Revenge of the Sixth Young Lady - C.584 - Two Scumbags Disfigured Together

Revenge of the Sixth Young Lady

C.584 - Two Scumbags Disfigured Together

Chapter 584 Two Scumbags Disfigured Together

“You dare to hit me!” Wei Yuewu was knocked out by a sudden slap from Li Yue Er, and after reacting, she trembled with anger and pushed with force, backhanding Li Yue Er and giving her a slap as well.

Li Yue’er originally just wanted to pull Wei Yuejiao’s clothes, which unexpectedly slipped under her feet, her hand shone on Wei Yuejiao’s face with a hard slap, which will not yet stand still, was pushed away by Wei Yuejiao, and then a slap with force, hitting her Tengteng back a few steps, and fell to the bushes behind her.

“Ah!” Miserable screams rang out, the crowd all froze for a moment, only Wei Yuewu did not move to look at the bush, not tall bushes, in the winter fell without a few leaves left, the only thing that was left was some sharp branches and forks exposed in the air.

“Quickly go and pull Miss Li up.” Nanny Hong reacted quickly and immediately ordered the maids around her.

The past two maids hurriedly help up Li Yue’er, Li Yue’er both hands cover her face, but even so, a pair of white tender hands were also cut by the branches and forks of the shrubs a few not small mouths, blood flowing, this is not before her fingers on a small a wound.

“Miss Li, let the old slave look at your face!” Nanny Hong’s brows tightened.

Li Yue’er panicked and took down her hand, forced herself to endure the pain and looked at Nanny Hong expectantly, “Nanny Hong, am I … okay?”

Seeing the large and small wounds on her face, even Wei Luo Wen moved.

The wound was actually not small, and more importantly, there were many cuts, and seeing this face, Nanny Hong knew that the face of this Miss Li Yue’er in front of her was considered ruined.

With so many wounds, even if all of them were healed, there would still be some small scars left, which could not be simply eliminated.

“Nanny Hong, is my face all right? Is my face alright!” Sensing Nanny Hong’s silence, Li Yue’er was in a great hurry and cried as she pulled Nanny Hong’s hand.

The burning sensation on her face was so intense, but she still expected it not to be real.

Nanny Hong smiled bitterly and shook her head, looking towards Wei Luo Wen.

Wei Lovin’s complexion is not too good to see, no matter how it is Wei Yuejiao pushed the person into the bushes, this matter is really the responsibility of the Marquis of Huayang when it comes to it.

“Third Miss, you … Why did you push me?” Sensing the looks on the faces of the crowd, the look of anticipation in Li Yue’er’s eyes turned into despair.

The face of a worldly girl had preciousness, even the slightest little wound would be paid great attention to, and what she saw now was a horrified face.

In this situation, even if Nanny Hong did not say anything, Li Yue’er understood.

Thinking that all of this is caused by Wei Yuejiao, Li Yue’er’s dull leaking and desperate eyes, fell on Wei Yuejiao’s body, fixed, suddenly pounced on Wei Yuejiao, long nails in her hands madly grabbed at Wei Yuejiao’s face, “You … you compensate me for my face.”

No one expected Li Yue’er, who had suffered such a serious injury to her face, to suddenly pounce on Wei Yuejiao in a frenzy.

But see Li Yue’er long nails scratching in Wei Yuejiao’s face, Wei Yuejiao is a scream, Wei Luo reaction is also fast, a hand Wei Yuejiao back a pull, but even so has been too late, Wei Yuejiao right face a deep finger marks, was scratched down a small strip of meat.

First it whitens, then blood rushes out.

“Ah!” Wei Yuejiao also covered her face and screamed miserably.

When everyone looked at it, they all knew that it was a big deal, Wei Luo frowned and asked the boy to go and ask Dr. Ming to go, and Wei Ziyang went over and pulled Li Yue’er down.

There was a panic over here, and everyone scrambled to get both men off to the side into the empty yard.

Outside the crowd, Wei Yuewu blinked her long eyelashes and looked up at the corner of the sky above her head, at some point, the rain stopped and snowflakes drifted in the sky, a single snowflake was like a light goose feather that sprinkled down from the sky, this should be the first heavy snowfall after the New Year!

What happened next didn’t have anything to do with Wei Yuewu, and Wei Luo Wen told her to go back first.

Wei Yuewu nodded and didn’t say anything before leaving.

“Mai’er …,” Wei Luo Wen suddenly called out to her again.

Wei Yuewu stopped, turned to look at Wei Luo, water eyes at the light can not afford a little waves, just so cold to look at Wei Luo, less than the past days of the color of the pro it.

“It’s okay, it’s cold, you go back first, be careful with your body!” Wei LuoWen words to the edge of the mouth, but still stopped, change another sentence, the heart of the guilt is like a tide, that words can not be said in any case, Wei Yuejiao even though poor, but everything is her own corrective self-initiated.

“Father, Mai’er excuses herself!” Wei Yuewu said.

“Go on, rest carefully!” Wei Luo Wen sighed and softly said.

“Yes, father!” Wei Yuewu nodded, turned around and led the two maids back, as for the matter of being framed by Wei Yue Jiao just now, there was no more mention of it.

“Sheriff, what did the Marquis want to say?” When she was far away, Shu Fei couldn’t help but say curiously, just now she clearly saw that the Marquis seemed to have something to say to the County Master, but in the end he still didn’t say it.

“It’s nothing more than wanting the county princess to not hold a grudge against the third young miss!” Jin Ling snorted coldly and said angrily.

