The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 - C.445Martial God Regressed to Level 2

The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2

C.445Martial God Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 445

“Altkaizen… Last time when I released you, you swore an oath to me.”

Altkaizen, the dragon race’s coach.

He was a player who had been involved with Seong Jihan in the past Space League.

-I swear by the Dragon Oath. If you release me, our planet’s dragon race will always yield to you humans in the Space League.

Yes… just like when facing the World Tree Elves.

In the past, the Dragon Heart that Altkaizen gave to the Dragon Lord.

In exchange for leaving 10% of that and throwing it to his planet, Altkaizen promised to always concede victory to humans.

‘But the situation is different now compared to then, so I guess the promise won’t be kept.’

He didn’t know how binding the Dragon Oath was.

Considering how the Dragon Lord and dragon race had been acting lately, there was a high probability that Altkaizen’s oath would not be kept either.

While Seong Jihan was looking at the screen without much expectation,

[I made a promise with Seong Jihan. In exchange for sparing my life, our planet’s dragon race would yield victory to humans.]


The Red Dragon Altkaizen, who entered as the dragon race’s coach, was trying to sincerely keep his oath.

“What, what’s going on?”

“A dragon is keeping a promise…”

Due to the dragon who had been causing trouble on Seong Jihan’s channel recently, the dragon race’s image had already fallen to the level of elves in the eyes of humans.

When Altkaizen, one of them, came out saying he would keep his promise, people showed a surprised reaction.

=Huh, what does this mean?!

=It seems there was a promise made between player Seong Jihan and the dragon race representative in the past!

=Yielding victory to humans… So can we assume they will lose on purpose?

=It wasn’t easy to face the dragon race when Seong Jihan was banned as a player!

Although the dragon race’s evaluation had rapidly declined recently due to the Dragon Lord’s misconduct,

In fact, the race’s specs themselves were overwhelmingly strong.

No matter how much the human race had risen by one grade,

If Seong Jihan was banned, they could never guarantee a victory against dragons.

However, with the opponent coming out like this, the voices of the commentators broadcasting the match became much brighter.

=If the dragon race keeps their oath, it seems we will be able to win this game easily as well.

=Player Seong Jihan, you should have appealed this beforehand instead of hiding it!

=Hey, you know the races participating in BattleNet will backstab you. Cases like this where they fulfill their promise are rather rare, don’t you think?

=Indeed… That’s true!

While the commentators were having such a conversation with the tension released,

The opponent team’s card selection began.

[According to the promise, we will not select a ban card.]

[Not banning player Seong Jihan…]

[That’s right. This is clear evidence of the Dragon Oath.]

If they don’t ban Seong Jihan, they are bound to lose.

This was already common sense in the Space League that humans belonged to.

Seong Jihan was a monstrous player who could easily crush even Level 9 Constellations.

If he wasn’t banned, it was impossible to win the game.

So Altkaizen not selecting a ban card was no different from declaring that he would keep the Dragon Oath.

“Oh… There was a dragon race more genuine than the Dragon Lord.”

“Right. The Lord was really disgraceful.”

Contrasting with the Dragon Lord who recently caused trouble on Seong Jihan’s channel, there was a moment of praise for Altkaizen’s actions in the players’ waiting room.


[But there is one thing I’m curious about before the match starts.]

[Something you’re curious about?]

Then, with that momentary evaluation,


As letters appeared around the huge Red Dragon’s body,

[Tell me the coordinates of Earth.]

Altkaizen’s real intention was revealed.

* * *

=Oh, this is…

=Could it be the Dragon Oath?

=Using power in the coach’s room! This should be against the rules, right?

The commentators were shocked to see Altkaizen commanding Davis after the letters appeared.

The coach’s room was originally meant to prevent intervention in each other in order to ensure fair card selection.

That’s why even someone who is not an active player like Coach Davis could enter the coach’s room.

But Altkaizen completely violated this rule.


[Player ‘Altkaizen’ is expelled from the coach’s room.]

