The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 - C.446Martial God Regressed to Level 2

The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2

C.446Martial God Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 446

“Even you?”

“Yes. I don’t know how they found out, but they contacted me and asked about Earth’s coordinates.”

Seong Jihan frowned.

That bastard Dragon Lord, he was resorting to mobilizing his race for petty tricks since it seemed he really couldn’t win.

“Don’t tell me, Queen… You didn’t tell them because you were struggling with debt, right?”

“What do you take me for to say such a thing! And the battle with the Dragon Lord has been quite a long one, so the deficit has decreased a lot.”

“That’s fortunate.”

“But I still need to receive investment…”

“Didn’t American First say they would invest?”

At Yoon Seah’s question, the Shadow Queen shook her head.

“We’re still negotiating. American First said they want me to come to the US altogether.”

“What, they want you to come to the US?”

“Yes. On the surface, they say it’s for smooth broadcasting consultation, but it seemed like they had other motives.”

“They probably want to bring a constellation into their country.”

Although the Shadow Queen’s image changed to a somewhat familiar one to people as she announced she would be commentating for this tournament,

She was a high-level constellation, just not fully recovered in strength.

While investing in the channel management rights, it seemed American First’s aim was to bring the constellation into their country as well.

‘We can’t leave it like that.’

“Queen, how much do you need?”

“Oh, don’t tell me you’re thinking of investing?”

“Well, the Daegi Guild has money piled up anyway.”

Although the Queen doesn’t seem to want to go either, it’s better to make it clear.

Seong Jihan decided to invest the GP accumulated in the Daegi Guild.

“Then I’m grateful. Actually, there are times when I act as your sword, so going to the US is difficult.”

“Sword role… But now, even without you in Eclipse, there’s enough firepower.”

“…Well, your Shadow Sword has become too closely tied to the void and has left my domain. From the beginning, it has diverged a lot from the planned Shadow Authority.”

“Is that so? Then there’s no need for you to enter the sword?”

At Seong Jihan’s question, the Shadow Queen nodded.

“That’s right. However, depending on whether I’m there or not, there can be a 10-20% difference in power.”

“I’ll have to calculate it accurately later.”

If there was no big difference, there was no need to bind the Constellation Shadow Queen to the sword.

Seong Jihan thought he should test it out after finishing the investment matter and,

“Hayeon, there’s a lot of funds left in the guild, right?”

He called Hayeon right there on the spot.

[Ah… Yes. GP keeps accumulating!]

“It seems American First is trying to take the Shadow Queen to the US this time. So we’re thinking of just investing in the Queen ourselves.”

[Ah, but investing in the Queen will lead to ruin… Wasn’t it?]

“I can hear everything.”

[Oh, you were next to him… But the performance is really bad!]

“It’s okay. I’ll put in half of my personal GP too. Those dragon bastards have been sponsoring me so much lately that I have money overflowing.”

[Ah, no, Boss. Let’s handle it with the Daegi Guild’s GP for now, and if it’s still lacking, I’ll ask for help. We had nowhere to use it anyway.]

“Alright. Then I’ll leave it to you.”

Although Seong Jihan said he would put in his personal assets if GP was lacking, Hayeon strongly declined.

“Hmm… Listening to the conversation, it sounds like you’re in the mood to waste money. Why don’t you think I’ll multiply the investment amount?”

“Will you? I’ll save you from being dragged by the World Tree Elves, so don’t ever buy broadcasting rights and such again.”


“Your answer?”

“Ah, okay.”

At Seong Jihan’s question, the Shadow Queen nodded reluctantly.

‘This matter is resolved for now.’

The Queen’s issue was handled by the Daegi Guild investing, but the real problem was the dragons.

The dragon race, whose numbers had increased exponentially with some help from the World Tree Alliance,

They were desperate to find out Earth’s location.

‘Honestly, among people, if they say they’ll give 100 billion… There would be quite a few who would leak the coordinates, right?’

Right now, people don’t know how to view the planet coordinates on BattleNet.

But as time passes and the planet coordinates become known, some people in urgent need of money will definitely sell the coordinates to them.

