The Savior is just a 3-Year-Old - C.611: Watch me perform for you (1)

The Savior is just a 3-Year-Old

C.611: Watch me perform for you (1)

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Lu huaijiang was still the Prince that everyone feared.

However, he had no weakness and was impervious to fire and water. The outside world had no other way to deal with him.

But now, it was different. A five-year-old girl lived in the eastern Palace.

This girl would be his biggest flaw.

The man looked at Jiang huailu arrogantly.

The little girl was not as surprised as he had imagined.

‘You, don’t you feel honored?” The man paused and frowned.

wow, God … Lulu covered her mouth with both hands and stared at him with wide eyes.

“Do you have to be so surprised?” he asked slowly. I wasn’t surprised when others saw me, so how would I know what kind of expression they would have?

The man felt insulted.

“Are you an immortal? When did you become an immortal? Can you turn stone into gold? Do you know how to cast beans into soldiers?”

The man’s smile slowly froze.

Turning Stone into gold?

Transforming beans into soldiers?

“I don’t think so? Then will you ascend in the day? Then, let’s talk about something simple. Do you know how to call the wind and summon the rain?” The little girl’s face was full of disdain. She couldn’t help but take a step back and say something simple.

Pheasant God .

“You don’t even know how to call the wind and summon the rain? Then what do you know?” The little girl rolled her eyes in disdain, immediately making the other party’s face and ears turn red.

That’s not right. Do children know so much now?

Usually, he would be asked to turn into a bird, a kitten, or cast a small spell.

“This Lord will …” Before he could finish, the little girl waved her hand.

“Don’t talk about me. I can turn stone into gold, cast beans into soldiers, call the wind and summon the rain, and I don’t know anything. You’ll be laughed at if you keep calling me “this Lord.”” Lulu said, as if he had been through this before.

“Are the requirements for becoming a God so low now? After cultivating for a thousand years, he didn’t even know the basic means of the gods? Did you secretly sleep while you were cultivating? Did you sleep for 800 years?” Lulu suddenly muttered to himself.

It was a critical blow to the other party.

Didn’t you say that the child was young? Could he use her as a breakthrough point and act as a spy in the eastern Palace?

The God’s throat was dry, and he suddenly felt like he had been struck.

Lulu’s eyes were filled with pity.

“You’ve cultivated for so many years, it can’t be that you can only turn into a little bird or dog to deceive people, right? Did you cultivate loneliness?” Lulu’s few words left the other party speechless.

“The next time you pretend to be a God, can you retract your tail first?” Lulu pointed at the tail peeking out from under his pants.

The man immediately retracted his hand in horror and took a step back. He looked at her with fear and shock.

He seemed to have met an extraordinary Big Shot .

come on, let me show you … Lulu picked up the porcelain bottle and tapped it with his chubby little finger.

A golden light flashed.

The White porcelain bottle gradually turned golden and soon turned into a golden cup that shone with golden light.

“This is called Turning Stone into gold .

Then, he dug around in his pockets and took out two golden beans that he had missed out on. They scattered on the ground and turned into many shadows that charged at the man in white with their swords.

The White-robed man wailed in pain. He actually hugged his head and begged for mercy under the shadow.

The shadow passed through him and disappeared.

“Do you still want call the wind and summon the rain?” After saying that, he shook his head and rejected the idea.

forget it. After all, you’re pretending to be a God. It’ll be easy to scare you off. The little girl chuckled and climbed onto the chair. She sat on the chair and looked at the pheasant God, whose face was changing unpredictably..

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