Wei Yuewu’s eyes deepened, what Wei Luo thought in his heart at that moment just now, of course she was clear, otherwise she wouldn’t have been cold and indifferent to it.

“On what grounds? Third young miss almost put the county princess in harm’s way, and the marquis actually told the county princess not to hold a grudge against her!” Shu Fei also became angry upon hearing this.

For Aunt Dong and Wei Yuejiao, who had repeatedly framed their own masters, several maids were also deeply resentful.

“Because Wei Yuejiao is disfigured!” Wei Yuejiao’s gaze landed on a piece of snow in front of her, stopping in her tracks and stretching out her tender white little hands to hold a eyeful of snowflakes that drifted down, a hostile look at her eyes.

Because Wei Yuejiao was disfigured, her father went soft.

But who had a soft heart when Mother lost her life to them?

“That was also third young miss asking for it, and it wasn’t the county princess who ruined her face, it was Li Yue’er who did it, she and Li Yue’er both worked together, and now they ruined their faces together, they really deserved it!” Shu Fei remembered the scene just now and felt great joy again.

Wei Yuewu looked at the snowflakes that hadn’t melted at the palm of her hand, and the corner of her lips silently hooked up.

This is not enough, Aunt Winter still has a dependency, only when she has no dependency, the events of that year will be overturned, and only then can her mother’s revenge be avenged.

Mother was acquainted with that dead Miss Tu.

This acquaintance was still through Yang Yuyan’s mother, otherwise her letter that day wouldn’t have been written that way, and this Second Miss Tu wouldn’t look innocent.

A woman who is going to die, although it is not really because of her mother, but at least she mentioned the position of the second miss Tu because of her mother, right, so to say that her mother does not have any debt to her, right, then this second miss Tu in this matter, and what kind of role does she play?

Those who died back then died and went to the palace, but Aunt Winter was still in the house.

However, Aunt Winter is not only venomous but also cunning, plus the granny beside her is not a good person to deal with, but must be slow to figure out.

Aunt Dong has always echoed with Li, together against themselves, but with today’s events, how can the two people’s hearts be free of any stigma, not to mention that between Li Yue’er and Wei Yuejiao, they all hate each other to death, right? …

The disfigurement is a deadly feud!

Li Yue’er and Wei Yuejiao wanted to join hands together to assassinate themselves, which expected that in the end, but the disaster itself, she really want to thank them both.

Drawing fire, but this fire is still not big enough to burn Li and Aunt Dong, so add more fire …

“Let’s go, go see Mrs. Tai!” Wei Yuewu turned around decisively.

“Not going back to the Clear Lotus Courtyard first?” Jinling didn’t say anything, but Shufei froze for a moment.

“No, first go to Jing Xin Xuan to see Mrs. Tai, after such a thing happened, and Nanny Hong was invited by me, I always have to give Mrs. Tai an explanation.” Wei Yuewu’s cherry lips slightly hooked, her gaze fell at a dimly lit wigwam in front of her, the entire backyard of the Marquis of Huayang’s mansion, of course, was dominated by the dowager lady.

That being the case, there are certainly some things that have to go through the Mrs. …

“Sheriff Master, let Shufei go back first, and the slave girl will accompany you to Jingxin Xuan!” Golden Bell proposed.

Wei Yuewu can not help but sweet, nodded, the two maids together with the past is indeed too much point, the dowager lady herself is most concerned about the front and back of a lot of people, but do not like their own a few people to bring more up to her, Fang just think of Wei Yuejiao’s business, but forgot about this.

“Jinling, you go back first, I’ll bring Shufei over, it was Shufei who invited Nanny Hong before.” Wei Yuewu smiled, her gaze swept the two maids and said.

“Yes, slave girl knows.” Jin Ling nodded her head and was about to retreat, but was called back by Wei Yuewu, “You went around to the kitchen to see if there are any dim sums that I like to eat, and by the way, talk about what happened here today, and say that Wei Yue Jiao’s face is considered ruined, and that it’s impossible to recover from it in the future.”

Aunt Winter has always been in charge of the affairs of the house, even though it is now closed in, there are still people hands outside, and the kitchen is the most mixed place, I believe that Aunt Winter will definitely know the news.

“Yes, slave servant understands!” Golden Bell understood and said, then turned around and left, heading over to the kitchen.

Wei Yuewu brought her own book Fei to the Dowager Lady’s Jing Xin Xuan.

Halfway down the street, I actually ran into Nanny Hong.

Nanny Hong Fang left a little late, because she brought quite a few people with her and had to help out, and the ones Wei Lian and Wei Ziyang brought with them were ultimately the outer courtyard’s boys, which was extremely inconvenient.

But this will be the Ming doctor over, Grandma Hong did not stay there, only a few of the maids under the maids, grannies stayed to take care of Li Yue’er and Wei Yuejiao, their own with a small maid hurriedly to the quiet heart of the Xuan, ready to report this matter to the Dowager Empress.

After such a big incident, of course the dowager lady’s place should go to report first.

Seeing Wei Yuewu come over, they spoke a little and then headed to the Dowager Lady’s Jing Xin Xuan together.

Jingxin Xuan, Mrs. This will be in a good mood looking at the gift box in front of her, the corners of her eyes can not help but smile open flowers, a strong sigh of praise, “Good, good, really good ah! Really have the heart ah!”

She looked at it and praised it at the same time, and her whole body looked refreshed and energized …