The Supreme Martial King Shocking All Realms - C.342 - 339: Yang Chen Wins the Championship_l

The Supreme Martial King Shocking All Realms

C.342 - 339: Yang Chen Wins the Championship_l

Chapter 342: Chapter 339: Yang Chen Wins the Championship_l

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“It’s really satisfying, that’s how we should kill the arrogance of those from Yang Star City and let them know there are always people better than them, and more mountains beyond the mountains. Otherwise, they really think they are the center of the world.”

“Humph, do they really think the people of North Mountain County are easy to bully?”

“Screw their ancestors!”

“They should be dealt with like this!”

In an instant, everyone in the viewing platform was on their feet.

Steward Feng initially looked down on Yang Chen and always held a grudge against him for not joining the Beishan Main City. But things were different now. He was becoming more and more impressed with Yang Chen, and couldn’t help but grin as Yang Chen gained victories.

No matter what, at least Yang Chen helped him solve some problems, making him look good now, right?

At this moment, he bluntly said, “Brother Yuan, do your geniuses have any other tactics? If not, hehe, it won’t be easy to defeat our top genius, Yang Chen, from North Mountain County.”

“Humph, Feng Jingang, don’t get too full of yourself just because you’ve picked up a genius. You guys from North Mountain County only have this Yang Chen to be proud of!” Yuan San naturally couldn’t swallow his pride.

Steward Feng’s mouth curled up: “Hey, we only have one to be proud of, indeed not many, but you have to defeat him first. If you can’t even defeat one, are your geniuses from Yang Star County worse than our Yang Chen who is just passable?”

“What’s the rush, just watch carefully.” Yuan San retorted unsatisfied.

At present, it had already progressed to the semi-finals, a knockout between four contestants.

Steward Feng originally planned to arrange the semi-finals between Yuan San’s two geniuses and then let Yang Chen directly win the championship.

However, since Yuan San was still standing here, he didn’t want to upset him again by making an arrangement that might aggravate the conflict. He had no choice but to make a new arrangement, letting Yuan San’s geniuses clash with

Yang Chen.

Although he was not very clear about Yang Chen’s actual strength, as it seemed that Yang Chen only had the Demonic Fire technique that made him versatile, it would be very difficult to win.

But he had no other options. He could only unconditionally trust Yang Chen now.

Yang Chen, I hope you can fight for it. Defeating one is not enough, defeating two is still not enough. To win, you must defeat all four in a row.” Steward Feng sighed in his heart, as he waved his hand, releasing the knockout chart for the top four.

Seeing that Yang Chen’s opponent was his own genius, Wen Xinghe, Yuan San’s mouth curled up: “Steward Feng, just watch carefully. With just a Demonic Fire trick, hehe, if you’re counting on it to be your lifesaver, then you’re thinking too much.”

Yuan San was confident. He believed that his own genius would have gained much more experience after watching the previous two matches.

But soon after, his expression turned unnatural.

Yang Chen was indeed versatile with just one technique.

About half an hour later, Wen Xinghe was easily defeated by Yang Chen.

And the reason for his defeat was simple – the Demonic Fire!

This made the people around excited.

In fact, it was still the same.

For Yang Chen, the most important thing was not the power of the Demonic Fire, but the Fire Control Technique. Taichi True Scripture’s Fire Control was the key!

But no one else could see it.

Whether it was people on the viewing platform or Yuan San, they all thought that Yang Chen’s strength was just the formidable power of the Demonic Fire, which was also the reason why Yuan San was so confident that Wen Xinghe would win.

With the experience of failing twice before, you should have learned something, right?

But who would have thought that facing the Fire Control Technique from the Taichi True Scripture, experience alone was not enough to solve it?

Yang Chen defeated Wen Xinghe, and the last genius under Yuan San, named Xu Zhong, also crushed the number one martial arts genius from the Huangshan Sect, advancing to the final round.

The final round was the most critical.

Because winning means becoming the champion.

Whether it was Yuan San or Yang Chen, they were determined to get this championship.

At this moment, Yuan San stood to the side and commanded his genius Xu Zhong: “Xu Zhong, remember, Yang Chen’s ability to control fire is extraordinary and very cunning. He seems to have a lot of experience in controlling fire. As soon as you make a move, you must be fast, accurate, and ruthless. Don’t confront him head-on, ignore those flames, and aim directly at

Yang Chen. Understand?”

Yuan San, if he couldn’t see Yang Chen’s skill in controlling fire by now, he would truly be an idiot.

Xu Zhong nodded vigorously, feeling the pressure gathering on him.

No way, one of his fellow brothers being defeated was a fluke, two being defeated was a coincidence. But if three of them in a row were defeated…

What is Yang Chen?

He pulled off a one-man show, one piercing three.

How could this not be shocking?

Finally, Yang Chen and Xu Zhong began the championship battle.

In this battle, Yang Chen didn’t waste any words. He used the Demonic Fire, tangled with Xu Zhong for about a cup of tea’s time, and eventually targeted a flaw, defeating Xu Zhong!

After this moment, the whole scene boiled and cheered.

Yang Chen won and became the champion.

At the beginning, this championship wasn’t really something to cherish, but it became precious as those from Yang Star City kept making trouble. Everyone realized how hard it was for their North Mountain County to win the championship. The most important thing was how legendary Yang Chen’s achievements were!

One piercing four!

Yang Chen single-handedly defeated four geniuses from Yang Star City.

Steward Feng couldn’t close his grin, taunting: “Yuan San, it seems that your geniuses from Yang Star City only carry this much weight. Hehe, alright, since you lost, just get away as fast as possible. Now that Yang Chen has won, I need to announce the champion soon.”

If it had been someone else winning the championship before, it would have been impossible for Steward Feng to be so happy.

But things were different now.

Steward Feng grinned and were about to announce the new champion.

But at this moment, Yuan San yelled, “Stop, Steward Feng, I still have something to say.”

“Yuan San, what else do you want to say?” Steward Feng narrowed his eyes, wondering what Yuan San had in mind.

Yuan San showed a cold smile, staring at Yang Chen: “Yang Chen, don’t be in a hurry. The championship is yours, I, Yuan San, am not interested. But I want to tell you that the four geniuses you defeated just now are only second-rate talents in our Yang Star City, hahaha!”

Upon hearing this, everyone from the North Mountain County viewing platform was stunned.

“Are you joking? Second-rate talents?”

“This guy really has a sense of humor.”

“Can second-rate talents be this strong?”

Yuan San saw the comments and laughed, but didn’t take them to heart. Instead, he focused on Yang Chen: “Yang Chen, I don’t know if you’re interested in competing with the first-rate talents cultivated by our Yang Star City?”

Upon hearing this, Steward Feng couldn’t sit still and said coldly, “Yuan San, what are you trying to do?”