The Strongest War God - C.950 - : No Body Left Behind!

The Strongest War God

C.950 - : No Body Left Behind!

Chapter 950: No Body Left Behind!

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In a forest covered in snow, the withered leaves were covered by pure white snow.

Braydon Neal stood on top of a big tree with his hands behind his back, watching the two old foxes who followed closely behind him.

Bret Veblen said humbly, “Your Highness the Northern King is still young. I’ve been practicing martial arts for 390 years, so I’m taking advantage of my age. In this spar, in order to prevent hurting Your Highness, I’ll stop at a moderate point. How about it?”

This old fox understood very clearly.

Let alone killing Braydon today.

Even if he injured Braydon, he would not be able to leave Hansworth alive.

This was the capital!

There must be a strong person in the capital of Hansworth.

Bret knew that if he took the opportunity to injure Braydon, he would definitely die.

“Your Highness, you should attack first,” Randy Shelly said with concern.

The two old foxes were filled with humility.

Braydon was not stupid enough to believe them!

“Since ancient times, martial arts sparring has always been a battle of life and death. The winner lives, and the loser dies!” Braydon said calmly.


Braydon tapped the ground lightly with the tip of his foot, causing the snow to flutter in the air.

Randy was the first to attack. He raised his palm and attacked.

This old fox spoke politely on the surface.

However, he was using all of his strength.

A high-level pinnacle!

Vitality between 10,000 to 20,000 Na.

In the distance, Heather Sage was wearing a watch on her slender wrist. Her cherry lips moved slightly.

Red numbers appeared on the screen of her watch.

Vitality 17,000 Na!

This was Randy’s strength.

When the fist force burst out, the strength of his physical body alone reached 1.7 million pounds.

Pinnacle martial artists were legends!

It was so terrifying that ordinary people would find it hard to believe.

They could move at supersonic speed, over 100 meters per second, and could unleash a terrifying force of 850 tons with one punch.

The fist force could destroy mounds of earth!

Braydon brazenly took the attack head-on, his left hand clenched into a fist.

Their fists collided.


Braydon’s vitality was 9,500 Na.

It was half of Randy’s vitality.

Usually, the difference in vitality was the difference in strength.

The difference was too great.

It was a battle without any suspense.

The weak had no chance of winning other than being crushed.

In terms of strength, Braydon was at a disadvantage. He was forced back by the punch and landed on the ground. The tip of his foot slid a hundred meters back.

A hundred-meter-long scratch appeared on the ground.

Randy didn’t hold back. He stood up and threw another punch.

Physical strength was his forte.

Braydon shook his head lightly. “The difference in vitality determines strength. It has nothing to do with one’s talent in martial arts!”

Braydon spoke calmly, as if the powerful enemy he was facing was not a threat.

Braydon raised his left hand and slowly floated in the sky. He softly said, “Swords, to me!”


The three-foot-long swords at the waists of the spectators within a ten-mile radius all moved.

In an instant, more than 170 swords were unsheathed and flying toward Braydon.

Mount Sino’s ultimate technique.

Sword Summon!

More than a hundred swords surrounded Braydon.

Braydon was standing on an iron sword, Sword Control!

It was the symbol of a Mount Sino sword cultivator. He could ride a sword for nine thousand miles. The sky was wide, and the earth was wide. He could roam freely. From a thousand miles away, he could take a head with a sword as if he was taking something from a stall!

It was a pity that he could kill enemies with his sword from a thousand miles away.

In the Mount Sino lineage, other than the founder, no one in the younger generation could reach the height of the ancestor.

Braydon flew across the sky on his sword.

Randy swung his fist and charged over. “The Hansworth Sword Immortal who is the world’s strongest in terms of offensive power originated from Mount Sino. Today, I’ve witnessed the Northern King displaying it with my own eyes. I’ve gained new knowledge!”

“Kill them!”

Braydon spat.

