The Strongest War God - C.946 - : Invincible Little Fool!

The Strongest War God

C.946 - : Invincible Little Fool!

Chapter 946: Invincible Little Fool!

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Braydon Neal shook his head gently and said to Syrus Yanagi, “The Henderson family in the Saipan Island is one of the top ten families in the aristocratic family ranking. They are not weaker than the Simpson family. They must have eminent pinnacles guarding them. Don’t act rashly!”

“Eminent pinnacles, huh?”

Syrus curled his lips slightly.

To be honest, he couldn’t beat eminent pinnacles.

After all, those old things from the aristocratic families had lived a few hundred years longer than the elites of the Northern Army!

The two were several hundred years apart.

In other words, there was a difference of several hundred years in cultivation time.

The elites of the Northern Army were generally only twenty years old, and Colton Jansky, that little guy, only looked ten years old.

There was a gap of two to three hundred years in between.

Now, they wanted to go against the older generation of martial artists and even kill them.

It was indeed a little difficult!

While the brothers were chatting.

Claus Zayas, Tony Hercules, and the others were being ignored. They couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“The six of us are from the Alpha Empire,” Tony Hercules said coldly. “We traveled thousands of miles to Hansworth. Is this how Your Highness treats his guests?”

“Did I beg you to come?”

A young man wearing the robe of a governor walked out from the southern gate of the capital.

The monkey Tristan Yandell was here!

Tony was so angry that his face turned red. Ever since he came over, he had not been happy. He suppressed his anger and asked, “Who are you?”

“I am your father!”

Tristan smiled faintly, revealing a fatherly smile.

Tony could not hold it in any longer. He released his pinnacle pressure and said angrily, “Bastard, you must really want to die!”

“Son, it’s not that I’m looking down on you today. I would like to see you try to hurt a single strand of your father’s hair today. Come on, then. Hit me here!” Tristan stretched out his neck for Tony.

Tony was enraged once again. He couldn’t afford to offend Braydon, who was sitting at the side. 𝑓𝓻ℯ𝑒𝑤𝘦𝑏𝑛ℴ𝓋ℯ𝑙.𝘤𝓸𝓂

Tony could not afford to offend the Left and Right Dukes of the Capital, and the Crown Prince Syrus.

Now that a nobody had popped up, how could Tony not afford to offend him?

Suddenly, Tony’s eyes revealed killing intent. He raised his left hand like a blade and brazenly slashed at Tristan’s neck.

Tristan was a monkey!

Feeling the murderous intent, he immediately retracted his neck and said in exasperation, “Damn it! You actually dare to attack me. Little Fool, come and help me kill him!”

“I might kill him with one punch!”

The little fool stood up from the ground and patted the dust off his butt. He told Tristan in all seriousness that if he made a move, he could kill Tony with one punch.

“Stop bragging. Kill him!” Tristan said with disdain in his eyes.

“You still don’t believe me? Move aside. Otherwise, I might hurt you with a punch!”

The little fool walked over slowly.

Who knew that Tristan would believe Little Fool?

Tristan had already received the news that Luke had become a pinnacle, which was why he had asked Luke to help beat Tony.

Tony’s eyes were filled with disdain. He could sense that Tristan was a king. In his eyes, he was just an ant that he could kill easily!

After all, Tony’s vitality was as high as 800 Na.

He was also one of the rare pinnacle experts among the younger generation!

“And who are you?” Tony looked at the silly boy and asked disdainfully.

“I’m a nobody!”

Luke blinked his eyes innocently. His eyes were so clear that one could see the depths of his eyes. There was a hint of craftiness in his eyes.

This little fool was planning to kill Tony.

Tony was arrogant. He said disdainfully, “You’re just a nobody. You’re not qualified to challenge me!”

“Why do you look like you need a beating! ” Luke’s face instantly darkened. “Now I’m angry!”

“Stop talking nonsense with him. Beat him up first!”

Tristan was also a stubborn person. With the strength of a king, he wanted to go up against Tony, a pinnacle.

One had to know that Tony, the pinnacle, had a vitality of 800 Na.

With just one punch, he could exert a force of 80,000 pounds and end Tristan’s life.

Tony’s eyes revealed a fierce look. He was about to finish Tristan with a punch.

In the next moment.

He felt that something was wrong.

Tony felt an extremely terrifying pressure behind him.

This pressure was released in all directions, suppressing everyone.

Tristan and Tony were forced to stop.

“F*ck!” Tristan turned around and exclaimed in horror.

“5,000 Na of vitality?!”

Frediano Jadanza and Westley Hader stood beside Braydon and spoke at the same time.

The little fool had a vitality 5,000 Na!

Syrus was shocked. He asked, “Brother, what did you feed Luke? Did you feed him ashes again?”

“His strength has increased so much. He must have eaten the ashes of some ancestor! ”

Dominic Lowe stepped forward and sighed seriously.

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone could not help but look at Braydon.

Braydon was sitting on a chair with his eyes closed, resting. He looked lazy, as if he was not surprised by the strength displayed by the little fool at all.

Tristan was so envious that his eyes turned red.

This increase in strength made people despair.

Luke stood between heaven and earth. The vitality released from his entire body was actually golden.

“The little fool has opened the second door?” Zavier Leach asked in surprise.

“Golden vitality!”

Kieran Normand was stunned. Luke was his biological grandson.

In the blink of an eye, he had reached the pinnacle realm, and it was even the legendary golden vitality.

This thing had not appeared for a thousand years.

“A golden physique that has reached great success,” Sawyer Quail said in a low voice. “You can enter the supreme pinnacle realm. Kieran, congratulations!”

“The entire Normand family with 18 generations has never had a supreme pinnacle, right?”

Zavier’s eyes were filled with envy.

None of the big shots in the capital were surprised that the elites of the Northern Army would become the pinnacle.

Only the mischievous little fool who did not like to cultivate had become a pinnacle. It really shocked everyone.

No wonder Braydon kept the little fool by his side all day.

Presumably, only his elder brother Braydon would never leave his younger brother and would even take a liking to Luke. He would not despise him and had unchanging confidence in Luke.

The little fool was not inferior to any genius in the human world!

At this moment, everyone was shocked.

“You’re asking for a beating!” Luke’s body was emitting golden vitality. He said seriously, “I’ll show you the Foolish Fist!”

“The first move of the Foolish Fist, Kill!”

Luke took a step forward. Golden vitality filled his body as a figure appeared.

In the end, two little fools appeared on the scene.

The two little fools were stacked together.

Luke’s combat power doubled as he punched down.

His power was truly terrifying.

Tristan was affected by the wind from the fist and was sent flying. He fell on his back and was stuck to the city wall, unable to free himself.

“Little Fool, you bastard!”

Tristan felt like his entire body was about to fall apart.

Tony, on the other hand, was pale. He was shocked and furious. He had used all his strength to block the little fool’s attack. He shouted, “No!”


A fist print that was ten meters wide and five meters deep appeared where Tony. There was a person in tattered clothes inside..