The Savior is just a 3-Year-Old - C.588 - : Only the food she gave was edible

The Savior is just a 3-Year-Old

C.588 - : Only the food she gave was edible

Chapter 588: Only the food she gave was edible

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As the wind blew, the tree branches on the mountain rustled.

Yu ‘er shuddered and quickly hid behind Lulu in fear.

However, how could the short and stout Lulu block her at the age of ten?

“Are there ghosts? Everyone says that our village is haunted by ghosts, and Yu ‘er is afraid of ghosts.” Yu ‘er shuddered, and her face turned pale. However, she was afraid of Lulu. After some thought, she could only gently pull on Lulu’s belt.

Lulu hurriedly pulled up his pants. don’t pull my pants down. Lulu is a shameless person. The Savior’s pants fell, isn’t that funny?

How would she be able to convince the public in the future, really.

Yu ‘er immediately let go of her hand, feeling wronged, and pulled on two strands of her hair instead.

“I won’t let you off if you pull me bald.” Lulu mumbled, but his hands were busy.

He took out a meat bun from his arms.

The meat was slaughtered by the chickens and ducks that the guards had found

In tne village.

The flour was brought back from someone else’s house.

Yu ‘er looked at the meat bun and took a deep breath. She shook her head with a sad look in her eyes.”Forget it, you can eat it. It’s a waste to give it to Yu ‘er. I can’t smell it, and I can’t eat it. ” He looked at Lulu with a reluctant expression.

Lulu’s eyes flickered and he lowered his gaze.

He stuffed her into his arms and said fiercely, “‘Eat it if I give it to you. It’s from me, and it smells good!” After he finished speaking, he took the opportunity when she loosened her hair while holding the bun to turn around and run away.

Yu ‘er stood under the eaves. Under the faint moonlight, the little girl took a bite of the bun.

The juice was overflowing, and the fragrance of meat assailed the nose.

As expected, it was fragrant and soft.

As she gnawed, big drops of tears fell on the bun. She sobbed as she ate.

Her head was slightly lowered, and under the dim moonlight, even her face had an abnormal paleness.

After the buns were finished, Yu ‘er helped the guards to pass the food to everyone.

The table was filled with fish, chicken, and duck. Yu ‘er touched her stomach, but she did not eat anything.

She had eaten a big bowl of noodles last night. Although it was tasteless, she had eaten it. However, in the latter half of the night, her stomach kept growling.

After eating the bun that Lulu had given him, he actually felt a little full.

While everyone was eating, Lulu saw her standing at the side pitifully. He immediately took a bowl, filled it with chicken legs and chicken soup, and handed it to her with many other dishes.

Yu ‘er hesitated for a moment, but she still reached out to take it.

He tried to smell it, and sure enough, the aroma of the oily chicken soup assailed his nose. There were also wild mushrooms picked from the mountains stewed in it. After drinking a mouthful, it had a bit of umami.

Yu ‘er’s face was filled with joy. She had probably recovered from her illness.

Or, or could she only eat the food given by the little girl? She did not understand.

He licked the oil in the bowl with extreme care, then found time to go for the cattle and sheep.

It was really strange. In the past, when she spoke to the cows and sheep, they would run to her side affectionately and let her touch their heads.

But now, every time she got close, the cattle and sheep would retreat far away.

He didn’t even eat the grass she fed him.

Yu ‘er was a little disappointed as she stood in front of the sheepfold.

The head maidservant in front of Ming su happened to come out and frowned when she saw Ming su’s pitiful appearance.

When His Highness was in the capital, he had been closely watched by everyone.

The lady didn’t stand a chance.

This time, it was a great opportunity. But now, His Highness still treated her the same way. She didn’t know if it was because he hadn’t opened his mind or something else.

The maidservant thought for a moment, but she was afraid that he had not opened his mind.

The girl was in shengjing, and before she was even of age, the matchmaker had stepped on her doorstep. Now, the older he was, the more he revealed his magnificence. Even when she had just returned to the capital, the officials and nobles in the capital had also secretly inquired about the girl’s marriage.

She was very confident in Ming su’s looks..

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