The Sims: I Open the Immortal Path for All Beings - C.338 - 275: Come at Me All Together!

The Sims: I Open the Immortal Path for All Beings

C.338 - 275: Come at Me All Together!

Chapter 338: Chapter 275: Come at Me All Together!

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Murong Hai took a step forward, not speaking further as he transmuted his Inner Qi. The Essence Qi of Heaven and Earth wrapped itself around him, continuously spinning, transforming into watery serpents before he struck with his palm.

“Surging Wave Palm Technique! I didn’t expect Murong Hai to master this technique,” someone quietly gasped in surprise from the crowd behind.

Surging Wave Palm Technique, a third- tier Martial Study!

Usually, only those who’ve reached the third tier of the Gang Qi Realm can resonate with Heaven and Earth, using the Essence Qi as a means of attack. The fact that Murong Hai could display this proves that he has reached this realm, and begun to try cultivating Gang Qi.

From that moment on, many of the students vying for a place in the top ten saw Murong Hai as a formidable enemy.

“Though we are both in the Qi Realm, I have fully reached the True Qi Great

Accomplishment while you have only just begun and not fully adapted to it.

You can only handle opponents like Wei Hang,” Murong Hai confidently stated.

The truth was, he had already reached the True Qi Great Accomplishment a year ago. If it weren’t for his soaring ambition to strive for the limits of True Qi, he would’ve started to refine his True Qi early on.

“Surging Wave Palm Technique, eh? Quite an impressive Martial Study!” Pei Xuanjing looked at Murong Hai, a faint smile on his face. He added, “Coincidentally, I too know the same technique. Why don’t you try my Surging Wave Palm Technique?”

No sooner had his words fallen, Pei Xuanjing pushed out a palm. The Essence Qi transformed into a roaring water dragon that hurtled towards Murong Hai, its unstoppable force akin to a True Dragon emerging from the sea.


The roaring water dragon easily shattered Murong Hai’s water serpents, then, without losing any of its momentum, slammed directly into Murong Hai. Despite his desperate attempts to defend himself, it was futile. He was directly thrown several yards back by the water dragon, slamming onto the ground and spitting out a mouthful of blood as he sustained injuries.

“How is this possible!” Murong Hai ignored his injuries, his eyes filled with shock at Pei Xuanjing.

He had considered his successful cultivation of the Surging Wave Palm Technique in the Qi Realm as his trump card. His intention was to amaze and astonish everyone with his show of power, thereby securing a spot in the rankings.

Yet, to his surprise, his opponent not only knew the Surging Wave Palm Technique but had also mastered it to the point of turning water waves into a water dragon.

This outcome almost shattered his pride and left him in disbelief.

Pei Xuanjing just smirked and stayed silent. He had observed and learned from countless Martial Studies techniques throughout his journey. As such, he could easily learn any skill, even if he had only seen it once.

However, he had no interest in explaining this to his opponent. He averted his gaze and moved away.

Seeing Pei Xuanjing ignore him, Murong Hai’s face turned green with anger. But as his skills were not up to par, he ultimately had to leave the field with a heavy heart.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes fell on the lone figure in the Practice martial arts field, with no doubts about his strength.

Even though many were prepared for Pei Xuanjing’s victory, they had hoped for a fierce and tense battle rather than such an easy defeat of his opponent.

It’s important to remember that even though Murong Hai only demonstrated one move, his skills could place him not just in the top twenty, but even possibly the top ten.

Once again, Pei Xuanjing turned to the others and calmly asked, “Anybody

No sooner had his words died than another challenger emerged from the crowd.

Alas, he was defeated in a single blow.

Subsequently, three more men stepped up, all were beaten, adding to the two previous ones, making five consecutive contenders defeated by Pei Xuanjing.

Pei Xuanjing continued, “I’m standing right here; anyone who wants to challenge me, feel free to. Even if you all come at once, I don’t mind!” Even if you all come at once, I don’t mind!

His words caused uproar among the crowd; it was a blatant provocation.

A few familiar faces in the crowd glanced at each other and stood up together.

The strength that Pei Xuanjing had shown had made these people feel troubled about how to respond.

Now that he had proclaimed such arrogant words, they saw an opportunity. They decided to join forces against him, intending to eliminate a competitor and teach Pei Xuanjing a lesson, hoping to cost him a spot in the top ten.

As the five challengers entered the field, intent on introducing themselves, Pei Xuanjing didn’t seem interested. He merely hurled a punch with an overwhelming force directly at them.


Strings of sounds rang out as these five men were tossed aside by Pei Xuanjing almost immediately after they had stepped into the field, before they could even finish speaking.

Another loss!

This time, even the joint attack of the five men failed to withstand even a single move from Pei Xuanjing.

Even though Pei Xuanjing had caught them off guard, it was clear there was a considerable gap between them. Even though they were five men working together, they were no match for him. 𝑓𝘳ℯℯ𝔀ℯ𝓫𝑛𝑜𝓋𝑒𝓵.𝘤𝘰𝓶

“Any more challengers?”

When Pei Xuanjing spoke this time, there were no responses from the crowd. The arena fell into silence and even the VIPs from the major powers attending the event went quiet. The strength Pei Xuanjing displayed exceeded all their expectations, it was unprecedented.

Of course, they didn’t think there were no real competitors who could match Pei Xuanjing. Those people hadn’t made their move yet. It wasn’t because they didn’t dare, but because of the rule changes that gave rise to hesitation. After all, with Pei Xuanjing’s strength, they too couldn’t lightly claim victory. Even those confident in their own abilities had to consider the possibility of mutual defeat alongside Pei Xuanjing, only to be taken advantage of by someone else.

It should be noted that not only does the top five in this exam represent the honor of competing in the Capital’s Grand Contest, but there are also countless hidden benefits. This meant that the top ten would receive key training and more cultivation resources from Yunzhong County.

Seeing that no one responded for quite a while, Pei Xuanjing thought for a moment and understood the other’s considerations. If he were in their shoes, he would certainly not like to pave the way for others.

He shook his head faintly, finding it somewhat dull.

Just when the field seemed to become a stalemate, the place sank into a silence.

At this moment, a strapping youth spoke aloud, “Young Master Pei’s skill is extraordinary. And I too have been eager to compete, but I can’t bear to give up on a spot in the top five. After all, for us, it’s an opportunity that we cannot miss.”

This youth was named Shi Feng, one of the strongest in this competition. As per Mr. Pei Laozhu, he should be one of Pei Xuanjing’s competitors.

Of course, this was only Mr. Pei Laozhu’s assumption.

Regrettably, none of the potential competitors suggested by Mr. Pei Laozhu stepped forward in the previous challenge. Now, as Shi Feng suddenly stood up, Pei Xuanjing, with all his experience, could guess his intentions. So he looked at him with interest, waiting for him to continue.

Seeing his words pique Pei Xuanjing’s interest, Shi Feng confidently smiled..