Suppressing the Protagonist in the Start to Seize the Heroine - C.109: Don’t Think That My Pampering Allows You to Do as You Please

Suppressing the Protagonist in the Start to Seize the Heroine

C.109: Don’t Think That My Pampering Allows You to Do as You Please

Zhao Yanyan met Su Lin’s gaze and subconsciously looked to the side, her eyes dodging and flickering. Su Lin, as someone who had been through similar experiences, understood this kind of look all too well.

However, worried that he might be falling for one of life’s three major delusions, Su Lin cast a probing spell on Zhao Yanyan.

[Zhao Yanyan: 18 years old, 175cm, 52kg, current fondness level (66 and rising).].

Secretly harboring feelings? How thrilling!

To say Su Lin, as an Isp, had no interest in Zhao Yanyan’s legs would definitely be a lie. He had been prepared ever since he realized he was the villain.

Encountering various types of beauties – the tsundere heiresses, little witches, cute big-breasted girls, and so on.

Therefore, Su Lin was very particular about his choice in women, adhering to the principle of quality over quantity. He definitely wouldn’t want someone with character flaws.

And Zhao Yanyan was someone Su Lin genuinely liked – her enthusiastic and generous personality, her stunning figure, and most importantly, those long legs that even international leg models couldn’t match were what Su Lin liked the most.

“Yanyan, you sit first, I need to wash up too. I didn’t expect you to come over so early today,” Su Lin cheerfully said.

Zhao Yanyan wanted to say it wasn’t early anymore, it was already past nine, almost ten.

But since Su Lin was the boss, she walked over to a chair and sat down, a bit embarrassed, “Su Lin, I didn’t expect Xiaowan to be with you, so I rented a single apartment.

“If you had told me earlier, I definitely wouldn’t have rented such a small one. Now it feels a bit cramped for three people. Should I go down to the front desk and ask for a bigger room?”

Su Lin shook his head: “No need, I’ve already had someone look at houses near Donghai University. As soon as we find a suitable one, we will buy it immediately. Plus, this place is quite nice. Xiaowan and I don’t feel cramped living here.”

Zhao Yanyan pouted. When Lin Xiaowan said these words, she would still feel shy, but Su Lin was different, looking completely unbothered.

However, thinking of their couple relationship, she felt she was overthinking and worrying unnecessarily.

“Alright, if you’re comfortable here, that’s good.”


As they were talking, Lin Xiaowan came out of the bathroom, still wrapped in a bath towel, looking incredibly delicate and beautiful.

Especially her skin tone, fair with a hint of blush, made her look like a polished red apple, tempting enough to take a bite.

“Su Lin, I’m done. Your turn,” she said.

Su Lin nodded and then entered the bathroom.

It wasn’t until Su Lin was completely out of sight that Zhao Yanyan noticed a casually placed Blue and white porcelain tall-necked vase on the table.

She picked up the vase and looked around, a bit puzzled, “Xiaowan, didn’t you buy several vases yesterday? Why do I only see this one? Where are the others?”

Lin Xiaowan came over and took the tall-necked vase, “Yanyan, don’t mess with it. This vase is a real antique.”

“A real antique? Blue and white porcelain? How is that possible!” Zhao Yanyan expressed her disbelief.

“Hehe, I couldn’t believe it either, but Su Lin said all the others are fakes, and this one is real.”

Zhao Yanyan was skeptical, “Xiaowan, Blue and white porcelain isn’t something you can just claim as genuine.”

“What proof does Su Lin have? Besides, this was bought from a street stall. You know how those street vendors source their goods, right? These kinds of antiques are usually weighed and priced accordingly.”

Hearing Zhao Yanyan’s words, Lin Xiaowan also started to doubt. Yesterday, Su Lin had said he would teach her how to differentiate, but then he got wrapped up in the blanket and they both slept until morning, so she didn’t hear anything about it from Su Lin.

“I… I don’t know, but if Su Lin says it’s real, then it must be,” Lin Xiaowan asserted firmly.

Although Su Lin was mostly frivolous, Lin Xiaowan knew that when he was serious, whatever he said or did was reliable, and she believed this unconditionally.

“Uh… why do I feel like whatever he says, you just believe? He says it’s real and you just accept it?”

Lin Xiaowan nodded earnestly, “Su Lin wouldn’t joke about this kind of thing. So, unless he’s mistaken, this must be genuine.”

“Alright then.” Observing Lin Xiaowan’s deep trust, Zhao Yanyan sighed at Su Lin’s charm. Being handsome only gives a good first impression, but attractiveness is deadly.

Even a strong woman like Lin Xiaowan blindly trusts Su Lin, making Zhao Yanyan feel that her own feelings for Su Lin weren’t so hard to accept. After all, she was attracted to him, but she wouldn’t compete with her friend for a boyfriend.

The topic ended, and Su Lin came out of the bathroom, “We haven’t had breakfast yet. Xiaowan, shall we go for breakfast?”

Lin Xiaowan rolled her eyes at Su Lin, “What breakfast? Just now I…”

“Just now what?”

Lin Xiaowan hmphed twice but didn’t continue…

Just now she woke up early and dragged Su Lin out for breakfast, not expecting him to be so energetic early in the morning, and then they ended up sleeping in again.

“Hmph, it’s all your own doing. Now it’s too late to be hungry.”

“By the way, Su Lin, you said this Blue and white porcelain is real, but I’m still a bit worried. Why don’t we go get it appraised?”

Su Lin then noticed Zhao Yanyan carefully examining the vase.

“Heh~! Xiaowan, do you not trust my appraisal skills?”

Lin Xiaowan shook her head, “I trust your skills, but it’s not enough if only I believe it.”

Su Lin caught a glimpse of understanding in Zhao Yanyan’s eyes. She must be suspecting it’s a fake.

Having had limited interaction with him, Zhao Yanyan would naturally be more objective in her assessment.

He thought for a moment and said, “Alright, we don’t have much else to do in Donghai anyway, so let’s visit Cangbaozhai this afternoon for an appraisal. Although an expert’s certificate isn’t very useful, it helps avoid many unnecessary issues.”


Zhao Yanyan, seeing Su Lin’s relaxed and easy-going manner, asked curiously, “Su Lin, can you tell us why you’re sure it’s genuine? What’s your basis?” 𝗳r𝐞𝐞w𝐞bn𝚘ve𝚕.co𝐦

Su Lin raised an eyebrow, “Yanyan, I can tell you, but are you sure you’ll understand?”

“Uh… I probably… won’t understand, but I can still listen, right?” Zhao Yanyan chuckled nervously.

Su Lin shrugged, “They at Cangbaozhai will explain to you how to identify it. They’re the professionals.”

“Okay then.” Zhao Yanyan was somewhat disappointed not to get the answer she wanted, but she realized that asking Su Lin such a question might have been a bit much considering they weren’t close.

This knowledge might be Su Lin’s unique skill, and by telling her, she could start finding bargains herself, essentially stealing someone else’s livelihood. Zhao Yanyan silently chastised herself for her lack of thoughtfulness.

Su Lin, unaware of the extent of a woman’s inner thoughts, touched his stomach and then said, “Xiaowan, since we’re skipping breakfast, let’s go for lunch. I’m really hungry.”

“Hmph… remember this in the future, don’t think that my pampering you means you can do as you please,” Lin Xiaowan said with a tsundere attitude.

Su Lin laughed heartily, “Xiaowan, I’ll remember, definitely will remember!”

“That’s more like it. Let’s go, it’s time for lunch.”