Revenge of the Sixth Young Lady - C.586 - Step by Step, The Store

Revenge of the Sixth Young Lady

C.586 - Step by Step, The Store

Chapter 586 Step by Step, The Store

“Grandmother, this is afraid not too good! I’m afraid that our mansion will always have to bear the responsibility, the dance to see Miss Li’s face, the injury is much heavier than the third sister, the face is all scratched by sharp branches, this … is almost impossible to be good again!” Wei Yuewu stepped forward and said.

A few words made the dowager lady brood, grimacing and not speaking for a moment.

No matter what, this happened in the Marquis of Huayang, and it was also related to Wei Yuejiao, the dowager lady wanted to show that this had nothing to do with the Marquis of Huayang, even if she told the truth, the one who would lose face would still be the Marquis of Huayang.

After all, Wei Yuejiao was still the third miss of the Marquis of Huayang.

Li Yue’er certainly has a bad reputation, corrected by self-initiated, Wei Yuejiao is likewise, has always been the most focused on the face of the dowager lady how willing to let Huayang Marquis House because of this disgrace.

“Maiden Dance, you are also a victim when it comes to this matter, what do you think about it?” Mrs. Tai slowly said.

Seeing that Mrs. Tai actually kicked the ball away from herself, Wei Yuewu sneered in her heart, this was her intention to push things onto herself?

The dowager lady is really getting shameless!

“Grandmother, the dance child does not know, Mo Ru put directly this matter to go to tell the Empress Mother, the third sister’s face this way, if true the four imperial prince residence, will certainly be …”

Wei Yuewu didn’t finish this sentence, but the meaning was understood by Mrs. Tai, and her eyes became more and more gloomy.

Relating to Wei Yuejiao appearance of the matter, has not been Hua Yang Marquis can be hidden down, if a coincidence, but also may really provoke the anger of the Empress Tu, no matter how to say Wei Yuejiao is now the name of the fourth prince’s concubine concubine concubine consort, the face of the words destroyed, it is likely to cause changes.

It’s actually better to keep this under wraps.

So it’s really not good to do, the Marquis of Huayang is not willing to publicize, but the Li family is not necessarily willing to eat such a boring loss, how to look at Li Yue’er is because of the Marquis of Huayang only face loss.

“Go, call Li here!” The dowager lady thought about it and instructed Grandma Hong, she didn’t believe that she couldn’t suppress Li’s house, Li’s house was no more powerful than the Eastern Palace washing horses, and her own house was originally the difference between heaven and earth. 𝔣𝖗𝔢𝔢𝔴𝖊𝖇𝖓𝔬𝔳𝖊𝔩.𝔠𝔬𝖒

“Yes, slave girl will immediately send someone to summon!” Nanny Hong nodded in response and retreated.

“Maiden Dance, you also go back to rest first, this matter has nothing to do with you, it’s always something that Ya Ya Jiao herself has caused.” Mrs. Tai said to Wei Yuewu.

When it comes down to it Wei Yuewu is the one who was victimized.

“Yes, grandmother!” Wei Yuewu lowered her eyes and bowed her head, “But … Miss Li’s matter … is always related to our Huayang Marquis Mansion … her marriage if it doesn’t fall on our Mansion. Dance is afraid that this matter is really big, our mansion also has no face!” This matter how to look at the Marquis House of Huayang has the responsibility, Wei Yuewu repeatedly remind the dowager lady, is to let the dowager lady take this responsibility.

Of course the first thing that would be mentioned if such a responsibility were to be assumed would be Li Yue’er’s marriage.

The original Li Yue’er plotting their own, on the one hand, but also for her marriage, by the Empress directly from the list of the draft removed, Li Yue’er basically married bad, this will be even the appearance is also destroyed, more likely to have any good marriage.

Without hope, Li Yue’er is likely to be reckless.

Wei Yuewu was reminding the Dowager Lady to take the blame so that this wouldn’t become a big deal.

“No harm done, grandmother will dispose of it, you go back first!” Being hinted so many times by Wei Yuewu, the Dowager Lady also woke up at this time, and after thinking about it waved her hand at Wei Yuewu.

“Yes!” Seeing that Mrs. Tai had an idea in her heart, this time Wei Yuewu did not say anything more and bowed to Mrs. Tai to take her leave.

Li Yue’er this situation, of course, the dowager lady will not let her marry Wei Ziyang, the dowager lady will not even let her into the door of the Marquis of Huayang, then the rest seems to be that person …

That person’s matter, even in the Marquis of Huayang is also a secret, if not Sister Mei told herself privately, Wei Yuewu really do not know that they have such a hangman in this house, which counts should be their own cousin!

Even they don’t know, so outsiders know even less!

When he walked outside the main house, he ran into Nanny Hong who was walking back.

“Many thanks, Sheriff!” Nanny Hong calmly thanked her.

Wei Yuewu deviated her body to avoid a salute, then said with a smile, “Nanny Hong is polite, originally, Sister was implicated by me! Luckily, I didn’t involve Sister in it.”

After saying that, he took himself out of the courtyard with Shufei.

For this attentive granny by the side of Mrs. Tai’s side, Nanny Hong, Wei Yuewu never dares to look down on her, of course this is because Nanny Hong is Mrs. Tai’s most attentive granny, on the other hand it is also because for the degree of attentiveness of Nanny Hong, Wei Yuewu is secretly shocked, it seems that this Nanny Hong knows all the things about the Mrs. Tai.

The meaning in this was enough to make Wei Yuewu look at Nanny Hong even more highly.

Wei Yuewu believed that this Nanny Hong knew most of the secrets in this house.

