Suppressing the Protagonist at the Start to Seize the Heroine - C.108


Chapter 108: Little Vixen Zhao Yanyan or Lin Xiaowan?

The next day, Zhao Yanyan stepped out and finally didn’t see Lin Tian’s figure. She let out a sigh of relief. She was really fed up with Lin Tian’s antics, as he had completely lost all credibility with her.

“Whether it’s for a day or three, I can finally have some peace. I hope he never bothers me again.”

With that thought, Zhao Yanyan headed towards the bus stop outside the complex, planning to find Su Lin: “Going this early, I wonder if Su Lin is up. With Xiaowan visiting relatives, it’ll just be Su Lin and me…”

Thinking of Lin Xiaowan and Su Lin, Zhao Yanyan felt envious. Although she hadn’t interacted much with Su Lin, she was impressed by this handsome man. Unfortunately, Su Lin was already with Lin Xiaowan, leaving no hope for her.

“Zhao Yanyan, he’s already taken, and by your close friend. Stop thinking about it, or you’ll be no different from those bad women in TV dramas.”

Gathering her emotions, Zhao Yanyan arrived at the apartment she had booked for Su Lin. She headed to Su Lin’s door and checked the time – it was already past nine: “At this time, Su Lin should be up. He doesn’t seem like the type to sleep in.”

With that, she knocked on the door lightly. Inside, Lin Xiaowan, fresh from her shower, heard the knock and asked, “Who is it~!!”

Zhao Yanyan didn’t recognize the hoarse voice, and wondered why a woman was answering in Su Lin’s apartment. She stepped back to check the room number: “This is 601. Why is a woman answering?”

Muttering to herself, a surge of anger rose within her. Su Lin’s girlfriend was Lin Xiaowan, but that voice definitely wasn’t hers.

Lin Xiaowan’s voice was melodious like a lark, but the voice inside was hoarse. Zhao Yanyan concluded that Su Lin must have brought another woman home.

Furious, she decided to catch them in the act and expose Su Lin’s true nature to protect Lin Xiaowan. Deep down, she felt a pang of jealousy – Su Lin was the first man who had ever made her heart flutter, but here he was, betraying Lin Xiaowan.

“Who is it so early in the morning?” Lin Xiaowan peeked through the peephole but saw nothing. With Su Lin there, she felt safe. Opening the door, she stood face-to-face with Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan couldn’t believe it was Lin Xiaowan inside, wrapped in a towel with a few hickies visible on her neck. The scene made it obvious what had transpired, even without witnessing it firsthand.

Zhao Yanyan, taken aback, stammered, “Xi… Xiaowan, what are you doing here?”

Lin Xiaowan, feeling shy and unsure how to respond, struggled to find the words. “I…”

“Yuck! What’s this smell? It’s so stinky. Xiaowan, don’t you ventilate the room?” Zhao Yanyan commented, pinching her nose.

Lin Xiaowan remained silent, not knowing how to react. From the bed, Su Lin, puzzled, looked towards the door and asked, “Xiaowan, who is it?”

“Ah! It’s… it’s Yanyan.”

Hearing it was Zhao Yanyan, Su Lin, still puzzled, looked towards the door. “It’s Yanyan? Let her in.”

Getting up, he opened the curtains and the window.

Sunlight streamed into the room, instantly brightening it up. Zhao Yanyan, led in by Lin Xiaowan, immediately noticed Su Lin standing by the window, clad only in his underwear, his upper body bare.

His explosive physique was fully on display, with well-defined muscles that looked neither bulky nor cumbersome, but rather aesthetically pleasing. Zhao Yanyan admitted to herself that she wanted to touch Su Lin’s abs, wondering if they felt as good as they looked.

“Cough, cough… Yanyan, why are you staring at me? Do I have flowers on my body?” Su Lin teased.

Lin Xiaowan glared at Su Lin, “Put on some clothes, it’s not nice to let Yanyan see you like this.”

Zhao Yanyan quickly interjected, “I don’t mind… I mean… I think it’s fine… No, not really…” Embarrassed, Zhao Yanyan covered her face, “Su Lin, you should put on your shirt.”

Hearing this, Su Lin couldn’t help but laugh. Zhao Yanyan had such an interesting side to her. He nodded and casually pulled on a T-shirt.

Only then did Zhao Yanyan realize she had forgotten something important due to her shock. She took advantage of Lin Xiaowan’s distraction and pulled her back to the doorway.

“What are you doing, Yanyan?” Lin Xiaowan asked, puzzled.

Zhao Yanyan stared intently at Lin Xiaowan and then asked, “Wow, Xiaowan, if I hadn’t come over today and found out, were you planning on never telling me?”

Lin Xiaowan hesitated, then replied, “Yanyan, that’s a private matter, how could I possibly tell you?”

“I… Xiaowan, did you guys… umm…”

Lin Xiaowan widened her eyes in surprise, “Yanyan, what are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

“I mean, did you guys… you know… umm…”

Watching Zhao Yanyan struggle to articulate, Lin Xiaowan burst into laughter. She hadn’t expected the usually knowledgeable Zhao Yanyan to be shy about such topics.

Lin Xiaowan had previously thought of Zhao Yanyan as an experienced theorist, but now realized Zhao Yanyan was just as clueless and bashful.

“You haven’t answered me yet,” Zhao Yanyan insisted, stomping her foot in frustration.

Lin Xiaowan glanced at Su Lin, who was still by the window, seemingly uninterested in their conversation. She nodded slightly, “Yes, that’s what happened.”

“Xiaowan, how did it feel?” Zhao Yanyan asked curiously, her gaze drifting back to Su Lin, who she had clearly observed earlier.

“Yanyan, are you really interested in Su Lin’s abs? Want to touch them?” Lin Xiaowan teased, smiling.

“Ah! Can I… Xiaowan, can I really?” Zhao Yanyan asked excitedly.

“You… Yanyan, you’re really a hopeless case. It’s just muscles, what’s so special about them?” Lin Xiaowan didn’t understand the fuss.

But she had forgotten how she herself couldn’t resist touching Su Lin’s abs when she first discovered them. She was no better than Zhao Yanyan back then.

“Cough, cough… I can’t compare with you, Xiaowan. You’re the real enthusiast here. I mean, who else would open the door like that? And what happened to your voice? Why is it so hoarse?”

“Uh… I caught a cold yesterday, it should be back to normal by noon,” Lin Xiaowan said, avoiding eye contact.

Zhao Yanyan instinctively felt something was off about this explanation, as Lin Xiaowan looked like she was lying. But seeing Lin Xiaowan’s reluctance to elaborate, Zhao Yanyan didn’t press further.

“Alright, then make sure to cover up well. Su Lin won’t steal the blankets, right?”

“That’s impossible, Su Lin would never do that.”

Every morning, Lin Xiaowan found herself cuddling Su Lin, her hands tightly wrapped around him. There was no way she’d miss out on the blankets.

“Alright… It’s different being nourished by love, huh? No wonder they say your skin gets better. How come your skin is so nice?”

“I won’t tell you. I’ll leave you here for a bit, I need to freshen up.” After saying this, Lin Xiaowan headed straight for the bathroom, leaving Zhao Yanyan somewhat uneasy as she glanced at Su Lin, her eyes darting occasionally.

Su Lin speechless by her actions, ‘Why sneak peeks like a thief? Just look if you want to.’