Before such a thing happens, the dragon issue needs to be dealt with to some extent.

‘If only the special dedication was certain, I could just invade the Lord bastard’s lair.’

Despite being mortal enemies, the Dragon Lord was still Seong Jihan’s sponsoring constellation.

If he offered himself to the Dragon Lord, he could go to the Dragon Lord’s lair, but

This method couldn’t be used now because there was no way to return to Earth.

‘For now, I need to level up a bit and come back…’

Seong Jihan thought about how to deal with the dragons and decided to prioritize leveling up first.

The level that reached 635 was now rising too slowly, so he had to consistently run matches every day.

“I’m going to level up a bit and come back.”

“Ah, you’re going to run matches? Okay, have a safe trip~”

With that, Seong Jihan, who started the game,

[The Cosmic Tree Yggdrasil says it heard an interesting offer from the Dragon Lord.]

“…Why are you appearing again?”

Received a message from Yggdrasil as soon as he connected to BattleTube.

* * *

[Translator – Asura]

[Proofreader – Gun]

The message from Yggdrasil that popped up as soon as the game started.

-These days, the dragon race keeps sending sponsorship messages, and now even Yggdrasil is appearing

-What a mess, really…

-Elves and dragons are bullshitting together, lol

-But why does Yggdrasil’s text color look different and appear separately like a sponsorship window even though it didn’t sponsor?

-Probably because it’s an administrator;

Human viewers were shocked by the combination of elves and dragons.

Among the alien races, the two races that overwhelmingly compete for the top 1 and 2 spots in unpopularity among humans.

They couldn’t help but worry about what kind of shenanigans those two were trying to pull together.

“What’s the interesting offer?”

[The Dragon Lord offered to provide 22 dragon race planets and 10,000 hatchlings in exchange for revealing the planet’s location, Yggdrasil says.]

“Do you know where Earth is?”

[Yggdrasil says he has figured out the location to some extent with administrator privileges.]

At those words, Seong Jihan recalled the time when the Ancient Elf tried to invade before.

Come to think of it, the Ancient Elf had figured out the coordinates well and tried to invade.

‘Was that possible because it had an administrator as a backer.’

Great Constellation and administrator.

There’s definitely a difference in authority.

Thinking so, Seong Jihan looked at the chat window with sunken eyes.

“So what are you thinking of doing?”

[The Cosmic Tree Yggdrasil says he’s on Seong Jihan’s side, but the other side has made an offer that is hard to refuse.]

“What do you mean my side? Just get to the point.”

[Yggdrasil says if Seong Jihan becomes a member of the World Tree Elves for 22 years, he will immediately refuse the dragon race’s offer.]

-Ah, these irritating things ??

-But why 22 years?

-The dragon race offered 22 planets, so it probably judged the value based on that.

-1 year of Seong Jihan per planet? Did it value him highly?

-If he refuses this offer, will Earth’s coordinates just be revealed…

The Cosmic Tree Yggdrasil, trying to draw Seong Jihan into the World Tree Alliance, counting 1 year per planet.

Following the Dragon Lord’s coercion, when the threat from the Cosmic Tree continued, Seong Jihan hardened his expression.

“If I refuse?”

[Yggdrasil answers that then, although he doesn’t want to, it will have no choice but to accept the dragon race’s trade offer.]

“I see…”

They’re excited to have something to threaten with.

‘There’s no need to join the World Tree Alliance to avoid the dragons.’

If the dragons invade, there’s at least a fight to be had, but if he enters there, it’s just the end.

The green administrator will sincerely, thoroughly manage Seong Jihan.


“There’s an enemy here!”

In the matched game, a player on Seong Jihan’s opposing team tried to find him and attack, but

“Ah, I’m a bit busy right now.”

Seong Jihan swung his sword once as if annoyed.

Fundamental Divine Art,

Triad of Martial Mastery

Total Annihilation Horizontal Sweep.


Then the players of various races were swept away at once.

-Even at Challenger 6, he just sweeps them away like swatting flies

-He trampled the Dragon Lord and came, so these guys are nothing…

-He trampled too hard lol The Dragon Lord got scared and is only doing petty tricks behind the scenes.

