The Supreme Martial King Shocking All Realms - C.346 - 343: The Champion’s Seat is Secured 1

The Supreme Martial King Shocking All Realms

C.346 - 343: The Champion’s Seat is Secured 1

Chapter 346: Chapter 343: The Champion’s Seat is Secured 1

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Cao Huai’s Star River Secret Technique was shattered.

Clean and neat!

Others who saw this moment might not be too shocked, but as the steward elder of Sun Star City, Yuan San was deeply aware of how unbelievable this was. It was well known that the Star River Secret Technique was famous for its solidity, and with the reinforcement of years of refinement, its defensive power was naturally beyond words.

Furthermore, under the premise that there was a two-tier difference in Martial Arts Cultivation and the Five Elements Mutual Restraint, it should have been impossible for Yang Chen to break Cao Huai’s Star River Secret Technique.

This was also the reason why he chose Cao Huai for this battle.

Because, even if Cao Huai could not win, he at least would not lose!

As long as Cao Huai stood here, he was in an invulnerable position, securing his way out.

However, Yuan San realized how wrong he had been!

Cao Huai’s Star River Secret Technique was broken, and it was done so effortlessly! The one he thought was invulnerable and impossible to lose, was now defeated, utterly and completely.

“How can this be!” Yuan San and Cao Huai were both shocked.

Especially Cao Huai, who thought he was in an impossible position to fail, but at this moment, seeing his seemingly impenetrable Star River Secret Technique cracked, his body froze. For a moment, he even forgot what the word ‘resist’ meant.

He couldn’t accept that he was defeated!

How could he possibly be defeated in North Mountain County, a place that had always been oppressed and humiliated by Sun Star Region? He was a genius, a top-notch talent!

Yang Chen didn’t care about his thoughts. When Cao Huai’s Star River was broken, he heard a rumble, and thunder and lightning wrapped around Cao Huai’s body, shocking him into paralysis. After twitching for two or three seconds, his body stiffened, and he fell unconscious.

Cao Huai was defeated.

Thoroughly defeated.

In an instant, the people on the Viewing Platform boiled up with excitement.

“Hahaha, people of Sun Star City, hurry up and roll back! Don’t come to our North Mountain County to provoke us, you don’t even know what you look like, what kind of people you are!”

“Do you really think that we, the people of North Mountain County, are easy to

“What nonsense, just hurry up and roll back.”

“With this level of skill, you still dare to show off? It’s hilarious.”

Mb B?ishéng was the most shocked, as he had been watching the battle closely. He could see that Cao Huai, as a first-rate talent of Sun Star City, had truly brought out all his strength during this exchange.

Cao Huai did not show any signs of slackness or underperformance in his strength.

It was precisely upon discovering this that Mb B?ishéng thought Yang Chen was doomed.

He just couldn’t help it. Perhaps this generation knew little about it, but in his generation, this was clear.

Aside from a peerless female genius named Zhang Xuelian, who terrified the

Sun Star Region two hundred years ago, for the most part, North Mountain County was the one being bullied. There was no choice: the place was on the edge of the human domain, with sparse spiritual energy, and it naturally could not give birth to any special talents.

For example, Yang Chen’s Innate Divine Body.

North Mountain’s Main City testing instrument simply couldn’t detect it.


Because this region almost never produces such top-class talents, so the North Mountain Main City had given up on the idea that such exceptional talents could appear in their county.

This was also why Yang Chen’s Innate Divine Body Talent attracted the competition of various Major Sects.

Moreover, insufficient spiritual energy during Cultivation made it so that the talents and powerful ones of North Mountain County always fell short compared to those of other domains.

Many people had gotten used to it, and so had Mtl B?ishéng.

He believed that Yang Chen would be taught a lesson, and had already thought about how to appease him, but now? Yang Chen managed to break Cao Huai’s Star River Secret Technique cleanly and neatly. It was simply unbelievable.

In fact, theoretically speaking, Yang Chen should not have been able to break Cao Huai’s Star River Secret Technique.

Under the condition of a two-tier difference in Cultivation, Cao Huai’s method had a considerable degree of restraint on Yang Chen. After all, Cao Huai’s Star River Secret Technique was not some garbage method, and Yang Chen’s cultivation time was short; it was difficult to use the Mixed Yuan Spear Technique to suppress the Star River Secret Technique.

But Yang Chen still had a way.

What way? 𝚏𝗿𝗲ew𝐞b𝐧o𝚟𝚎𝗹.com

That way, of course, was the Starfire.

The stellar power of the Star River was nothing compared to the stellar power of the Starfire. The difference between the two was like that between heaven and earth.

The corroding power of the Star River was strong, and ordinary people dared not approach it, but Yang Chen’s Starfire, a rare and precious Strange Fire, also dealt with corrosion.

Facing corrosion with corrosion, Yang Chen’s Starfire was such a rare and strange fire, how could it possibly be afraid of the Star River Secret Technique?

From the beginning, Yang Chen knew that the Star River was the perfect nourishment for the Starfire, but he didn’t know how to devour the Star River. If he had to display the Starfire, exposing the fact that he possessed a Strange Fire, it would be more trouble than it was worth.

It was only later that he discovered that the seed of the Starfire in his body was already integrated with him, and he had already possessed some of the power of the Starfire. Although not as powerful as when it was displayed, the Starfire was more than enough to devour the Star River.

In the eyes of others, Yang Chen broke Cao Huai’s defense with an overwhelming strength.

But only Yang Chen knew that it was by using the Starfire within his body.

This left Yuan San standing in the high altitude, racking his brains but unable to figure out what happened. He could only gradually descend, his face unable to hide the deep anger, and said coldly, “Feng Jingang, your North Mountain

County has picked up a good talent indeed. As for what happened today, I, Yuan

San, admit defeat!”

Unbothered, Feng Jingang laughed and said, “Brother Yuan, it seems that your talented disciples are still not fully trained, hahahaha.”

Yuan San said coldly, “That’s none of your concern. I was defeated by Yang Chen, not you, Feng Jingang. What are you celebrating?

Steward Feng’s expression became somewhat unsightly, but he could not refute. That’s right, it was Yang Chen who defeated Yuan San’s talented disciple, not him.

At this moment, Yuan San stared at Yang Chen intently as if he wanted to etch this man’s face in his memory, the one who had ruined his scheme. After a while, he snorted coldly, grabbed Cao Huai’s unconscious body, and flew into the sky, gradually leaving the scene.

When the crowd on the Viewing Platform saw them leaving, they all heaved a sigh of relief.

So did Mb B?ishéng.

At least, Yang Chen’s championship position was still stable.

No matter what kind of demons or snakes appeared, they couldn’t shake Yang Chen’s position!