The Extreme Alchemist of the Mighty Cauldron - C.207 - : A Jade Box


Chapter 207: Chapter 207: A Jade Box

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The blue flame and the dark purple flame fought like two long-time rivals, the intensity of their battle causing an immediate increase in the temperature around the Pill Array, making it hotter than a scorching summer day. 𝔣𝖗𝔢𝔢𝔴𝖊𝖇𝖓𝔬𝔳𝖊𝔩.𝔠𝔬𝖒

The four elders closest to the action felt the heat most intensely, and despite their high cultivation levels, they could feel waves of burning heat. This demonstrated just how terrifying these two flames were.

Yet, Fang Lin, standing in the midst of it all, was undeterred, remaining as steadfast as a boulder ignited by a wild fire.

The elders were both astonished and confused, as it was evident that the blue and dark purple flames were heatedly combating each other, yet Fang Lin was entirely unscathed.

“Let’s not intervene just yet, he might indeed succeed!” The elders exchanged glances and nodded in agreement, their racing hearts finally slowing.

As time passed, the number of onlookers surrounding the Pill Array didn’t dwindle but instead increased. Even many members of the Martial Sect rushed over, crowding around the Pill Array so tightly that people of shorter stature couldn’t see the happenings within and had to resort to climbing trees around the Pill Array.

In no time, many Martial Sect disciples and even some Martial Sect Elders, without any care for their image, stood on the tall trees surrounding the Pill Array, looking very much like monkeys.

Qing Jianzi had arrived early and was the first to climb a tree, prompting others to follow suit.

Suddenly, two roaring fire dragons shot straight into the sky, causing an uproar among the crowd.

“What a horrifying flame! I feel like I would be completely incinerated if I touched it even slightly!”

“The Soul Commanding Pill Fire, it indeed lives up to its reputation!”

“If Fang Lin truly has control over these two types of Soul Commanding Pill Fires, his rise to prominence is certain.”

People were marveling ceaselessly, their sentiments varied, from envy to pure admiration and amazement.

As the two fire dragons fought, Fang Lin opened his eyes, a golden gleam flashing within them.

“Get down here!” Fang Lin roared, releasing a massive surge of energy, causing the blue and purple fire dragons, seemingly restrained by a force, to quickly descend towards him.

With a thunderous boom!

The two fire dragons plunged into Fang Lin’s eyes, causing his eyes to shine bright as stars, and radiate a dazzling glow.

A blue pupil in his left eye, a purple pupil in his right!

Moreover, a brilliant flame mark, alternating between blue and purple, appeared on Fang Lin’s forehead, undergoing constant transformation.

The four elders were astonished, feeling a potent surge of energy within Fang Lin’s body; a force so strong it posed a threat even to their unparalleled abilities.

If this surge of energy were to burst forth from Fang Lin’s body, the entire Pill Array would likely be annihilated in an instant, and it was uncertain how many of the present individuals would survive.

The elders were starting to worry. If Fang Lin were to lose control of the two flames, destruction would inevitably follow from the powerful eruption of the flames.

But the very next moment, the four elders were rendered astounded, and the expressions of everyone present froze, resembling that of statues.

Fang Lin extended his hands, and two different colored flames materialized in his palms.

It seemed that Fang Lin, like a curious child, was interestingly manipulating the two flames, letting them float in the air or manipulating them into various forms.

“How is that even possible?”

“He made it! He truly made it!”

“Good Lord! Two types of Soul Commanding Pill Fires confined within one body!”

The surroundings instantly filled with astonished cries accompanied by gasps and disbelieving stares.

Fang Lin successfully refined the second flame and overcame the repulsion between the two, allowing them to peacefully coexist within his body.

The Elderly members of the Pill Sect experienced mixed feelings. They were delighted to see a prodigy like Fang Lin emerge from their sect, yet they were also concerned about the stance of the Gu Family.

“Good!” The four Protecting Elders praised in unison, their eyes filled with admiration.

Fang Lin retracted the two flames into his body, turned towards the Elders, and bowed in salute.

“I am eternally grateful for the protection provided by the respected elders. I owe you my deepest respect,” said Fang Lin sincerely.

The four elders chuckled, and one elder said, “No need to thank us, it was the Sect Master who asked us to come. On the contrary, you showed us an enlightening sight. It seems that after the Four Saints, the Purple Mist Sect is expecting the emergence of another prodigy.”

Fang Lin smiled shyly, “I am flattered. I pale in comparison to the Four Saints.”

As the elders were about to continue speaking, they simultaneously looked up, their expressions lively.

Fang Lin followed suit and looked up, only to see that something else was flying out of the four rays of light.

“Are you kidding me? It’s still not over?”

“Is this an inheritance or a treasury?”

“Fang Lin is going to be rich!”

Even Fang Lin didn’t expect this inheritance from the Four Saints to be so generous, with more items flying out.

Fang Lin’s face revealed a bashful expression; he was beginning to feel a bit embarrassed. However, since he was presented with these gifts, he graciously accepted them.

To everyone’s surprise, the fourth item that flew towards him was a jade box.

The jade box slowly descended, landing perfectly in Fang Lin’s reached-out hand.

Fang Lin frowned slightly, about to open the jade box, but despite making several attempts, he was unable to open it.

Fang Lin was curious. This jade box was obviously part of the inheritance left by the Four Saints, but why couldn’t it be opened?

Suddenly, all sounds ceased around Fang Lin.

Immediately on guard, Fang Lin looked around and found himself engulfed in darkness, with no sign of anyone else.

“What is happening?” Fang Lin asked, his gaze serious. He was clearly still in the Pill Array, so why did his surroundings suddenly change?

Murky figures of the Four Saints appeared before Fang Lin. Their figures were shrouded in darkness and unclear, only their silhouettes were vaguely visible.

“Young friend, you have received the inheritance. Remember your original intention, walk the Alchemy Tao, create infinite possibilities; bear this in mind!” A faint voice echoed in Fang Lin’s ear.

The next moment, the darkness subsided, and Fang Lin found himself once again upon the Pill Array, still surrounded by people marveling at his exceptional luck.

Fang Lin blinked his eyes and looked up at the statues of the Four Saints.

The light beams from the statues of the Four Saints gradually disappeared. It was clear that the jade box was the final item. The inheritance had come to an end.

Dugu Nian was the first to rush over, her face radiant with excitement, mumbling incessantly as if she was the one who had just received the inheritance.

“Fang Lin, the Sect Master wants to see you. Hurry to the Great Hall without delay!” Suddenly, a Pill Sect elder stepped forward and said to Fang Lin.