feng said.

“However… Since I did not join Beishan Main City, this favor will only be in name.”

Steward Feng raised his eyebrows, finding it even more difficult to read the young man in front of him.

How could Yang Chen, who appears to be young, have such a sharp mind and see things so clearly?

Thinking of this, Steward Feng rubbed his forehead: “You have a clear vision. If you were to join Beishan Main City and represent Liaocheng, we would naturally be more than willing to take care of Liaocheng. However, considering that you have not joined Beishan Main City, why should we take care of Liaocheng?”

“Well, now I am asking Elder Feng to take care of Liaocheng, am I not?” Yang Chen chuckled.

Steward Feng suddenly realized: “So you are using your two chances to choose

Spirit Weapons just to have me take care of Liaocheng?”

Is this Yang Chen truly simple-minded or just pretending to be?

It makes a big difference.

The value of Spirit Weapons varies greatly.

Sometimes, one precious Spirit Weapon can be worth dozens or even hundreds of ordinary ones.

For example, the two Spirit Weapons Yang Chen held, boots and a

Heart-Protecting Mirror, could easily be obtained from Yuanshan Sect.

However, these were very common Spirit Weapons, known as Lower-Level Spiritual Instruments.

But above Lower-Level Spiritual Instruments are Middle -Level Spiritual Instruments, Upper-Level Spiritual Instruments, and Supreme-Level Spiritual Instruments!

If it were a Supreme-Level Spiritual Instrument, then it would be a different story.

And in this Arms Pavilion, there were indeed some very precious Supreme-Level Spiritual Instruments.

If Yang Chen went to choose, he might be able to pick a very valuable treasure. If he were to choose a Supreme-Level Spiritual Instrument, Yang Chen would be set!

But Yang Chen gave up his chances!

Hearing Steward Feng’s words, Yang Chen calmly said, “To be precise, it is to take care of Liaocheng City Lord Mansion!”

He had received much care from Liaocheng City Lord Mansion, especially from his brother, Jin Cheng. It would be very difficult for them to meet again in the future once he joined Yuanshan Sect. But he could not forget the affection from the past, so to some extent, he was definitely going to help Liaocheng City Lord Mansion with their plans.

Giving up the two chances seemed like a big loss, but how could he satisfy Steward Feng without doing so?

Steward Feng squinted his eyes: “Alright, I promise you. For your two chances, I will definitely take extra care of the Liaocheng City Lord Mansion in the future.”

Although Yang Chen didn’t think highly of Steward Feng’s character, given his

True Martial Realm cultivation level, taking care of Liaocheng City Lord 𝓯𝓻𝓮𝘦𝘸𝑒𝒷𝘯𝘰𝓿𝑒𝓁.𝒸ℴ𝑚

Mansion would be a simple task after being placated. He would definitely help.

With that thought in mind, Yang Chen bowed his hand: “Elder Feng, you can choose your treasure now.”

“No, no, no, you choose, then give it to me after,” Feng Jingang said with a cunning smile.

Yang Chen laughed.

Steward Feng was indeed very cunning.

It seemed that there were clear rules in Beishan Main City that the Spirit Weapons in the Arms Pavilion were not to be used. There must be a prohibition inside that monitored Steward Feng’s actions here.

But in light of that, Steward Feng was clearly looking for a loophole, allowing Yang Chen to choose and then give the Spirit Weapon to him so that he could do so without using the Spirit Weapons from the Arms Pavilion.

Yang Chen knew the tricks Steward Feng had up his sleeve but said nothing, and simply asked, “Which treasure does Elder Feng want to choose?”

“Go forward ten steps, count twelve from the left, and choose that shovel.” Steward Feng said, appearing serious but Yang Chen had already detected an undercurrent of excitement in his tone.

Following Steward Feng’s instructions, Yang Chen took ten steps forward and quickly found the treasure.

Looking at the shovel, Yang chen marveled at Steward Feng’s choice. The treasure he had chosen was truly unique, looking like a Supreme-Level

Spiritual Instrument, which he must have had his eyes on for quite some time.

Of course, Yang Chen didn’t mind at this point. He picked up the treasure and handed it directly to Steward Feng.

Steward Feng couldn’t contain his grin and immediately urged Yang Chen to choose the second treasure.

When they finally left the Arms Pavilion, Steward Feng’s face was beaming:

“Yang Chen, my friend, rest assured, I will take good care of Liaocheng City Lord Mansion.”

“Thank you, Elder Feng.” Yang Chen said..