The Savior is just a 3-Year-Old - C.585 - : The evil intentions of heaven and earth (1)

The Savior is just a 3-Year-Old

C.585 - : The evil intentions of heaven and earth (1)

Chapter 585: The evil intentions of heaven and earth (1)

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“I don’t know where the little girl heard this story from. His Highness is a scholar and has been taught by the Grand tutor. Would he believe your words?” Ming su felt uncomfortable vomiting and could faintly hear a few words. She couldn’t help but retort.

“There’s no harm in listening. Besides, Lulu often goes in and out of the National Guard temple and has read many ancient books that outsiders can’t see.” Yang pinfeng couldn’t bear to see others criticize Lulu, so he immediately retorted.

Ming su pursed her lips and lowered her head slightly, as if she had been wronged.

“I told you it’s an ancient book. Believe it or not.” Lulu’s eyes almost rolled to the back of his head.

“The sacrificial painting on the ground was watered with blood. In addition, their souls were sealed in the village with a special array. They would wander in the village every night until seven days later. The sacrifice would start, the sacrifice of the bodv and soul would invite out the evil’s soul … It’s enough to become the nightmare of the world.” Lulu took a deep breath. The little girl had always been carefree and serious.

Yu ‘er’s mournful cries could be heard, and everyone looked in the direction of the sound.

She was seen lying on the sea of corpses, crying and wailing, “”This is my father. Father, Yu ‘er has found the sheep. Yu ‘er is back …” The little girl’s voice was bloody, so hoarse that it was almost impossible to tell her original voice.

she’s the only survivor of the entire village. What a pity. The eunuch wiped his tears as he watched, his heart aching for Yu ‘er.

“I want to bury my parents, can I? I want to give them a home to return to.

There’s only Yu ‘er at home, and Yu’ er wants to bury father and mother.

There’s also my brother and sister-in-law, and so many nephews and nieces …” The little girl was about to cry again, and her small shoulders couldn’t help but tremble.

“Regardless of whether you bury them or not, their souls will still be trapped here at night. However, if you feel better in your heart, go ahead and do it. ” Lu huaijiang held Lulu’s hand and glanced around indifferently. He lowered his eyes slightly to hide the emotions in his eyes.

The eunuch’s heart softened and he immediately called for the guards to help.

He barely managed to find Yu ‘er’s parents and buried them on the mountain in the back house of the Wang clan.

“Father, Yu ‘er will take care of everything at home. Don’t worry, I won’t let you down. The cows and sheep are the most expensive things in the family. Big brother and nephew’s Shu Xiu need to be saved by them. Yu ‘er will definitely take good care of them, don’t worry.” The little girl knelt in front of the grave and kowtowed.

However, the strange thing was that he didn’t light the incense.

“Al, your parents are just worried about you. The wind is strong on this mountain, and your hands are shaking badly.” The eunuch took the incense and quickly lit it.

The yellow paper that hadn’t been burned for a long time also caught fire. The raging fire spread to the sky.

“Today is already the sixth day. I’m afraid that we will discover something strange at midnight. Since you’re already here, let’s wait a little longer.” Lu huaijiang furrowed his brows and led Lulu down the mountain.

Yu ‘er quickly collected her emotions. When she came back, she did the laundry, cooked, and fed the chickens, sheep, and cows.

Ming su vomited badly and went into the house to wash up after she came back.

Yu ‘er had an apron around her waist. When she passed by the door, she was stunned.

“Sister mingsu, this is a gift from Yu ‘er. Remember to open it.” After saying that, he hurriedly went into the house to cook.

Ming su’s face darkened when she entered the room.

He kicked the box in front of the bed. The box was heavy, so he didn’t kick it. Instead, he hurt his leg.

“Ah!” It was so painful that Ming su’s expression changed.

it’s so annoying. It’s under the bed. Why did you drag it out for no reason? ” Ming su glanced at the servant girl. Her eyes were not as gentle and virtuous as usual. Instead, they were very frightening.

The maidservant replied in a low voice..

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