The Savior is just a 3-Year-Old - C.618: I’m a debt collector (1)

The Savior is just a 3-Year-Old

C.618: I’m a debt collector (1)


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“This is not yingluo’s, this is not yingluo’s. You’re framing her, you must be coveting yingluo’s beauty! A mayfly is like the clouds in the sky, how could it be interested in mud like you?

Jiang huaijin’s face was pale and he was trembling with anger.

If she were to get involved with such a homeless man and a drunkard, her life would be over.

I can’t recognize this dudou, I can’t recognize it!

If it was hers, she wouldn’t be able to explain it even if she died. He couldn’t admit it at all!

The drunkard spat on the ground, which made Jiang huaijin even more disgusted.

“Bah, you’re still a woman. If you’re the cloud above the sky, then you’re living in the king’s residence without a title or status? His Highness didn’t even come out to look at you. What kind of dog thing are you? you’re just a plaything that rich people have slept with enough.”

“Your maiden name is still written on that dudou!” The drunkard spat.

“You’re framing me, you’re framing me! You have ulterior motives, you must be trying to drive a wedge between me and his Highness!”

The drunkard reached out to pull Jiang huaijin, causing him to shriek in fear.

“Argh! Help me!” Jiang huaijin’s face turned pale.

Fortunately, Jiang huailin suddenly rushed out and blocked her behind him.

“Don’t you dare bully my sister! Don’t you dare bully my sister!” Jiang huailin cursed in his childish voice, pointing at the drunkard with a red face.

“You stole my sister’s dudou, and you even dared to hit her!” Jiang huailin’s words almost made Jiang huaijin fall to the ground.

“The words on this dudou belongs to my sister, so this dudou belongs to my sister! She’s wearing the same thing now. If you don’t believe me, you can take a look!” Jiang huailin was so angry that he placed his hands on his hips. “This is my sister’s. You stole it from my sister. She’s wearing the same dudou!” The drunkard’s eyes lit up when he heard that.

This kid looked like he was protecting his sister, but he was actually a big scammer.

“Well said, well said! I don’t believe that you, this little girl, still dare to deny it! As long as you’re wearing the same thing, it’s yours! Every time your carriage passed by me, you would give me silver, handkerchiefs, or dudou. Now you don’t want to admit it. Bah!

I’m going to peel off your skin today!” As he spoke, he actually went around Jiang huailin and grabbed the terrified Jiang huailin.

Jiang huaijin was so frightened that he almost fainted when he saw his big hands coming straight for him.

How would he dare to do it in public?

“You dare! I’m still a member of His Highness’s residence, you .

“Slash A sound.

Jiang huailin took out a pair of scissors from somewhere and tiptoed, making a big hole in Jiang huaijin’s skirt. Then, he pulled the torn part with all his might Rip, rip, rip .

Jiang huaijin felt a chill run down his back under his dazed gaze.

It was chilly.

Everyone’s eyes were on her back. Jiang huaijin knew that he was finished!

She was finished!

“Haha, and you still say it wasn’t you. This dudou, this handkerchief, they’re clearly the same as yours.” The drunkard was dancing with joy.

“This is my woman. If you’re not, you’ll drown in the pond! A wife from the heavens, I, Zui fugui, also have a wife!” The drunkard jumped in excitement. Jiang huaijin’s body trembled as he turned around and pointed at Jiang huailin in shock. His entire body was cold.

“You, you … Demon, you’re a demon, you’re a demon!” Jiang huaijin was so angry that he was incoherent.

The only person who knew what kind of undergarments she wore was Jiang huailin.

Moreover, he was the only one who wandered outside the city in his own carriage every day.

“Of course I’m not a demon. Sister, what do you think I look like?” Jiang huailin said in a low voice. Those eyes were exactly the same as those in her countless nightmares.

The yellow-skinned animal bowed to her and asked, “”What do I look like?”

Jiang huaijin’s eyes rolled back and he fainted..

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