[In this game, the select and ban cards of the ‘Red-Haired Dragon Race’ are completely revoked.]


The huge dragon’s body was split apart and disappeared in an instant.

The dragon race’s chance to select cards was completely taken away.

This was definitely a fatal penalty in a Space League matchup.


[The coordinates of Earth are…]

Perhaps due to the remnants of the Dragon Oath,

Davis was opening his mouth with a dazed look.

-What the hell are these guys ??; Was this their purpose from the beginning?

-Wow, so petty. They can’t beat Seong Jihan so they’re trying to find out Earth’s location…

-They’re willing to give up this game to find out Earth’s location. Ah, can’t Davis stop talking?

-No, shouldn’t they release the Dragon Oath too, not just expel Altkaizen!!

-If this gets out, it’s a big deal… Seong Jihan, aren’t they aiming for your hand and invading from all over the universe?

People were nervous that Earth’s location would be revealed when Davis moved his mouth, but

[…I don’t know either.]

The answer that came out of Davis’ mouth was unexpected.


=You, you don’t know?

The commentators, who were shouting to stop Davis just a moment ago, spoke in a dumbfounded voice.

=Ah, come to think of it…

=Pla, planet coordinates, what is this? Would astronomers know?

=I don’t know. I think what Altkaizen asked about was probably the coordinates on BattleNet…

=That information hasn’t been disclosed yet, right?

The planet coordinates that Altkaizen risked a penalty to ask about.

But his attempt failed due to Davis’ ignorance.

-kekekeke What, I got scared.

-Saved by the coach’s ignorance lololol

-Hey, but it’s not like Davis is ignorant. How many people know the planet coordinates?

-Yeah, what are Earth’s coordinates lol Where does it show up?

-At this rate, planet coordinates will hit the top search keyword;

-It already did lol

While people were sighing in relief at Davis’ answer,

[Translator – Asura]

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“Wow… Nice one, Coach.”

“But where can you actually find out the planet coordinates?”

“Should I search the system window a bit?”

The players in the waiting room were also interested in the planet coordinates.


“Don’t look it up. Those guys might use the Dragon Oath again in-game.”

“Ah, yes. Understood!”

At Seong Jihan’s warning, everyone stopped trying to find out the planet coordinates.

“Also. If the Dragon Oath activates in-game,”


Seong Jihan looked around at the players present.

“Depending on the situation, I may have to kill you all. I apologize in advance.”

“Ye, yes…!”

“Feel free to kill us anytime!”

When the players of the human representative team readily agreed to Seong Jihan’s words,

[…Huh? What, what was it.]

In the coach’s room, Coach Davis regained his senses, freed from the Dragon Oath.

* * *

=Match 1 begins!

=Although there were many twists and turns in the coach’s room…

=Thanks to Coach Davis’ appropriate response, we got the map we wanted too!

=The map for Match 1 is Southgate.

This map was the most familiar to the human representative team, so it was the most favored as a select card.

[Receiving race bonus.]

[For each dragon individual, 5 players are summoned as equivalent.]

When a total of 100 players were summoned, a message popped up.

The players saw this and felt regretful.

“Last time it was 10 per individual…”

“Is it because the race evolved?”

“Then we have to face 20 dragons.”

“But still. The race bonus effect suddenly being cut in half…”

Humanity, which had risen from the lowest to the lower tier and received an unfavorable exchange rate.

People were feeling that evolution had a negative effect at times like this.

=We are on the attack!

=The dragons are flying in all at once without any intention of defending Southgate!

=The total number is 20! I can’t tell who is attacking and who is defending!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The huge dragons filling up the sky.

They all had red scales.

[Humans. You are ignorant, too ignorant.]

[Are you saying your ruler oppressed you so much that you don’t even know the location of where you live?]

[The tyrant’s oppression has reached its peak!]

The dragons were flying towards the human team’s formation, each raising their voices loudly.

Their words were all criticizing the human ruler for not even telling them the location of where they live, saying it was oppression.

