The Savior is just a 3-Year-Old - C.604 - : Period (1)


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“This must be young lady Ming? Seeing is better than hearing. As expected, you are outstanding and should set an example for women.”

Ming su bowed to the first Prince.

His body moved slightly, like a Golden Orchid swaying in the wind.

It was tough and a little delicate, making people want to love it.

“Your Highness is too kind. What exactly happened here? Last night, susu went to bed early, and only now did she realize that the outside has become a ruin.” Ming su was really a little terrified.

At a glance, there was only endless scorched earth left, and anyone who saw it would be terrified.

“Miss Ming need not worry, His Majesty has already sent people to investigate. You will know when you return to the capital.” The first Prince did not say a word.

Ming su didn’t ask further, but her face was still pale.

Lulu only slowly woke up at noon.

Yu ‘er’s body was almost transparent, and she stood in the corner with a frightened look. Her soul wasn’t solid enough, so everyone couldn’t see her.

Seeing that Lulu had woken up, Yu ‘er was on the verge of tears.

“Wuwuwu … Your Jiang Jiang …” He ate ghosts!

He was scared to death.

Wuwuwu …

Lulu’s head hurt from her crying and he waved her away.”l’ll give you a good place. First, solidify your soul, don’t let it scatter.”

In the blink of an eye, Yu ‘er had disappeared.

Lulu put on his clothes and went out. He smelled the fragrance, and it was time for dinner.

“Does your head hurt?” Lu huaijiang raised his hand and summoned her to the front. The first Prince looked at Jiang huailu deeply.

It was rumored that the Crown Prince doted on a little girl in the eastern Palace. It was indeed her.

This wretched girl was already at odds with him in huangdu, and now she could suppress Lu huaijiang’s soul. If he had known earlier, he would have let her go to huangdu and never return!

“It doesn’t hurt. Lulu is hungry …” The little girl obediently climbed onto his lap and sat directly beside him.

“The little girl is still in the growing stage and her body is the best. You’ll recover quickly after a good night’s sleep.” The Imperial physician said softly.

The first Prince grunted in agreement.

After lunch, they prepared to return to the capital to report.

Lulu’s stomach wasn’t feeling well before they set off, probably because he had eaten too much roasted lamb last night.

“Let the Imperial physician prescribe you something that can relieve greasiness and aid in digestion.” The Crown Prince’s face was filled with helplessness as he watched her go to the guest room while holding her stomach. He then asked eunuch Lu to bring some medicine back. It just so happened that there was Hawthorn sugar water in the Imperial physician’s medicine box. It was clear and sweet with the sourness and sweetness of the Hawthorn, so she would definitely like it.

Not long after, Lulu returned.

The little girl’s face was grave as she glanced at Ming su’s carriage.

The little girl looked at it, then looked at it again, and then ran to Lu huaijiang in a hurry.

He sneaked up to Lu huaijiang, “”Jiang Jiang, I’ve discovered something big!” The little guy gasped and pulled Jiang Jiang to his ear.

“Oh no, something big has happened to miss Ming. She had lost so much blood in the concubines ‘room. Why was there so much blood? You even threw a bloodied belt. It looks like the belt that the Empress gave you last time.” Lulu’s face was serious.

Lu huaijiang’s face twitched when he saw her innocent face.

Can we not mention that period belt!

“Did she kill someone in the concubines” room? Should I report this to the authorities? Someone must have died! How could she be so cruel to kill someone?” Lulu said carefully, his face full of mystery.

Eunuch Lu snorted and pretended to pack his luggage as he got into the carriage.

Lu huaijiang was left alone to face this awkward situation.

Lu huaijiang took a deep breath and suppressed his throbbing veins.

How was he going to explain this to this fool?

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