The Savior is just a 3-Year-Old - C.594 - : The ghost general is looking for its master

The Savior is just a 3-Year-Old

C.594 - : The ghost general is looking for its master

Chapter 594: The ghost general is looking for its master


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Lu huaijiang’s face was cold and indifferent.

she’ll sleep all the way until dawn. No one is to disturb her or wake her up.

“If she shows herself, kill her without mercy,” he said as he looked towards The West Wing. The woman behind the door seemed to have heard him, and her figure that was leaning against the door disappeared.

“Yes.” The shadow guard directly replied.

The call in his heart grew stronger and stronger, and he even felt a little impatient. Lu huaijiang was increasingly unable to suppress his anger these days. He had not seen this kind of loss of control for a long time.

In response to the call, Lu huaijiang walked towards the threshing ground with a sullen face.

As expected, from the moment he heard Lulu’s story, his heart began to stir.

Midnight had arrived.

Countless dark spirits appeared around Lu huaijiang, standing quietly in front of him. The dark spirits from myriad River Village were at a loss.

Dark clouds had appeared in the sky at some point in time. The dark clouds covered the sun, and the stars had hidden behind the clouds

The bloodstains on the altar that had long dried up flowed slightly on the ground, as if all the blood had come alive.

No, it was not blood.

It was a blood-red light that was flowing in the strange pattern.

The patterns flowed and gathered bit by bit.

Suddenly, a bright light shone.

The crows that were gnawing on the corpses on the threshing ground were frightened and suddenly flapped their wings to fly up.

Who knew that he would be pulled back by the blood light and cry out in pain.

In just an instant, the blood light passed by and directly turned into white bones.

He fell to the ground, his bones shattered.

Lu huaijiang looked up expressionlessly and saw that the threshing ground, which was full of corpses, had turned into a mountain of white bones.

The moment the red light appeared, his flesh and blood all turned into white bones.

The dark spirit trapped in the village suddenly started to wail in pain.

The world was terrifyingly gloomy, and the pressure from heaven and earth seemed to hit him in the face.

At the same time, the obscure and dirty energy discharged from the world was also swept over. All the energy was absorbed into his body.

“Ah!” Lu huaijiang growled and knelt on one knee, his hand on the ground as large drops of cold sweat rolled down his forehead.

Countless negative emotions poured out and gushed straight at him.

Lu huaijiang wanted to resist, but his subconscious told him that he could not resist.

The dirty power turned into power and sank into his body.

Lulu’s words that the world was either black or white came to mind again.

The God of creation had a kind side.

The Black Rock was the dark side.

A large number of memories poured into Lu huaijiang’s mind, causing him to have a splitting headache.

Suddenly, something seemed to be breaking out of the cocoon.

In the hall of salvation, two hundred miles away.

The day wandering God and the door God were both shocked.

such tremendous primordial chaos power, mixed with countless dark and turbid things, I’m afraid the ancient evil of the world is about to awaken. Chu Liang stood up. His eyes were golden in color, and everything in front of him was dark.

all nether soldiers, listen up! Kill the evil two hundred miles away! The door God was dressed in golden armor. He pointed the evil extermination sword in his hand, and everyone headed directly out of the city.

A young man in black knelt on one knee, his body trembling slightly.

His brows were slightly furrowed, and his body exuded an evil aura.

Unknowingly, two ghost generals with vicious expressions were standing on the dirty clouds in the sky.

The moment the ghost general saw him, his expression froze. In a flash, she was standing in front of him with a bow.

“The ghost general Chu Yun greets Your Highness.”

“Ghost general guihai pays his respects to Your Highness. He respectfully welcomes Your Highness’s return from the Tribulation.” The two ghost generals were revealed, and the air of evil was raging around them..

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