The Apple of the Ruthless CEO’s Eye: My Sweet Wife Is so Adorable - C.669 - : Can’t Go Back


Chapter 669: Can’t Go Back

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Chi Xia’s face darkened instantly. She took a few steps back to distance herself from Gu Cheng. ” Why are you still here? ”

“Xiaxia, I saw Su Chen take you away and was worried. Did you tell him? You guys broke up, didn’t you?” Gu Cheng asked with concern.

Chi Xia’s face turned cold. ” Gu Cheng, please don’t think too highly of yourself. No matter what happens to Su Chen and I, it has nothing to do with you. The two of us are already in the past. Please get this straight! ”

” Xiaxia, that’s not true. Su Chen must have forced me. You still love me. Mirou and I have canceled our engagement. Can you come back to me? ” Gu Cheng’s eyes were filled with pleading.

Chi Xia looked at the once gentle young man who was now trying to reconcile with her without caring about his image. However, her heart no longer had any feelings for him.

If it was before, she might have wavered. But now, her heart was filled with the man who was cold to her.

Sometimes, human emotions were really wonderful.

Chi Xia looked at Gu Cheng and said word by word without any hesitation, ” Gu Cheng, there’s no misunderstanding between us. What has happened is what has happened. It can’t be changed. Even if Mirou and Su Chen weren’t here, I wouldn’t have reconciled with you. I’ve already let go of our relationship. If you still want me to keep the good things that happened in the past, don’t pester me anymore. ”

Gu Cheng looked at Chi Xia with a hurt expression and sighed. She seemed to be talking to herself, but at the same time, she seemed to be asking, ” Is it really impossible to go back? ”

Chi Xia did not reply and turned to leave.

She couldn’t go back. When she found out about Mirou, she couldn’t go back anymore.

When she agreed to be with Su Chen, she and Gu Cheng had completely come to an end.

Chi Xia hailed a taxi by the roadside and saw a car stop. Mirou jumped out of the car and ran towards Gu Cheng.

Only Mi Rou’s character was not good. Perhaps she was sincere to Gu Cheng.

But what about her? Who was sincere to her?

The next day, Qiao Mu woke up lazily. She had been punished the moment she returned home last night. A certain man took the opportunity to punish her in various ways, and she could not take it anymore, so she forgot to mention the important things.

After breakfast, Qiao Mu eagerly poured a cup of tea for Li Yan. Li Yan glanced at her and asked bluntly, “”If you have something to say, say it.”

This little woman looked like a lackey. It was obvious that she had a favor to ask of him.

Qiao Mu coughed lightly and sat beside Li Yan. Her expression turned serious. ” Uncle, look. The clothes I designed have been on the market for a few days, and the results are pretty good. When the time comes, we’ll get a share at the end of the month. Perhaps we can get quite a bit. ”

“So?” Li Yan raised his eyebrows. ” Are you going to treat me to a meal or pay for my night? ”

Qiao Mu was speechless.

“I just thought that my money is temporarily in someone else’s account. It’ll be mine sooner or later. However, I’m in a hurry for money now, so I wanted to ask you for an advance.”

Even though Qiao Mu usually ate and drank from Li Yan, when she really needed a lot of money, she started to lose her confidence when she asked him for it. After all, she had said that she wanted to be independent and not rely on him.

Upon hearing this, Li Yan’s expression was indifferent. ” How much? ”

“Eighty thousand.” After saying that, she saw that the man’s expression was normal.

“For what?”

“.. Pay your debts.”

“You borrowed my money to pay off other people’s debts. So, are you a loan shark?”

Qiao Mu’s lips twitched. ” Uncle, I’m serious! Give me the money in advance and I’ll return it to you when I get it. “