A three-foot-long iron sword shot out at a speed that exceeded the speed of sound!

A sonic boom sounded.

An invisible mark seemed to have appeared in space.

An invisible wave of resistance appeared at the tip of the sword.

Randy’s gaze was solemn.

His fist was surrounded by a red blood aura as he brazenly attacked.

The old fox was very cautious. He didn’t use his physical body to take the sword head-on. Instead, he used his vitality and fist to knock the iron sword away.

The sound of metal clashing could be heard.

Braydon’s sword didn’t hurt Randy at all.

There were no ordinary high-level pinnacles!

Braydon was calm and collected as usual. He raised the hundred swords with his left hand and pointed them at Randy.

They were three hundred meters apart!

“Heaven-Splitting Forbidden Technique!” Braydon said softly.


The swords were like meteors, covering Randy.

At this moment.

Randy’s expression changed as he realized that something was wrong!

The hundred swords attacking together had already increased the pressure on him greatly, but he did not expect that there would be something off with the swords.

Their attack power had increased sharply!

It had increased by at least three times!

Randy’s vitality that was attached to his fist was instantly destroyed by an iron sword. The sword was extremely fast, and when it encountered resistance, the sword bent and broke.

The moment it broke, it brought a trace of blood.

Randy was injured!

The hundred swords were already in front of him.

“Greatsword!” Randy shouted in shock and anger.

Vitality surged out of his body, reaching 17,000 Na. It enveloped the sky and formed a huge sword that was 100 meters long. It stood in front of him and formed a barrier.

Randy wouldn’t naively think that he could take a breather just because of this, right?

How could the Sword Control Technique of Mount Sino be so weak?

Braydon stood on his flying sword with his hands behind his back. His white robe welcomed the strong wind. He said softly, “The day the broken sword is reforged is the day when Heavenly Execution reappears!”

Forbidden technique, Heavenly Execution!

Hundreds of swords surrounded the world. They were of different quality, some good and some bad. When the tip of the swords touched Randy’s body, the terrifying speed of the swords and the powerful resistance would instantly break the swords.

Broken swords littered the ground!

Braydon summoned swords again, but they were broken swords.

Randy’s face changed color again. “All the swords you are using are broken! How are you going to use the Mount Sino martial arts technique?!” he said angrily.

“There’s no hurry. Wait and see!”

Braydon flew thirty miles on his sword. Broken swords surrounded him and slowly gathered together.

It formed a hundred-meter-long giant sword!

The broken swords were reforged and returned to its original form.

This was the forbidden technique, Heavenly Execution!

Heavenly Execution and Heaven-Splitting could be used together.

However, it consumed a lot of energy.

Braydon’s vitality was instantly sucked out.

Nearly 10,000 Na of vitality was used up in the instant he used the forbidden technique, Heaven-Splitting, which was fused into the huge sword in the sky.

The giant sword, Heavenly Execution, hovered 800 meters in the air.

It was extremely intimidating!

“Do you know why I’m going to kill you today?” Braydon asked softly with his hands behind his back.

He said it very softly.

The giant sword, Heavenly Execution, descended.

Of course, Randy didn’t know.

His eyes were red as he felt a bone-piercing killing intent. He activated the hundred-meter-long sword formed by his vitality. It was the Alpha Empire’s type of sword. It was extremely thick and heavy. The sword tip faced the sky as he fought head-on with Braydon.

Frediano Jadanza looked on coldly from the side and said indifferently, “With this attack, he won’t even have a body left behind!”

“If Big Brother wants to kill him, no one can stop him!”

Syrus Yanagi, the seven-time champion, stood with his hands behind his back and watched this scene quietly.

Braydon descended from the sky with a greatsword in his hand.

Eight hundred meters in the air, the giant sword fell down.

The tips of the two giant swords collided, emitting a dazzling light.

The vast sword might made one’s heart palpitate.

Braydon bent down, holding a huge sword, like a God of War descending upon the mortal world.