Suppressing the Protagonist in the Start to Seize the Heroine - C.110


Chapter 110: Are Today’s Young People All This Bold?

After lunch, Su Lin drove to the Cangbaozhai~!!

Cangbaozhai was located in the Nangate High-Tech Development Zone of Donghai, but its architecture was strikingly different from that of the development zone.

While the development zone was filled with high-rise office buildings and residential apartments, the Cangbaozhai was a classic, antique-style mansion typical of the Jiangnan region.

The building was a classic Qing Dynasty attic-style structure with five floors.

“I’ve heard that the owner of Cangbaozhai is quite formidable, with branches all over the country, even in the Imperial Capital and Xiangjiang.”

“Oh? Is the owner of Cangbaozhai from Donghai or the Imperial Capital?” Su Lin curiously asked.

In the world of novels, such mysterious and powerful places usually have some connection with the protagonist. Su Lin’s brain worked rapidly, such an impressive background couldn’t be simple.

“He’s from Donghai, but he should be in the Imperial Capital now. His surname is Qin, but I don’t know his first name. My dad should know,” Zhao Yanyan replied.

“Oh? That’s mysterious, quite interesting.”

“They have a rule here for authenticating items.”

“What’s the rule?”

“If an item is appraised as a fake, they will destroy it on the spot. However, they compensate for it at the purchase price. For example, if you bought the Yuan Qinghua for three thousand, and they identify it as fake, they’ll smash it and then reimburse you the three thousand,” Zhao Yanyan explained.

“Oh? I’m familiar with this tactic. Hasn’t anyone tried to scam them? Like buying a fake at a high price deliberately and then getting it appraised to trick them out of their money?”

“Hehe, there certainly were such people in the early days, but they’ve all disappeared. Su Lin, you know what I mean,” Zhao Yanyan said with a smile.

Su Lin nodded. With such a background, if someone scammed them, it would be embarrassing, so there would definitely be repercussions.

“Yanyan, you know quite a lot. I didn’t expect Donghai to have such a formidable place,” Lin Xiaowan said, though her expression didn’t change much.

Su Lin knew Lin Xiaowan’s background was connected with the Imperial Capital; her grandparents and an incumbent official were from there. Otherwise, Lin Guoqiang wouldn’t have become the mayor at such a young age.

“Hehe, these are well-known facts in Donghai. I mentioned it just to prepare you in case it gets smashed,” Zhao Yanyan said, looking at Su Lin.

Su Lin chuckled, “Don’t worry, it won’t get smashed.”

“Yanyan, you didn’t see Lin Tian today, did you?”

Zhao Yanyan shook her head, “I’m not sure, but he said he won’t bother me anymore. He seemed serious, I hope he wasn’t lying.”

“Hehe~! Alright, let’s go inside.”


The three of them walked into the Cangbaozhai.

Meanwhile, outside the Four Seasons Hotel in Donghai, Lin Tian was staring at a man and a middle-aged man in his forties.

After the and the middle-aged man parted ways, Lin Tian seized the opportunity and approached, “Boss Luo!”

Luo Sihai frowned at Lin Tian, “Young man, you’re calling me?”

Lin Tian nodded, “I came to discuss a business deal with you.”

Hearing this, Luo Sihai instantly brightened up. A young man, not even twenty, wanting to talk business with him, and with such confidence. Are today’s young people all this bold?

But because of Lin Tian’s na?ve boldness, Luo Sihai found himself not disliking Lin Tian, smiling, he said, “Young man, you want to do business with me?”

Lin Tian nodded, “Exactly.”

“What’s your bargaining chip, and what do you want?” Luo Sihai asked, squinting his eyes.

“I want one million in cash, and I need help finding two people. My bargaining chip is that I can save your Sihai Corporation,” Lin Tian said confidently.

“Save my Sihai Corporation? My corporation is doing fine, why would it need saving?” Luo Sihai said, seemingly unconcerned.

“Hehe, as far as I know, Boss Luo, you bought a piece of land in the Beihai District.”

“Hmm?” Luo Sihai turned back to look at Lin Tian. “How did you know that?”

Lin Tian smiled faintly, “Don’t ask how I know. What I can tell you is that the land is a trap; there’s an underground river beneath it.”

“Hisss~!!” Luo Sihai gasped in shock. “Is this true?”

“My name is Lin Tian, and I’m from Donghai. I believe if I were to deceive you, the consequences wouldn’t be good, right, Boss Luo?”

Luo Sihai began to see Lin Tian in a new light. A young man in his twenties daring to approach him alone was a feat requiring courage, and his calm and composed manner was impressive.

“Lin Tian, would you be interested in working for me?”

Lin Tian shook his head, “Boss Luo, don’t you want to know who set up this trap? It’s not just one company that could drag you into this. There are big players involved, and others.”

“You dare to say?”

“Once the money is in place and my task is done, I’ll tell you right away,” Lin Tian said coolly.

“Okay~! One million, right? I’ll give you two million. Tell me the names of the two people you want to look into, and I’ll have an answer for you tonight,” Luo Sihai said, regaining his composure.

Although he had invested a lot in that Beihai plot, getting caught in the trap, he didn’t mind. He just wanted to know who was behind it and why they set up such a large scheme.

As for trusting Lin Tian, he didn’t have many doubts, because Lin Tian was right about one thing – as long as he was in Donghai, he couldn’t escape his sight. Especially since he was here for money.

Watching Lin Tian’s indifferent demeanor, Luo Sihai felt a bit regretful. This was a truly exceptional person. If he worked for him, Luo Sihai was confident his business would reach new heights. He never doubted his judgment of people.

“Alright~! The two people I want to look into are Su Zhenguo, the boss of Su’s Construction Group, and his son, Su Lin.”

“Hmm~!” Luo Sihai’s eyes widened as he looked at Lin Tian, trying to read something from his expression, but in the end, he saw nothing. Is this really a twenty-year-old kid?

Luo Sihai felt Lin Tian was quite extraordinary. His own son was in his twenties too, but compared to Lin Tian, he seemed like an infant.

“Su Zhenguo, Su Lin? Do you have a grudge against them?”

“That’s not something you need to worry about, Boss Luo,” Lin Tian said lightly.

He was more interested in having Luo Sihai help investigate his father’s death, but he knew he hadn’t shown enough value yet. So, he needed to take it step by step, first impress Luo Sihai, then reveal his worth.

Bringing up the Beihai Development Zone matter was crucial. How could a twenty-year-old have such information? There must be someone behind him. This would surely lead Luo Sihai to investigate Lin Tian, and in the process, find out about his father’s death.

By then, even if Luo Sihai realized he was being used, he wouldn’t say anything, as by that time, Lin Tian would have become a much sought-after figure.

“Okay, Su Zhenguo, Su Lin, right? Honestly, I’m quite curious about this Su Zhenguo myself. Go back and wait for my message, I’ll definitely have an answer for you by tomorrow evening.”

“Then I thank you in advance, Boss Luo. And I suppose you’ll know my identity when you go back, so remember to bring the money.”

“Smart kid, rest assured, as soon as I verify your information, the money will be delivered immediately.”

“Hehe, then you better hurry up and confirm it. I won’t keep you from making your fortune any longer.”

Watching the direction Lin Tian left in, Luo Sihai took out his phone and made a call, instructing someone to follow Lin Tian and investigate his identity.

He squinted his eyes, “If it’s true, who could be behind such a huge scheme? Spending billions on land just to trap my capital, what do they want to achieve?”

“And where did this Lin Tian come from? Interesting, it seems Donghai is about to get lively.”