Revenge of the Sixth Young Lady - C.582 - Sixth Sister, what have you done?

Revenge of the Sixth Young Lady

C.582 - Sixth Sister, what have you done?

Chapter 582 Sixth Sister, what have you done?

The rain was heavy and there was a wind, the maid was afraid that the rain would rain on Nanny Hong, so she purposely tilted the umbrella a bit, and most of it was close to Nanny Hong’s side.

Huayang Marquis House people all know that Nanny Hong is the heart of the Dowager Countess, sometimes the Marquis said the words of the Dowager Countess is not necessarily listen to, but Nanny Hong said the words of the Dowager Countess is sure to listen to, so a solid figure, of course, the maiden did not dare to be negligent, and so more and more careful, the umbrella will be the Nanny Hong most of the blocked, leaving only a small bit of the fall on their own body.

Although the rain is not big, but the wind is very strong, a few people so hurriedly, to get to the turn of the place, the front of the tree behind the suddenly pounced out of a person, a hand reached over to pull was covered by a tightly covered Nanny Hong’s clothes, and also a hand with a man’s robe, the umbrella of the maids jumped in fear, involuntarily screamed, subconsciously pushed out of the way.

Only to hear an ouch, the umbrella crashed out, pocketing the one in front of him, and the crowd only saw a picture of the man’s robe sleeve.

Not far behind them, Wei Yuewu and Jin Ling were busy walking over quickly.

And on the other side of the corner, Wei Yuejiao was overjoyed and also walked out with a few maids and grannies.

“Where did the man come from that dares to be so reckless.” Another maid angrily rebuked.

Nanny Hong was really frightened, this will be shocked to look at the person inside the umbrella, because the umbrella pocketed the wind blowing there, for a moment can not really see who it is.

But it was a woman’s voice that could be heard inside, constantly shouting out in pain.

“Nanny Hong, are you alright?” Wei Yuewu came over with quick steps, and Jinling was behind her with an umbrella.

“I’m fine.” Nanny Hong’s face was gloomy as she looked at the person in front of her, her brows tightly furrowed, she was also a person who was old and sophisticated, this matter in front of her was a bit mysterious in every way.

“Sixth sister, what have you done?” Around the corner turned Wei Yuejiao’s angry and hurried voice.

The crowd looked up and saw Wei Yuejiao bring over a few maids and grannies.

Seeing Nanny Hong’s people are also in, Wei Yuejiao is also a stunned, but then both happy, they are afraid that things are not big here, since Nanny Hong are here, this is not a big thing can not be, that is not just as their own intention.

“What have I … done?” Wei Yuewu turned around, looked at Wei Yue Jiao, and said with a slight smile.

“You … you … you are actually so vicious, you …” Wei Yuejiao’s face turned white with anger, her finger pointing at Wei Yuejiao, with a look of being so angry that she couldn’t even speak clearly.

One of the maids who followed her over hurriedly lifted the umbrella, hugged the man under the umbrella, and cried loudly, “Miss … Miss, how are you? Are you okay?”

Miss? Everyone on Nanny Hong’s side was shocked, the person who fell to the ground in front of her was clearly dressed as a man, so how could she be a young lady?

Nanny Hong’s face sank cold and looked at Wei Yuejiao but did not speak.

“Sixth sister, even though you and Cousin Li have some entanglements, but after all has passed through, and that thing not only did not have an impact on you, but also let you become the county princess, really counting, or you got the advantage, on the contrary, Cousin Li was harmed by you have no face to see people, almost killed themselves.”

Wei Yuejiao exasperatedly glared at Wei Yuewu and said loudly.

Wei Yuewu narrowed her eyes slightly, looked askance at the silhouette on one side, and said indifferently, “So, this person is the poor cousin Li you speak of? And yet, why would she appear here and be dressed like this?”

“Sixth sister, don’t pretend you don’t know, of course she is Cousin Li, don’t say in the past so careful you will not see that she is a woman, Cousin Li dressed like this, is to coax Auntie two happy, Auntie two before in the Li House, big brother and no time to go to the Li House, Auntie two want to think of big brother want to can’t, Cousin looks like big brother, a few minutes, wear a men’s clothes, coax Auntie two happy, so is it I’m sorry, but I’m not sure if I’m wrong.

Wei Yuejiao said aggressively.

“But … what does this have to do with me? What’s she pouncing out for?” Wei Yuewu raised an eyebrow.

“Sixth sister, because of what happened in the palace, Cousin Li has been guilty to you, this must be to see you excited, want to talk things out with you, but what have you done … you … you… … “Wei Yue petulantly turned around and pulled Li Yue’er, who had only just been helped up by her maid, over.

One of Li Yue’er’s hands tightly covered her face, but even so, it still allowed people to see the two traces of blood hanging down the side of her cheek.

“The injury on Miss Li’s face was caused by Fang?” Wei Yuewu’s brows furrowed tightly.

“Sixth sister, I know that your status is honorable now, and I also know that you are much more honorable than all the other young ladies in our mansion, but even so, you can’t go out and disfigure Cousin Li’s face ah, you … you like this, so that Auntie Two has no face to go back to the Li Mansion again? You … you let us Hua Yang Marquis House how to explain to Li House!”

Wei Yuejiao said more and more excited, after finishing, immediately turned to Grandma Hong, “Grandma Hong, you are also here just right, you also saw the sixth sister to the Li cousin hit disfigurement, even if it is the sixth sister of the unintentional, this knocked the person into this way, we Huayang Marquis House to how to mention to the Li House of this matter!”

Grandma Hong’s face became more and more gloomy, looking at Wei Yuejiao and then at Li Yue’er, her lips pursed tightly but she did not speak.