-Tbh In hindsight, he should have let himself get hit a bit.

-But what can we do if the Lord is weak lol.

People now accept such results as natural.

Seong Jihan became the top scorer on the current team with a single Total Annihilation Horizontal Sweep and put his sword back in.


‘I earned the score, so now I need to do some threatening too.’

Can’t just keep getting hit and live with it.

When Seong Jihan saw the name of the Cosmic Tree Yggdrasil, he decided to bring out the means of threat that came to mind.


Opening the inventory and taking out an item,

“Yggdrasil. Do you recognize what this is?”

He waved it towards the screen.

* * *

-What’s that…

-I thought he took out some great item, but it’s just a red button.

-Is he bluffing?

-Tsk. Does he think that will work against Yggdrasil…

The item Seong Jihan took out was a single button.

Although the red button protruding on the metal plate mixed with purple and red is impressive,

It’s just that.

Alien viewers initially scoffed at what he could do with such an item, but

[The Cosmic Tree Yggdrasil wonders why such an item received an EX grade.]


-That button?

-What is it used for to be given such a grade…

When Yggdrasil figured out the item grade, they showed a surprised reaction.

“You can figure out the grade, but it seems you can’t see the item information?”

[The Cosmic Tree Yggdrasil says there are limits to what he can observe through BattleTube and asks what the item is used for.]

“It’s a bit much to reveal it to all these viewers… Alright. Can I show the item information only to you?”

Then, before long, a message window popped up in front of Seong Jihan’s eyes.

[Do you want to reveal the item information to the Cosmic Tree Yggdrasil?]

BattleTube had this function too?

‘It’s convenient at times like this when the other party is an administrator.’

When Seong Jihan pressed yes, the information of the item he was holding was fully conveyed to Yggdrasil.

[World Tree Ignition Device]

-Item Grade: EX

-When the button is pressed, sacred flame blooms from Earth’s World Tree.

-It is only activated when in possession of the Red’s hand, and all power absorbed from the sacred flame belongs to the owner of the hand.

-This effect is not constrained by distance.

-This item is a one-time use item.

The item given by the owner of the arena, the World Tree Ignition Device.

Just press one button and the sacred flame will ignite the World Tree, burning all of humanity.

And Seong Jihan can absorb the power of that sacred flame to become the Red Administrator.

This is basically spoon-feeding him to become an administrator at all costs.

[The Cosmic Tree Yggdrasil is shocked, asking what kind of item this is.]

It was no wonder Yggdrasil was startled.

‘Yggdrasil was wary of the Red Administrator rising before it.’

The Cosmic Tree Yggdrasil, who does all sorts of things with the World Tree Elves to become a permanent administrator.

In the meantime, it was wary of the Red Administrator becoming a permanent administrator before it.

So it was also Yggdrasil who informed Seong Jihan of a way to become a temporary administrator.

‘So this World Tree Ignition Device is the most shocking item to Yggdrasil.’

While someone is working their bones off to become a permanent administrator,

In fact, Seong Jihan can become a Red Administrator just by pressing a button, and even an administrator who can surpass the permanent one.

From Yggdrasil’s perspective, it was like having fire dropped on its feet.

“I originally thought about not pressing this and doing as you say…”

Seong Jihan lifted the World Tree Ignition Device and gently stroked the button side.

“But these days, there are so many annoying guys. Especially when our Cosmic Tree threatened me. I felt like pressing it and abandoning everything.”

[The Cosmic Tree Yggdrasil urges you to stay calm.]

[He says what he said earlier was just a joke, how could it sell the coordinates of the human race’s planet to the dragon race, and asks if you don’t trust him.]

“I should trust you? Me?”

Seong Jihan laughed and tapped next to the button, then

Swiped the button with his finger.

“Where is there trust between us? Ah. Right… If you handle the dragon issue, maybe trust will form.”

[The Cosmic Tree Yggdrasil asks if you really won’t press the button then.]

“Yeah. If they don’t act up, there’s no need to press the button.”

Seong Jihan grinned.

“So you handle them for me instead.”

[Translator – Asura]

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