The Savior is just a 3-Year-Old - C.627: Lower your voices for bengong (1)

The Savior is just a 3-Year-Old

C.627: Lower your voices for bengong (1)


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When the Crown Prince arrived at the Imperial study, the courtiers were already waiting.

His Highness had never been late or left early since he was the Regent.

Only this year, there were two.

The first time, he was called to his parents by the Directorate, and in the end, he brought back a little girl who caused trouble. The little girl’s face was full of innocence, but she was also very stubborn.

This time, he carried a little girl to the Imperial study to sleep under the sun.

The little girl’s cheeks were red from her sleep. She was fast asleep, her eyelashes like small fans.

It was still that little girl.

Lord Xia’s cheeks hurt and his teeth hurt.

The old lady in the residence was still worried that Lulu would suffer in the eastern Palace, but forget it, she was already sleeping in the Imperial study.

The next time, he would probably have to go to the throne room. Thinking of His Highness’s indulgence towards her now, she was afraid that it was really possible.

In the Xia family, it would be a grievance for her.

His Highness was not raising a soul protector. He was raising a Princess. No, even a Princess was not as pampered as him.

Xia Daren had not even looked a few times when suddenly, the Crown Prince looked towards him and gave him a cold look.

Lord Xia quickly lowered his head.

“Your Highness is really. I’m an old man in my sixties and my granddaughter

is older than her. What’s there to be ashamed of when I look at her? You actually glared at me …” An old official muttered.

It seemed that Lord Xia was not the only one who had been glared at.

Lord Xia tugged at the corner of his clothes and advised, “”Forget it. I’m her uncle. Didn’t I also get glared at?”

“You still have face? look at how your own girl has been raised? Even when sleeping, you have to carry him to the Imperial study. Even the previous emperors did not have such treatment.” The adults glared at Lord Xia.

However, she understood that this girl was the Crown Prince’s soul protector. The Crown Prince’s soul was unstable and could not leave her, so she could only scold her verbally.

If anyone dared to touch that girl, the Crown Prince would treat them as people who wanted to murder the Crown Prince. That was enough.

“Alright, all of you lower your voices for bengong!” The Crown Prince lowered his voice, and the officials ‘faces drooped. They were here to quarrel You told us to keep our voices down?

Then, eunuch Lu saw the most hilarious scene he had ever seen.

A group of courtiers pulled at their throats to argue with His Highness. Every time they argued until they were extremely excited, His Highness would raise his finger …

Under the despairing gazes of the ministers, he said softly, “”Shh …”

He pointed to the little figure sleeping peacefully under the gauze curtain behind him.

A moment ago, they were still quarreling with red faces and thick necks, but the next moment, it was as if their throats were stuck …

‘Damn it, damn it!’

Didn’t you say that Your Highness was devoted to politics?

He was clearly focused on taking care of the baby!

Dealing with political affairs was just something that the child did when he was sleeping!

Eunuch Lu was so happy that his shoulders twitched when he saw their doubtful expressions. What are you all doing? His Highness is reviewing memorials for you all like he’s carrying a child.

Even the first Prince’s Imperial edict was the cloth she used to wipe away the oil.

His Highness had pampered this child with all his might.

“Your Highness, the ministers have no objection to the marriage between fusang and the great Zhou. However, it’s impossible for them to take advantage of the great Zhou under the pretense of marriage!”

“We won against Dongli last year, but it was just to intimidate fusang.”

“This time, they even brought the family deity with them and spread rumors outside. It was said that some time ago, an evil spirit appeared in the great Zhou Dynasty. It must be that the great Zhou Dynasty had attracted some filth. Now, they even tried to interfere in the worship of the great Zhou imperial family.. Where did they get the face to do that?”

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