The Extreme Alchemist of the Mighty Cauldron - C.212 - : Meeting Gift


Chapter 212: Chapter 212: Meeting Gift

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The bamboo pole elder glared at the dissenters and bellowed, “What are you meddling for? Mind your own business! Cool your heels somewhere else! Keep your babbling to yourselves or I’ll give you a sound slap!”

Faced with the raw ferocity of the bamboo pole elder, the dissenters were instantly silenced, each lowering their heads, pretending ignorance.

Even Elder Jin, who had been leading the opposition, turned beetroot red. Faced with the elder’s roar, he was taken aback.

“Mr. Jin, do you have any issues? Would you like to discuss this separately?” The bamboo pole elder stared at Elder Jin, a teasing smirk on his face. 𝘧𝓻ℯ𝑒𝑤𝓮𝒷𝓷𝘰𝑣ℯ𝑙.𝓬𝓸𝓂

Elder Jin felt a cold shiver down his spine and tried to summon a forced smile, “What are you suggesting, Elder Qian? How could I have any objections?”

The crowd sneered at Elder Jin, the loudest critic now docile after just one bark from Elder Qian, quickly changing his face.

Elder Qian hummed smugly, his gaze turned towards Fang Lin, growing more satisfied by the moment. A prodigious disciple does bring honor to a teacher.

” Sect Master, isn’t my proposal a good one?” Elder Qian asked Han Luoyun again.

Caught between laughter and tears, it seemed as if Elder Qian was hellbent on taking Fang Lin as his disciple. Han Luoyun was more than willing to accept Fang Lin, just that becoming a disciple of two mentors, this was unprecedented in the history of Purple Mist Sect.

“Father, since Fang Lin demonstrates exceptional talent in both martial arts and alchemy, naturally, he should grasp both opportunities. Elder Qian can guide Fang Lin in alchemy, while you can instruct him in martial arts; both aspects would be adequately covered,” suggested Han Yinyue from the side.

Even though Fang Lin’s ideas were somewhat different from Han Yinyue’s, having two mentors seemed to be exceptionally beneficial. Naturally, Han Yinyue wanted to facilitate this for Fang Lin.

After some considerations, Han Luoyun found no flaws in this approach, rather several merits.

Thus, Han Luoyun smiled and responded, “In that case, I agree. From now on, you are the shared disciple of Elder Qian and me.”

Hearing this, Elder Qian also laughed, looking very pleased with the outcome.

Without delay, Fang Lin bowed towards Han Luoyun and Elder Qian, showing his respect as a disciple.

The assembled crowd watched this drama unfold in a daze, unable to believe that something so implausible had actually happened.

Many people looked at Fang Lin with shock, startled by this newcomer’s rise. Not only had he become a true disciple of the Purple Mist Sect but now also had Elder Qian and Sect Master Han Luoyun as his mentors. This was tantamount to having two massive pillars of support. As long as these two people stood tall, Fang Lin’s position in the Purple Mist Sect would be akin to a crown prince.

Setting aside Sect Master Han Luoyun, just Elder Qian alone was a venerable elder in the Purple Mist Sect and had commanded the Pill Sect for decades, wielding unmatched authority there. At his call, a large number of the Pill Sect elders would rally behind him.

Even Gu Daofeng, the current head of the sect, had to pay his respects and bow to Elder Qian, addressing him as his elder.

Frankly speaking, even if Elder Qian slapped Gu Daofeng across the face, Gu Daofeng would still keep a smile on his face and not dare utter a word in protest.

Apart from Sect Master Han Luoyun, in the whole of the Purple Mist Sect, only a few other esteemed elders could match Elder Qian’s status.

Elder Jin gripped his cane tighter, locked onto Fang Lin with a gaze laden with rage, hatred and helplessness.

As the master of Gu Daofeng, the immediate past leader of the Pill Sect, and the mountain standing behind Gu Daofeng, Elder Jin despised Fang Lin and wished to eliminate him.

But, as situational dynamics had evolved subtly in favor of Fang Lin, getting rid of Rath Lin had become nearly impossible.

If he dared to act, there was no way his actions would escape the sharp eyes of Han Luoyun and Elder Qian. Once they started questioning him, even he would be up the creek without a paddle.

Gold Elder was frustrated. If he had known earlier that Gu Daofeng was such a waste, he would have taken matters into his own hands sooner. With his strength, crushing Fang Lin, who has not yet risen, would have been a piece of cake.

But now it was all too late. Fang Lin was already a force to be reckoned with and had found two huge supports. He had reached the sky in a single bound – he was invaluable. Elder Jin decided that he would only watch from this point on, absolutely not daring to make a move against Fang Lin.

He even warned the Gu family not to provoke Fang Lin in a fit of rashness, or he would abandon them without hesitation.

Gu Daofeng, who was in seclusion, received the message and warning from Elder Jin. Especially after knowing that Fang Lin has taken Sect Master Han Luoyun and Elder Qian as his mentors, he spit out a mouthful of blood and fainted on the spot.

“Good disciple, come here, I have a meeting gift for you.” Elder Qian looked at Fang Lin, patted his shoulder, and took something out of his nine palace bag.

Fang Lin’s eyes widened at the sight, fixated on what was in Elder Qian’s hand, his pupils not moving in the slightest.

“Look at your stupefied expression. It’s just an ancient medicinal herb, isn’t it?” Elder Qian snorted and then unabashedly shoved the ancient medicinal herb into Fang Lin’s hand.

“Old Qian, you’re really generous. This is a Kylin grass, just one of which has taken you half a lifetime to find. Are you sure you want to give it away so casually?” The fat Elder Hu teased.

The bald elder also coldly opened his mouth, “Elder Hu, Elder Qian is as rich as Croesus. On ordinary days, he may be miserly, but when it comes to ancient medicinal herbs and treasures, he is full of it.”

Elder Qian snorted twice, his nostrils flared as he dismissed, “It’s just one kylin grass. What’s the big fuss? Besides, it’s for my beloved disciple, not for outsiders.”

Looking at the Kylin grass in his hand, Fang Lin was inwardly astonished – what a remarkable ancient medicinal herb, the medicinal property was so strong, clearly stored carefully over the years. Also, according to his estimations, this Kylin grass was at least nine hundred years old.

“It’s a pity, it’s just a hundred years short of potentially yielding a Kylin fruit,” Fang Lin thought to himself, feeling slightly unsatisfied.

But in all honesty, Fang Lin was indeed excited about the Kylin grass. With such an ancient medicinal herb, he could do more.

“Thank you, Master!” Fang Lin quickly expressed his gratitude to Elder Qian.

Elder Qian nodded, then turned his gaze to Han Luoyun, a sly smile on his face, “Sect Master, a master shouldn’t be too stingy, right?”

With a helpless expression, Han Luoyun responded to Elder Qian’s gibe, “In such a situation, I have no other choice.”

“Hmm, Fang Lin, Elder Qian is generous, I can’t compare with him. I have a small trinket for you.” As he finished speaking, Han Luoyun casually threw an object to Fang Lin.

Upon noticing what Han Luoyun had tossed, Han Yinyue’s expression changed abruptly, revealing a shocked look.