The Savior is just a 3-Year-Old - C.613: Ah-oh Deer is sinister (1)

The Savior is just a 3-Year-Old

C.613: Ah-oh Deer is sinister (1)

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“Merit? How could I dare to think about such a precious and illusory thing?” The man shook his head.

“Only those who have done good things for the human world can get some merit. The little demon was still a demon, and he had never seen such a thing before. I don’t even dare to think about it. ” Merit was a good thing. A trace of merit could be equivalent to ten years of cultivation.

But how could merit be so easy to obtain?

He was at a loss when he heard Lulu’s words.

Lulu’s apathetic expression turned warmer.

“Come, come, come. Get up, get up. What are you kneeling for? Look at this, look at the welfare of our Hall of salvation.”

“The hall of salvation is recruiting nether soldiers. It was his duty to sweep away the evil and purge the human world. The day shift was divided into day shift and night shift. As for the day shift, it was the kind of spiritual monsters that were not afraid of the sun, following the day wandering God to catch sneaky people outside. The night shift is a nether soldier who cultivates as a soul. They can only appear at night and work with the door God.”

“For every hundred evil spirits you kill, you will receive a trace of merit, which is equivalent to ten years of cultivation. Killing one malicious ghost is equivalent to 30 years of merit.”

“Killing the ghost general will make up for a hundred years. Killing a ghost Emperor was equivalent to five hundred years of cultivation. Moreover, their cultivation bases are extremely pure, so they won’t be hated by the heavenly

Dao and won’t suffer from lightning tribulations.”

“And after accumulating merit points, those who wish to ascend can do so. Those who can’t ascend can still be selected to ascend to the divine realm as divine weapons.” Lulu fished out a small booklet and handed it to the dumbfounded spiritual monster.

The spiritual monster swallowed its saliva. do you mean that the unorthodox can also become Orthodox?!

F * ck, this was something that he couldn’t get even if he begged for it.

“Do you still need people? How much? The little demon still has some brothers, do vou want more? If it’s not enough, vou only need one little Yao!” He patted his chest as he spoke.

This was the Orthodox lineage, the Orthodox lineage!

If it wasn’t for this, he wouldn’t have gotten the chance even if he had waited for a thousand years.

He was so excited that his body was trembling.

“We lack a lot of them. The earlier you come, the earlier you can gain merit, the earlier you can ascend, the earlier you can become a heavenly soldier.”

“You don’t know. Two years ago, my female ghost was still a ghost, but now, she’s already a godhood mother-in-law. There’s even a family who became the door God, the river god, and a land eunuch who’s worshipped by the human world.”

The more Lulu spoke, the brighter the other party’s eyes became.

“Please wait, please wait. Please don’t give such a good opportunity to others. The little demon was decided first, the little demon general general … Leaving this arm here as a down payment, it’s decided. Little Yao, go back and call for people. This time, many people from fusang have come. You must wait for little Yao.” The man tore off the arm and threw it to Lulu. He put it on the table and turned into a wisp of white smoke, leaving the eastern Palace.

“By the way, your Princess is one of us. She seems to have some kind of family deity by her side, but I don’t know the specific details. Wait for me to ask around for you.”

“I’ll write down everything I know for you. This is my proof of loyalty. You can’t keep other dogs, ah pui, other monsters = Oh. Wait for this little Yao to call your fellow townsman over.” The little monster peeked its head out from the crack of the door, but it disappeared in the blink of an eye.

They had agreed before they came, what instigating the little girl to betray the eastern Palace and become Fu sang’s spy.

In the future, he would work with her to destroy the eastern Palace! In less than an hour, even the color of the fusang Emperor’s underwear was revealed.

He had even betrayed the late Emperor without hesitation when he peeked at the late Emperor’s beautiful concubines bathing when he was young..

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