Revenge of the Sixth Young Lady - C.585 - Giveaway, Exquisite Gem Flower

Revenge of the Sixth Young Lady

C.585 - Giveaway, Exquisite Gem Flower

Chapter 585 Giveaway, Exquisite Gem Flower

On the table was a large pile of gifts, and each piece was fine, but the pot of flowers in the center was the most eye-catching.

It’s actually a jeweled flower.

The flowers, stems, and leaves on it are actually made of precious stones, which are not only exquisitely crafted, but also valuable.

“Good … good …,” the dowager lady smiled and couldn’t stop smiling, the whole person was excited.

“It’s good that the dowager lady likes it!” The chubby shopkeeper laughed, “This pot of jeweled flowers is specially for the Marquis!”

“Good, good, well thanks a lot!” The dowager lady’s face was also in a ball of smiles, it could be said that ever since the chubby shopkeeper came inside, she hadn’t been able to close her mouth, but when she heard that the jeweled flowers were given to Wei Lovin, although her face didn’t look obvious, her hand in her sleeve couldn’t help but clench up.

There was a meaning to it that made her extremely uncomfortable!

“Mrs. Tai is polite, why should a family talk about two families.” The fat shopkeeper had a thick smile on his face, and his words were extremely polite.

For this attitude of the fat shopkeeper, the dowager lady is extremely satisfied, after thinking about it, her hand relaxes, holding the maid’s hand to re-sit on the high seat, her hand waved, a few subordinates in the room retreated silently.

The next words were not for ordinary underlings like them to hear.

Once a year at this time, they would come to give gifts, and the maids and grannies were not sure who this big-spending fat man was.

Only know seems to be under the marquis, weekdays are in the marquis there is the matter, only when the marquis returned to the capital, this fat man will give the dowager lady once to send a gift.

And each gift was extremely heavy.

They usually follow the Dowager Empress is not out of the door, two doors do not step, naturally do not know this famous gold store in the capital “Yin Zhuang” of the shopkeeper.

“Nanny Hong, the Dowager Lady is meeting her guests!” Seeing Nanny Hong bringing Wei Yuewu over, a granny hesitated for a moment, but still reached out to stop Wei Yuewu.

In the past, this kind of thing was of course not avoided by Nanny Hong, but now that Nanny Hong still had Wei Yuewu with her, but she didn’t know if Mrs. Tai would want to see Miss Six this time.

“What is it?” Nanny Hong would be in a hurry, but did not remember this, although her footsteps stopped, the look on her face was extremely unsightly.

“The gifts are coming! In previous years it was still Nanny Hong who received them at this time.” With Wei Yuewu at her side, of course the granny couldn’t speak clearly and could only vaguely say.

What does sending gifts have to do with oneself? A bellyful of bad gas, Nanny Hong almost angry rebuke outlet, in the Marquis of Huayang House so many years, she has not been so suffocated, today was actually almost by the two little girls to pit.

But seeing the granny repeatedly winking at her, she suddenly snapped out of it, “Another gift?”

“Yes, Sister you just left and came here!” The granny said with a bitter face, one look at Nanny Hong’s face and she knew it was bad, but she couldn’t stop it.

“County master, you wait here for a moment first, slave girl goes in to report to the dowager madam, there will be outsiders here, do you want to avoid it, county master?” Nanny Hong came to her senses, her eyes flashed and she smiled as she said to Wei Yuewu.

It was certainly inconvenient to let Wei Yueyue Dance know about this.

“Then, I’ll wait in the compartment over there!” Wei Yuewu knowingly nodded to the compartment on one side.

“Okay, old slave will have someone bring tea to the county princess, please wait a moment!” Nanny Hong laughed, while asking the maid to guide Wei Yuewu to have a seat in the compartment.

The compartment was right on the side of the main house, Wei Yuewu brought Shu Fei in and long ago the maid sent tea over.

Wei Yuewu sat down, picked up the tea and drank a bit, slowly put it down, picked up a handkerchief and wiped the corners of her lips, looking at the little maid standing by the side with a slight smile, “How long has it been since you went in? How long will it take for grandmother to get well!”

“It’s been a while since I went in, and it might be a while before I come out!” The little maid honestly said.

“In previous years, at this time of the year, would they all come for such a long time?” Wei Yuewu asked indiscreetly, her gaze not even falling on the little maiden’s body, a complete look of idle chatter.

This kind of thing in the courtyard did not commanded not to say, so the little girl ring heard the question, busy answered, “In previous years, this time basically also so point of time, the other slave girl is not clear, are Grandma Hong help inventory.”

Wei Yuewu nodded, her beautiful eyes looking at the thirteen or fourteen year old little maid in front of her with a smile, “How many times have you seen this?”

“That’s so four times!” The little maid replied.

“When did you get assigned to the Dowager Lady’s courtyard?” Wei Yue Ming continued to ask casually.

Seeing Wei Yuewu asked casually the little maiden’s guts were slightly bigger, “When the slave girl was eight years old, she entered the Jing Xin Xuan to serve the Dowager Lady!”

That means four or five years, basically once a year.

A gift-giver, once a year, and by the looks of it, there were secret matters to talk about, really making Wei Yuewu feel suspicious, her heart inexplicably moved.

Hearing the sound of voices outside, Wei Yuewu stood up, walked to the window, pushed the window slightly open, and through the slightly pushed open window, one could see a person smiling as he came out of the main house of the Dowager Lady, the fat shopkeeper of “Xian Zhuang”?

A fat, but does not appear to use the bloated figure, is not that let Wei Yuewu has been confused by the fat shopkeeper.