“…Tyrant. Are they talking about Uncle?”

“Seems so.”

Seong Jihan laughed.

Saying not knowing the location of where you live is the tyranny of a dictator.

“Wow, if Uncle really was a ruler, it wouldn’t even be unjust… Why are they saying such things? They keep spamming nonsense in the chat too.”

“Well, BattleTube gives them 100 million GP each, so they’re happy to listen to bullshit.”

“Right, they don’t even pay money for this.”

“Yeah. So there’s no need to listen.”


Eclipse bloomed on Seong Jihan’s left arm.

Step. Step.

He moved his feet and stood at the vanguard of the human representative team.

“They might use the Dragon Oath again, so I’ll end the match quickly.”



As the tip of Seong Jihan’s sword pointed towards the sky,

[Humans. The planet coordinates are in the system window…]

The dragons were kindly explaining how to check the planet coordinates.

If they found out the coordinates like that, they would try to dig it out again with the Dragon Oath.

‘A different type of annoyance from the World Tree Elves.’

He needed to deal with it quickly.

The void fiercely bloomed from Eclipse.

Fundamental Divine Arts,

Heavenly Dragon Thunder Fire

One Sword Breaks the Sky

The sword slashed the sky once.

Then, for a moment, the sky turned purple.

[Absolute Barrier!]

The group of dragons hurriedly used the highest-grade defensive magic, but,


Before the barrier could even be erected, their bodies were melting into the void.

The 20 dragons that seemed to dominate the sky on the outside,

They all disappeared without leaving a single bone fragment, unable to withstand even a single slash.

=As expected of player Seong Jihan…! He defeated the Dragon Lord too, so this much is easy for him!

=But to think they would disappear with a single slash… This player gets overwhelmingly stronger every time I see him!

=It’s really fortunate that player Seong Jihan is human! It’s truly terrifying to think of a player like this appearing in another race!

=Everyone in the Space League except us is probably thinking that right now!

Around the time the commentators raised their voices at the result brought by Seong Jihan’s single slash,

[Match 1 has ended.]

[The human side is victorious.]

[‘Seong Jihan’ is selected as the MVP of Match 1.]

Match 1 ended in an instant.

* * *

-Since Seong Jihan’s ban is lifted, it’s really over in a flash.

-My chicken hasn’t arrived yet……

-Ordering delivery during a Space League match, how ill-mannered lol. You should have picked it up in advance.

-But really, it seems like the series will end in less than 30 minutes.

-30 minutes? They’re not even doing ban/select so it’ll probably end in a 10-minute cut.

In the Space League match against the Red-Haired Dragon Clan, one of the top rankers,

The viewers were expecting this game to be a big match of sorts.

However, when the lid was opened, the result was completely different from expectations.

With Seong Jihan not getting banned,

And the moment the dragons tried to manipulate humans with the Dragon Oath,

The game was ending in the blink of an eye.

In the next Match 2 that began as well,


The dragons tried to somehow get the coordinates from the humans, but

“You guys, just don’t open your mouths.”

Seong Jihan swept away the group of dragons with a single stroke.

Furthermore, by the time it became Match 3,

“I’ll go first before they come.”


Before the dragons could even fly over, Seong Jihan flew to strike them down.

=The Space League match against the dragon race…

=Ends in an instant up to Match 3!

=Player Seong Jihan. He showed no mercy against the dragons!

=They tried to find out Earth’s coordinates, so of course he had to!

Showing how much of a monster Seong Jihan was with his ban lifted, the Space League game ended in a flash.

Humanity easily crushed the Red-Haired Dragon Clan 3:0 and rose to 1st place in the league.


“The dragons were really… persistently going on about coordinates. Seemed like they would invade right away if they found out.”

“Yeah, they were tenacious.”

When Seong Jihan and Yoon Seah, who had logged out of the game, were conversing,



The Shadow Queen appeared from the floor of the living room.

“I also received a message from the dragon race.”

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