“Who let her wear such a dress and be sneaky!” Wei Yuewu faintly picked up the words.

“What do you mean by sneaky, it’s obvious that Cousin Li came over to apologize to you, while you had malicious intentions and deliberately pretended that you didn’t see it, purposely causing Cousin Li to be disfigured.”

Wei Yuejiao’s e-brows went up in anger.

“Even if you really can’t tell, how could the woman’s voice not be heard!”

“Third Miss, but Miss Li didn’t say anything.” Golden Bell couldn’t help but step forward and explain.

“What do you mean you didn’t speak, Cousin Li inevitably spoke, but was deliberately interrupted by Sixth Sister, you bitchy girl, how dare you lie and cheat!”

Here, she angrily rebuked Jin Ling for talking about panic, but in reality, she was saying that Wei Yuewu was talking about panic.

“Nanny Hong, what do you think about this matter?” Wei Yuewu glanced at Nanny Hong with calm eyes and faintly said.

Li Yue’er’s expression became more and more painful, “It hurts … so much!”

“Regardless of what Third Sister says, I can be certain that I didn’t hear Miss Li speak!” Wei Yuewu shook her head affirmatively.

“I heard it all, that will be far away, seems to be far away to hear you and Cousin Li said something, if not Cousin Li’s maid went with me to get a thing, this will not be able to happen this kind of thing, Sixth Sister, go, let’s go in front of father to judge!” Wei Yuejiao said angrily.

It’s a little closer to the outer courtyard.

“Third sister heard Miss Li speak?” Wei Yuewu’s watery eyes calmly looked at Wei Yue Jiao.

Looking at the manpower on Wei Yuewu’s side, apart from the two maids, the others are all following Nanny Hong, so it goes without saying that something must have happened here and Nanny Hong happened to pass by.

“Yes, I heard it, cousin Li, say, did you talk to sixth sister?” Wei Yuejiao angrily turned to Li Yue’er.

“I … I wanted to say humble to the Jingde County Lord, but … but only said a word, that umbrella covered up, and then my body was pushed out and crashed into the bushes on the side.”

Li Yue’er cried, her tears and the still dripping blood on her face, even the clothes at her collar were made bloody, looking extremely miserable.

Nanny Hong snorted coldly and was about to go forward, but she saw Wei Yuewu giving her a wink, so she stopped going forward and only stood to the side with a gloomy face.

She was the one who bumped into it in the square, things she was certainly clear about, and after glancing at Wei Yuejiao who had a furious face, and then at that Li Yue’er who had hurt her face, Nanny Hong’s chest was also sputtering with anger.

This was clearly a trap, and it was also a trap targeting Wei Yuewu, originally this matter also had nothing to do with her, but now the person who crashed into it was herself, this was trying to rely on herself!

Exasperated, she almost pressed on.

“What’s going on?” A stern cry appeared outside the crowd, Wei Yue Ma raised her eyes and was seeing Wei Luo Wen and Wei Zi Yang walking over together.

A cold smile flashed at her eyes, Wei Yuejiao’s handiwork is really big, she is not just counting on herself!

Unfortunately, she thought too well …

“Father, big brother, quickly come to see cousin Li, cousin Li was disfigured by the sixth sister, this … how can this be good, if this matter spreads out, the sixth sister will definitely be punished, when the sixth sister and cousin Li slightly argued in the palace, the Empress Mother were so angry, this time …”

Seeing Wei Lovin come over, Wei Yuejiao said in a loud voice, although her eyes were angry, but in her heart she was pleased, Wei Lovin of course she sent someone to find, Wei Ziyang was at Wei Lovin’s place, as soon as she heard that something happened here, of course she also rushed over together.

“How could this happen?” Wei Ziyang walked over with large strides, no matter what, Li Yue’er was his own cousin.

“Cousin … me … me … how can I live like this!” Li Yue’er’s eyes were tearing up, seeing Wei Ziyang lost his voice and cried out, saying that she actually crashed into a tree to the side.

The maid beside her pulled her back, and the two of them fell to the ground together in a heap.

Then they cried out together, and the scene was a mess.

“Big brother, how important is a woman s face, sixth sister … is deliberately trying to take cousin Li s life!” Wei Yuejiao said angrily.

While sending his maid over to help Li Yue’er.

“Mai’er, what’s going on?” Wei Lovin frowned and looked at the chaotic crowd, but uniquely landed his gaze on Wei Yue-mai.

“Father, third sister said that I intentionally tried to disfigure Miss Li’s face, saying that I did it because I hold a grudge inside the palace!” Wei Yuewu reached out and pointed at Wei Yue Jiao and said in a simple and appalling manner.

“Father, after something like this, how can Cousin Li still live … Cousin Li came to accompany Auntie Two to relieve her boredom, but now something like this is happening in our residence! We always have to give her an explanation.” Wei Yuejiao said loudly.

“To what account?” Wei Yuewu asked indifferently.

“Cousin Li is now disfigured, how can we let her marry in the future, father, big brother shouldn’t we, the Marquis of Huayang’s residence, give her a way out?” Wei Yuejiao righteously said.

“To what?” Wei Luo Wen frowned.

“Big brother, Cousin Li this way, hex is no business, you … you married her, is also considered to give her a way to live, originally Cousin Li is for the second aunt only into the house, and because of the six sister only made this way, can you really stand by and watch Cousin Li was forced to the death road! Besides, if things get out of hand, the Empress Mother will punish her, and the sixth sister will not be able to take the blame!”

Looking at Li Yue’er, who was crying in the rain and couldn’t lift her head, Wei Yuejiao said smugly.