With the style of the children of the world, the kind of elegance that penetrates the bones, not because of his chubby image loss of the slightest, such a person, really just an ordinary shopkeeper?

What kind of secrets are in my mother’s dowry?

Wei Yuewu sulked …

Nanny Hong personally sent the person to the entrance of the courtyard, and rushed to the fat shopkeeper to deeply salute, the respect even let Wei Yuewu feel more than on the dowager lady, this fat shopkeeper is really not simple, actually let Nanny Hong so respectful.

The fat shopkeeper smiled and excused himself, with two small boys following behind him, and only after seeing his figure disappear around the corner did Nanny Hong collect the smile on her face and come over to the compartment where Wei Yuewu was.

Wei Yuewu had already resumed her seat in front of the table when Nanny Hong turned around and came back, picking up the tea by the table and taking a sip, and was about to speak when Nanny Hong walked in with a smile.

“Sheriff, the Dowager Lady heard that Sheriff is here and invited Sheriff to come over!”

“Trouble Sister!” Wei Yuewu put down the teacup in her hand and stood up.

“You’re welcome, Sheriff Lord!” Nanny Hong laughed, “Please ask the county princess to come with the slave girl.”

With what happened just now, Nanny Hong is still very grateful to Wei Yuewu, this smile also looks a lot more sincere than in the past, seeing Wei Yuewu heading out, she also specially took two steps forward, and softly said, “The dowager lady still doesn’t know what happened, in a moment, the old slave will say it first.”

It’s throwing pears at yourself!

When this matter was revealed, the Dowager Lady was bound to be furious, and Nanny Hong’s initiative to be willing to pick up this conversation was wonderful!

Wei Yuewu smiled and nodded.

A group of people, into the house of the Dowager Lady.

The dowager lady sat on top, looked like the whole person was in good spirits, and the smile on her face when she saw Wei Yuewu was also kind and gentle, as if she was really just a grandmother who loved her.

“Dancing girl, it’s this time of the year and the weather is bad, why don’t you stay in your own yard to get well and run to grandmother’s place?”

The dowager lady smiled and said, “Did your father look for you earlier for anything?”

“Grandmother …” Wei Yuewu stepped forward and was about to speak, but Nanny Hong herself preempted her, “Mrs. Tai, something has happened, the third young lady and the young lady from the Li family are together!”

“What’s going on?” The smile on the dowager lady’s face faded, “That young lady from the Li Mansion?”

Li Yue’er had followed Li into the mansion, but the dowager lady didn’t want to care about her, so she didn’t know about the Li Yue’er who followed Li into the mansion at that time.

“It’s that eldest young lady from the second madam’s maiden family, the one who was able to get into an argument with the county princess when she was in the palace before, and was refuted by the Empress Mother for her qualifications for the draft.” Nanny Hong reminded.

Wei Yuewu stood on the side with a smile.

“What is she doing here?” The dowager lady thought for a moment and then remembered, for this Miss Li’s house, the dowager lady’s heart also did not have half a good feeling, her tone was not good.

“I heard that she came to serve the second madam, the second madam’s body is inconvenient, so she followed in with great filial piety.” Nanny Hong disdainfully said, “The slave girl originally thought that she was a good one, genuinely wanting to serve the Second Mistress, which would have thought that she was simply not drunk on wine, and actually had her eye on the Grand Duke.”

“What? Ziyang own marriage, she still dares to destroy it!” The dowager lady was furious, her hand heavily slapped on the desktop, for the dowager lady, Wei Ziyang is her life, the root, Li Yue’er actually dared to think about Wei Ziyang, simply looking for death.

“Mrs. Tai, Miss Li really dared!” Nanny Hong laughed bitterly and told what happened next, as for Li Yue’er and Wei Yuejiao teaming up together to try to deal with Wei Yue’mai, but in the end, they ended up unintentionally wreaking havoc on themselves.

After finishing the sentence, the dowager lady gritted her teeth in hatred, her hand slammed hard on the desktop, while saying sternly, “Go, go, go, go and call Li’s to see what kind of people she has in her house, actually dare to do such a shameless thing, and want to force ZiYang to marry her, but also don’t look at what kind of person she is, and if she’s not good enough.”

“Mrs. Tai, Miss Li’s face is ruined, it is … a fall in the hasty execution with the third miss.” Nanny Hong was careful to wake up Mrs. Dao.

“That is also her deserved, what is her own identity, match Ziyang, also do not take a mirror to look at.” The anger on the dowager lady’s face does not go away, hateful voice scolded, “I have long seen that girl, with Li is the same, not what good goods, to our house actually also dare to do this kind of thing.”

Qu that the marriage, or the then Mrs. Board agreed, this would be if really because Li Yue’er had to Qu the marriage back, Mrs. own face is not light.

“But now, Miss Li and Third Miss s face … Mrs. Tai, how can this be?” Nanny Hong listened to the Dowager Lady and carefully mentioned this matter.

“What’s so hard to do, if the Li family takes this matter again, we’ll publish the truth of this matter and see if they Li family still has a face.” Mrs. Tai said angrily, the good mood of the party immediately dissipated because of this matter.

Wei Yuewu has been quietly standing on the side, looking at the madam of the anger all sent in Li Yue’er, for Wei Yuejiao is not mentioned, as if this is all Li Yue’er a person to do as if the bottom of the eyes of the silent show a burst of sombre, this thing looks really strange, in the past, the madam of the Wei Yuejiao can not be so maintenance.

Today the attitude of the Mrs. can be very different from the past days, is not because of the “Yin Zhuang” fat shopkeeper …

This thing is getting more and more interesting, this fat shopkeeper’s influence can be really not small ah!

It’s about time for this meeting to step up …