“In a moment, I will find someone to ask about those two shopkeepers, after such a long time, the account books should be ready!” After walking a few steps, Wei Yuewu blinked her eyes and faintly said.

“Those two shopkeepers seem to be treacherous and slippery, Sheriff, they won’t play any tricks again, right?” Shu Fei had also seen those two shopkeepers, and would be very uneasy to ask.

“Of course they will play tricks!” Wei Yuewu raised the corners of her lips, walking slowly in the snow, this will be a moment of time, the ground has already accumulated a thin layer, she is really not afraid of Aunt Dong playing tricks.

This time is different from the past, Aunt Winter is in a corner of the Marquis of Huayang, can use the manpower is not much, the dependence is that the child in her stomach …

It’s times like these when it’s best to make a move to strip her of her minions!

Moreover, there are some things that one is not clear about, these few shopkeepers can be the old man of the year …

The things that happen in the house one after another, Aunt Winter there should also be tired of running for their lives, that account book thing, this time to mention is the best time!

Wei Lovin finished dealing with the affairs over there and came to the Dowager Lady’s Jing Xin Xuan, seeing him come in, there were maids picking up the curtains and Nanny Hong welcoming him to the door.

Wei Lovin walked in with a gloomy face, and after bowing to the dowager lady, he took a seat on one side of the room, his face gloomy without any semblance of joy.

“How is Jiao Ya’s face?” The dowager lady asked as she looked at Wei Luo Wen’s face.

“Even with the best medicine, a scar will fall on your face.” Wei Lovin frowned, picking up the tea in his hand and taking a sip before heavily placing the teacup in his hand on the table, “Aunt Dong can’t even teach a daughter well!”

Things to now Wei Luo Luo himself asked clearly, just in order to clarify the facts, but also Wei Yuejiao side of the Yuzhu and Li Yue’er side of the maiden, together with tied up and tortured, not two of these maidens on the truth, this is indeed Wei Yuejiao and Li Yue’er conspired to harm Wei Yuewu.

“This … how is this going to be accounted for to the Royal Family, to the Fourth Prince!” The dowager lady smothered for a moment, and finally asked.

In the Dowager’s mind, this was the hardest one to solve.

“I’ve already had someone inform the Fourth Prince!” Wei Lovin coldly said.

“What? How could you possibly notify the Fourth Prince, the Fourth Prince wouldn’t make a scene if he knew!” The dowager lady was in a big hurry, this matter has become a big deal for the entire Marquis Hua Yang residence is not favorable.

“Mother don’t worry, it’s fine!” Wei Luo Luo shook his head, this matter he is not worried, originally he and the fourth prince agreement, is to wait Wei Yuejiao into the fourth prince residence, directly thrown to the backyard of the Buddha Hall to let her clean up, in this case, her appearance in the no, in fact, have nothing to do with the obstacles.

The Fourth Prince didn’t care at all.

Hearing Wei Luowen say it’s fine, the dowager lady only put her heart down, “Li Yue’er there, I also said to Li, such a woman we Huayang Marquis House surely won’t want, or else the whole face of our Huayang Marquis House will be disgraced, but if we ignore her and can’t do it, Li just now also cried with me.”

“Then what does mother mean?” Wei Luo Wen asked, rubbing his forehead.

Li Yue’er wants to marry Wei Ziyang, this is something that the Dowager Lady doesn’t agree with, Wei Lovin won’t agree with it either, and as for Li’s crying, it will only make Wei Lovin unhelpfully annoyed.

“Then let her marry that person, even though it counts as one of our Huayang Marquis’ family!” The dowager lady frowned in disgust, full of dislike at the mention of this person.

“Will he … over there … Li House agree?” Wei Lovin hesitated for a moment, like the Dowager Lady, he also did not like that person, for the Huayang Marquis House, that person is simply the existence of shame, but it is also that also also surnamed Wei, in fact, for so many years, he is also followed by his own side.

Originally also want to pull him a hand, but helpless that is a pull can not afford, Wei Ziyang with their own side to build a career, and he just follow their side to eat, drink and play, although did not cause any major events, but the small things constantly, angry Wei Lowen hard to beat him a few times.

But he is such a person, hit also hit, cursed also cursed, was beaten when pointing to the sky and swearing not to do so again, but a turn of the eye is still the same, to the end of the WeiLoWen also no longer care about him.

Well, although he is a playboy, but also did not cause any major events to, so many years followed Wei Luo Luo has been at the border, but this time Wei Luo because of the intention to live in the capital, so he also brought him back, was placed in the most remote corner of the Marquis of Huayang House, usually there is only a boy to wait there, and not allowed to go out at will.

Rather, after returning to the capital for so long, most of the people in the mansion did not realize that there was such an extra person.

“What is there to agree or not agree, who else can this Li Yue’er marry, who is Zi Yang? It’s the future Marquis of Huayang, where is this daughter of their Li family worthy of it, I also told Li that Marquis of Huayang will be in charge, but it can’t be Ziyang, she’s also Ziyang’s birth mother, if Ziyang really lets this kind of Li Yue’er into the house, she, as the mother, will also have no face!”

The dowager lady snapped, remembering Li’s crying and fussing appearance just now, she was furious.

To the point that later directly let people pull Li out, no matter what Zi Yang is in any case can not marry such a disfigured woman.

“I’ll prepare some bride price, you let Lao San make a trip, it’s always our Marquis of Huayang, it’s not a loss to their Li family!” Mrs. Tai said.

“Listen to all of mother!” Wei Lovin sighed, also feeling that this was the best idea.

“Luo Wen, come over and take a look at this Jeweled Flower, it’s specially sent for you!” After finishing her business, the dowager lady’s face improved a little and she stood up.