The Sims: I Open the Immortal Path for All Beings - C.336 - 273 – A Breakthrough in a Day Shakes All Directions

The Sims: I Open the Immortal Path for All Beings

C.336 - 273 – A Breakthrough in a Day Shakes All Directions

Chapter 336: Chapter 273 – A Breakthrough in a Day Shakes All Directions

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A middle-aged instructor slowly walked toward the practice martial arts field, attracting the gaze of nearly everyone around.

The middle-aged instructor glanced at the bustling crowd, and announced loudly: “Fellow students, after two days of selection, a total of 126 of you will be participating in the autumn examination today. The rules of the contest need no explanation, and they’re different from the past. But remember, only the top ten students will earn a spot to represent the academy in the triennial Five Mansions Competition.”

“Now, who will come first?”

“I will.” A voice rang out, and everyone watched a young man leap onto the practice martial arts field.

The young man looked at Pei Xuanjing: “I, Wei Hang, challenge Pei Xuanjing.” Wei Hang watched Pei Xuanjing with eager eyes, anticipating his reaction.

At eighteen years old, he had just entered the Qi Realm with his Inner Qi. Among his peers at Yunzhong Academy, he wasn’t the most talented, but his skills were above average.

He stepped up to challenge Pei Xuanjing first, not just because others wanted him to do so, but also because it was his own desire as well.

He was envious of Pei Xuanjing. Why should he strive to earn a place in Yunzhong Academy to compete in the autumn examination, while the latter could participate so easily? He longed for a grandfather like Mr. Pei Laozhu, who could provide him with precious guidance.

What disgusted him the most was that Pei Xuanjing, despite having such abundant resources for cultivation, refused to cultivate. He hadn’t cultivated for over a decade, claiming to gain the knowledge of the principle of Heaven and Earth to forge his own Great Tao.

Pretentious! That was Wei Hang’s opinion of Pei Xuanjing.

Today, he planned to reveal the truth, strip away Pei Xuanjing’s disguise, and reveal his hypocrisy to the world.

All eyes turned to Pei Xuanjing, the mysterious young man who seldom appeared in public, yet whose story was widely circulated throughout Yunzhong County.

When it was first announced that he, a teenager, refused to diligently cultivate, choosing instead to meditate for three years to understand the principles of Heaven and Earth and find his own path, many people scoffed at him, believing him to be a dreamer.

Now, everyone was eagerly watching him, waiting to see whether he would turn out to be a fraud or truly surprise them. Everything depended on his performance next.

Pei Xuanjing knew that there wouldn’t be peace today, but he hadn’t expected himself to be so unwelcome, with the first challenger being him.

Nevertheless, it didn’t matter. He stood up and slowly walked toward the center of the practice martial arts field.

“I didn’t expect someone to steal my chance. What a pity!” In the crowd, someone looked at Pei Xuanjing with a hint of regret.

“Mr. Pei Laozhu, has your decade of nurturing truly produced a young tiger?” The principal of Yunzhong Academy, Gu Yunshan, looked at the calm Mr. Pei Laozhu and wondered.

Everyone knew that today’s autumn examination would be lively, but they hadn’t expected it to be so lively right from the start.

“Pei Xuanjing, do you accept his challenge?” the middle-aged instructor asked.

Immediately, everyone’s gaze turned to Pei Xuanjing, waiting for his reply.

The morning sunlight shone on his handsome face, highlighting his mild smile, making him look surprisingly refined.

“Of course, I accept.” Pei Xuanjing nodded.

The middle-aged instructor nodded, quickly stepped back, and left the field to the two young men.

Wei Hang looked at the young man in front of him with a gentle smile, and impatiently said: “Are you still planning to hide your cultivation? Don’t treat all the people present as fools.”

Well, he absolutely didn’t believe that Pei Xuanjing hadn’t cultivated for more than a decade. In his view, Pei Xuanjing’s claim of not having cultivated for years was just a stunt to gain fame.

“You,” Wei Hang’s face showed anger, he scolded: “I don’t want to win unfairly and be accused of bullying an ordinary person who hasn’t cultivated.”

In the end, he was still an inexperienced young man. Despite his scheming mind, he valued his reputation much more.

Pei Xuanjing nodded in agreement and said: “In that case, would you mind waiting a moment?”

“Huh?” Wei Hang was puzzled, but before he could speak, his eyes widened as if he had seen something incredible.

Not just him, nearly all the people present widened their eyes with an aura of surprise while looking at Pei Xuanjing. 𝒻𝓻𝑒ℯ𝘸𝘦𝑏𝑛𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓁.𝑐𝘰𝓶

As soon as Pei Xuanjing finished speaking, he took a step. In an instant, the exotic Heaven and Earth Essence Qi on the practice martial arts field suddenly became agitated. Encircling Pei Xuanjing at the center, radiant Qi flowed around him.

“This is impossible?” Wei Hang opened his mouth in disbelief.

In the Inner Qi realm, a martial artist opens their Dantian, cultivates Inner Qi, and slowly unblocks the Twelve Positive Meridians and Eight Extraordinary Channels in their body, making all the channels unobstructed.

Yet, Pei Xuanjing was absorbing the Heaven and Earth Essence Qi directly, causing him to be incredibly shocked.

Given the dominant and violent nature of the Heaven and Earth Essence Qi, the meridians that have not been nourished by Inner Qi simply cannot withstand it, and could cause irreparable damage to one’s meridians.

Yet, the sight of Pei Xuanjing directly absorbing the Heaven and Earth Essence Qi left everyone dumbfounded.

As far as Pei Xuanjing was concerned, his meridians were naturally unobstructed. Add to that the constant nourishing and refining of Inner Qi, and in terms of toughness, many third-tier martial artists would pale in comparison.

The violent Heaven and Earth Essence Qi became incredibly tame upon entering his body and quickly filled his meridians. Qi Realm, the first stage of Martial Arts, accomplished.

Yet, it was not over.

All Pei Xuanjing said was: “This… is not enough!”


An intimidating aura burst from Pei Xuanjing, who seemed to merge with Heaven and Earth. The Heaven and Earth Essence Qi around him crazily rushed into his body, making him appear like a vortex, devouring all the Heaven and Earth Essence Qi in the surroundings. The Heaven and Earth Essence Qi flowed into his body, transforming into Inner Qi that circulated within him.

Under the refinement of Pei Xuanjing’s Yin Spirit strength, the first strand of True Qi was developed.

True Qi Realm, the second stage of Martial Arts, accomplished!

Yet, it still didn’t stop!

Then, the second strand of True Qi was born.

Everyone watched Pei Xuanjing, who was in the heart of the Heaven and Earth Etheric Qi whirlwind, their faces filled with shock.

“He was born with all channels unblocked; truly an outstanding talent indeed!”

“Mr. Pei Laozhu has a good eye for talent, we admire him!”

“The Pei family will rise!”

“Such talent is rare even in the Empire, who would have thought it would appear in our Yunzhong County.”

Seeing this scene, some people immediately congratulated Mr. Pei Laozhu.

“Wei Hang is in trouble this time, who would have thought that he’s a true dragon.”

Those who had originally felt that they missed the opportunity to make their name by challenging Pei Xuanjing before Wei Hang, now felt lucky and believed they were fortunate..