Super Card System - C.525: The Fourth Admiral

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C.525: The Fourth Admiral

Once again, Sengoku found himself in an unprecedented headache. While Ian’s actions often caused him considerable distress, this time, the headache was more severe than ever before.

Sengoku was well aware that the only individuals capable of drawing Ian’s attention to Impel Down were the Shichibukais, Jinbe, and Crocodile. However, what baffled Sengoku was why Monkey D. Luffy, the guy who had overthrown Crocodile, was now appearing alongside Ian in Impel Down.

The grandson of Garp, the son of Dragon, and sworn brothers with Portgas D. Ace, the son of the Pirate King Roger—was it really just a coincidence that such a person was associating with Ian?

“Fleet Admiral, sir!” Just as Sengoku was pondering, the voice of the intelligence officer reporting interrupted him. “The warship sent by Enies Lobby has located Vice Admiral Momonga, and it is currently on its way back with him. According to Vice Admiral Momonga, he was suddenly attacked last night, and the assailant used some unknown method to render him unconscious!”

“Hmph, a Devil Fruit user!” Sengoku, upon hearing this, couldn’t help but snort. “Exactly like what happened to Admiral Kuzan. It must be that brat Ian’s doing!”

“Additionally, Pirate Empress Boa Hancock has contacted us, inquiring when we will dispatch a ship to pick her up from Amazon Lily…” the intelligence officer cautiously reported.

Upon hearing this, Admiral Sengoku almost ground his teeth to pieces. How could he not see through the trickery here? Boa Hancock had just applied to go to Impel Down, and on the same night, Vice Admiral Momonga was attacked, his warship stolen. Then Ian appears at Impel Down, accompanied by a fake Pirate Empress. If there’s nothing suspicious about Boa Hancock in this chain of events, then that would truly be strange!

However, the problem was that Ian executed this plan flawlessly. Even though Sengoku harbored deep suspicions about Boa Hancock, he couldn’t find any evidence against her!

Because Boa Hancock is still waiting on Amazon Lily…

The last thing Sengoku wanted to happen has occurred. It can be said that even Boa Hancock is no longer trustworthy. Although Sengoku knew that Boa Hancock might still prove useful in the war against the Whitebeard, once Ian appears on the battlefield, it’s uncertain how Boa Hancock will react.

Now, due to Ian’s influence, the combined strength of the Marines and the Warlords of the Sea has been significantly reduced. Even Sengoku couldn’t have anticipated that Ian’s impact would be so substantial.

“Send Vice Admiral Momonga’s ship back to Amazon Lily and bring Boa Hancock back!” Sengoku thought for a moment.

That woman is formidable! This was Sengoku’s assessment of Boa Hancock. Although he knew Boa Hancock wasn’t trustworthy, given the current state of the Navy, he couldn’t afford to push another Shichibukai towards Ian. Since Ian and Boa Hancock were seamlessly working together, indicating that Boa Hancock still cared about her title as a Warlord, Sengoku now needed her strength as well. It was better to establish an unspoken understanding between them.

As for how to deal with Boa Hancock later, it was simple—just keep Ian from appearing on the battlefield!

Sengoku has always been known as the ‘Strategist.’ In critical moments, he’s the one making the final decisions, just like when he decisively announced the revocation of Ian’s Warlord title after the failed attempt to confine him.

Good strategy requires good decisions, and Sengoku excels at this. Despite the headache, he quickly made a decision to fully suppress Ian and his group.

“It looks like we’ll have to mobilize our reserve forces!”

Sengoku sighed. He was well aware of the current situation at Impel Down. Once Ian rescues Jinbe and Crocodile, it will be troublesome. Regular Navy Vice Admirals won’t be of much use then.

Momonga, Doberman —these Vice Admirals were the ones who suffered the most at Ian’s hands. Even if they go to Impel Down, it would be futile. What Sengoku needed now was a fighting force higher than Vice Admirals.

At least, someone with strength comparable to the Navy’s highest fighting force, an Admiral…

“Tsuru, I need to borrow someone from you!” Sengoku picked up the Den Den Mushi on his desk and called Vice Admiral Tsuru, the Navy’s Chief of Staff.

