The Apple of the Ruthless CEO’s Eye: My Sweet Wife Is so Adorable - C.665 - : Boyfriend Appears (4)


Chapter 665: Boyfriend Appears (4)

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The moment the bald man turned around and saw Li Yan, his eyeballs almost fell out. He was not tall to begin with, and his bent back and humble attitude made him look extremely insignificant in front of Li Yan.

This action was truly shocking.

Xu Xiyan couldn’t stand it and tugged at her bald head. ” What are you doing? ”

The bald man shook Xu Xiyan off. ” Stop fooling around! Can’t you see that I’m greeting you? ” he said angrily.

Li Yan looked at the bald man who was bowing to greet him. He curled his lips coldly and looked at Su Chen. ” This is? ”

Su Chen had been staring at Chi Xia and Gu Cheng since he entered the room.

The coldness in his eyes could not be concealed. When he heard Li Yan’s question, he glanced at the bald man and replied indifferently, “”I don’t know him.”

Xu Xiyan’s face darkened when she heard the question and the answer. However, the bald man still introduced himself with a smile. From his reaction, it could be seen that the two people in front of him were not ordinary people!

However, it just had to be Qiao Mu’s boyfriend!

Ever since she was in school, Qiao Mu had been more outstanding than her in every aspect. Even the boy she liked liked liked Qiao Mu. She liked Qiao Mu very much, but Qiao Mu did not take it seriously at all!

Xu Xiyan’s eyes flashed with a hint of calculation and she smiled. ” Mu Mu, so this handsome man is your boyfriend. I thought you and Yang Hao would be able to meet again and reunite! ”

Continue our relationship? This word was full of hints.

Qiao Mu’s expression darkened. There was clearly nothing between her and Yang Hao, but Xu Xiyan’s words made it seem like there was something between them.

Yang Hao stared at Qiao Mu, his emotions extremely complicated. When he found out that the clothes designed by Qiao Mu were on the market, he felt that the girl in front of him was filled with positive energy, just like when she was in school. Perhaps Qiao Mu was not vain, and he had misunderstood her?

Li Yan glanced at Xu Xiyan with a calm expression. This glance made Xu Xiyan’s body stiffen and she felt a chill run down her spine.

Then, Li Yan’s cold voice slowly sounded, “”CEO Wang, someone just said that my fiancée needs your help when she encounters a problem?”

Xu Xiyan’s face turned even uglier when he called her fiancée.

She nodded and quickly apologized with a smile. ” President Li, my wife was just joking. Please don’t take it to heart. I’ll go back and control her mouth! ”

” Indeed, you should. With such a woman by your side, your company will bring bad luck sooner or later. ” These words were a warning.

Xu Xiyan’s face turned pale. ” How can you say that! ”

The bald man looked embarrassed. ” Thank you for your reminder, President Li. I’ll go back and teach this insensible woman a lesson now! ”

“Hubby, why are you helping an outsider…”

“Hurry up and leave with me!” The bald man roared and dragged Xu Xiyan away.

The room was finally quiet. Li Yan strode toward Qiao Mu and held her hand. ” Let’s go. Why are you still wasting time at such a class reunion? ”

Qiao Mu was unable to retort. She also felt that it was a waste of time.

She followed Li Yan out and suddenly stopped in her tracks. She turned around to look at Chi Xia, then at Su Chen. After some thought, she decided to forget about it. It was none of their business.

At this moment, Yang Hao shouted, “Qiao Mu, what I said back then still stands! ”

Qiao Mu was stunned and did not understand what he meant for a moment.

Li Yan’s cold eyes swept over. ” What words? ”

” I said, I’ll wait for Qiao Mu for five years. If Qiao Mu is still single after five years, I’ll…”

Qiao Mu felt a headache coming on and hurriedly interrupted him. ” Yang Hao, my boyfriend is here. ”

Her uncle’s expression was really scary!

Her life would be in danger if someone of the opposite sex said such things to her in front of her!