“Oh? Is it to deal with that kid, Ian?” Tsuru asked. “Who do you want to borrow?”

“I want to borrow Gion!” Sengoku said.

“…” Tsuru fell silent after hearing the name. After a while, she spoke, “Are you sure you want to involve her? You should know that if that kid, Ian, acts recklessly and harms her, the consequences will be severe…”

“I value quality over quantity!” Sengoku succinctly replied, then added, “And I don’t need her to do anything; I just need her to pull that kid, Ian, out of Impel Down…”

“Alright!” Vice Admiral Tsuru said, “I’ll inform her, and my staff can allocate a portion of the fleet for her to use when the time comes!”

After hanging up the Den Den Mushi, Sengoku lay back in his chair, letting out a small sigh of relief.

The name he mentioned to Vice Admiral Tsuru might be unfamiliar to external pirates, but within the marine Headquarters, it would be a different story.

This name is well-known and resonates like thunder…

Gion, full name Momousagi Gion, is a renowned female Vice Admiral in the Navy. She has a nickname: Peach Rabbit!

If most of the Navy personnel are considered grassroots, then Vice Admiral Peach Rabbit is undoubtedly from an elite background!

This is because she is the granddaughter of Kong, the Commander-in-Chief of the World Government’s military forces! Even her parents are Vice Admirals from the same period as Admiral Black Arm Zephyr.

Although not very old, Gion has already risen to the rank of Vice Admiral in the Navy Headquarters, and she belongs to the top tier among them.

In particular, the Navy Headquarters has always regarded her as a candidate for the future Admiral and has been training her accordingly. The Navy has a tradition of associating the Admirals’ nicknames with colors.

Gion’s nickname, Peach Rabbit, has a color-related connotation… the meaning of which is self-evident.

There are only three positions for Admirals in the Navy, and a replacement is only considered when the current Admiral resigns or encounters unexpected circumstances, such as death in battle. However, the current three Admirals—Aokiji, Akainu, and Kizaru—are still in their prime, so Peach Rabbit currently has no hope of becoming an Admiral.

However, even though her rank is Vice Admiral, it does not mean that Peach Rabbit’s strength is only at the Vice Admiral level. If we were to make a comparison, Peach Rabbit’s current strength is probably on par with Admiral Aokiji, the youngest of the Admirals.

If she were to face Ian, she would definitely have the strength for a battle!

In fact, besides Peach Rabbit, there are two other Vice Admirals in the Navy Headquarters who are also candidates for Admiral and possess similar strength to Peach Rabbit.

The Navy’s heritage, spanning hundreds of years, is much more profound than what is apparent on the surface.

Sending her into action is a bit risky for Sengoku. Vice Admiral Gion has a very close relationship with Vice Admiral Tsuru, akin to old friends. As a result, she has been stationed in the Staff Headquarters and usually doesn’t have combat missions. Thus, ordinary pirates have never heard of her name, serving as a protective measure for this potential future Admiral.

After all, even the former Admiral Black Arm Zephyr had once faced harm from pirates. How could the Navy not prioritize protecting these potential successors? It’s crucial to understand that if these successors encounter problems, it means a disruption in the continuity of Admiralship, leading to an unacceptable gap in leadership.

Moreover, considering Peach Rabbit’s prestigious background, if something were to go wrong due to her involvement this time, Sengoku would bear the responsibility and find it challenging to explain to Commander-in-Chief Kong.

However, Sengoku had no other option. Admirals Aokiji and Kizaru have already set out for the New World. Among those with Admiral-level strength in the Navy Headquarters, it seems that only he, Grap, and Tsuru remain. Sengoku cannot personally take part, and Tsuru needs to be involved in devising the war plans against the Whitebeard Pirates. However, he is reluctant to entrust Garp with the task because of his acquaintance with Ian and being the grandfather of Monkey D. Luffy. If Sengoku were to send Garp, the outcome would be unpredictable.

Therefore, Sengoku had no choice but to borrow personnel from Tsuru…

Not long after, from the crescent-shaped port of the Navy Headquarters, five warships set sail. These warships, laden with soldiers, exited the harbor and entered the World Government’s dedicated sea route. They then headed towards Impel Down.