Revenge of the Sixth Young Lady - C.581 - This one, is it a man?

Revenge of the Sixth Young Lady

C.581 - This one, is it a man?

Chapter 581 This one, is it a man?

Wei Ziyang hurriedly left towards the outer courtyard, but was stopped on the way by Wei Yuejiao.

“Big brother, so soon back, where are you in such a hurry?” Wei Yue Duo daintily reached out to stop Wei Ziyang smiling, the two of them grew up together at the border in the past, and they are more like brother and sister on weekdays, compared to Wei Yan who has blood kinship, it is actually more like a real brother and sister.

“There are still some things to take care of outside.” Wei Ziyang laughed.

“It’s this time of the day what else to deal with!” Wei Yuejiao pouted, looking up at the sky, “Big brother, please can you do something?”

“What is it?” Wei Ziyang asked.

“Cousin Li came to the house, but the people in the house she is not familiar with, big brother if sometimes can you accompany her to talk more.” Wei Yuejiao a face of sadness, sighed, “big brother also know, originally I can also go to accompany, but father there … recently not too like me, I dare not line half a step wrong.”

Wei Yuejiao’s eyes reddened when she said this, Wei Ziyang sighed helplessly, he was certainly clear about Wei Yuejiao’s situation.

What he didn’t understand was why Aunt Winter’s mind was so malicious now, actually wanting to harm Wei Yuewu, when he was at the border, Aunt Winter, no matter if she was a person or a person who handled things, Wei Zi Yang thought it was good, and there was even a great man’s demeanor, no matter which way it looked, it looked like the rightful wife.

But I didn’t realize that she was actually traveling poorly to this point now.

But he can’t do anything about the current situation, everything is Aunt Winter’s own fault.

“Great Uncle really has no intention of releasing Aunt Dong?” In his heart, he thought so, but asked anyway, no matter what Wei Yuejiao’s birth mother was Aunt Dong.

“Father is really furious this time, he wants to lock Auntie up for the rest of her life, not even caring about the little brother in Auntie’s belly.” Wei Yuejiao glumly lowered her head and stepped on the ground a few times with her feet, “Big brother, can sixth sister really not forgive auntie? Auntie would really think that Sixth Sister was faking that time, that’s why she said those angry words, she didn’t really want to deal with Sixth Sister.”

In fact, Wei Ziyang was not very clear about what happened that day, there were rumors that Aunt Dong was bent on getting Wei Yuewu killed, there were also rumors that it was a misunderstanding, but this kind of thing, he also knew that it wasn’t for him to intervene, and in his heart he was more willing to believe in Wei Yuewu, this cousin, who although she didn’t grow up together, inexplicably gave him a feeling of recognition.

“This matter … is always the eldest uncle’s decision, the third sister, if you are not assured, just go to the eldest uncle more to talk about it is!” Wei Ziyang vaguely said, this kind of thing he really did not dare to resist down.

Although his eldest uncle was not his real father, he was a strict father in his heart.

How could he, a son and nephew, be in charge of the affairs of his eldest uncle’s backyard.

“But father … is not too willing to see me now, even if I go over, he will leave me hanging outside.” Wei Yuejiao said more and more aggrieved, taking a handkerchief to wipe her tears.

“This …” Wei Ziyang didn’t know how to comfort Wei Yuejiao, and could only stand speechless with frequent embarrassment.

“Big brother, can you help me to persuade the father, and then how to say look at the aunt is pregnant with a little brother on the part of … all … can not let the aunt a person forbidden in that corner, this house underlings are to see people under the dish, now On the aunt’s side is also more and more harsh, the day I went to see, that dish is actually even the underlings do not want to eat …” freew𝚎bn𝐨𝘃𝐞𝗹.𝗰𝚘𝗺

Wei Yuejiao whimpered and cried as she spoke, but her body was still blocking Wei Ziyang’s path, as if she would not leave if Wei Ziyang did not let her go.

“This … well!” Wei Ziyang said helplessly, “I’ll go now!”

“Many thanks big brother, big brother the thing you asked sixth sister to help before, did it come true?” Wei Yuejiao’s tears also collected quickly, after wiping them clean, she asked with concern, “The situation on the second aunt’s side isn’t too good either!”

It was Wei Yuejiao who had previously hinted at Wei Ziyang to ask Wei Yuewu for help.

“Sixth sister has agreed!” Wei Ziyang nodded, “You should go to the eldest uncle in a while!”

“That’s good, then big brother quickly go to father’s place to help my aunt beg for mercy!” Hearing that Wei Yuewu would indeed come over in a while, the smile on Wei Yue Jiao’s face slowly pushed away, and with a flash of her feet, she made way.

That was good, everything was traveling according to the plan that he and Li Yue’er had made!

Wei Ziyang nodded and said no more, turning a direction toward Wei Lovin’s study …

“You can come out now!” After Wei Ziyang left, Wei Yuejiao rushed behind her and beckoned, and a man’s figure suddenly appeared behind the tree.

“Going over there now?” The man lowered his voice.

“Yes, right at that intersection, over there is the necessary intersection, the necessary intersection from the bitchy girl’s that Qing He Yuan, you guard there.” Wei Yuejiao said.

“Then let’s go over quickly, that bitchy girl has always been cunning, don’t let her find out anything.” The man said in a low voice, first turning in a different direction, taking the road in the same direction as Wei Ziyang, and was actually extremely familiar with the inner courtyard of the Huayang Marquis’ residence.

“Won’t happen, she still has to do at least a while before coming, we totally sometimes set up.” Wei Yue Jiao laughed, but her feet also did not stop, she had not suffered many losses in the hands of Wei Yuewu, this would even if her heart was very sure, but also did not dare to really take big.

Let Wei Ziyang take the opportunity to walk with Wei Yuewu and beg Wei Yuewu to go and plead with Li, and when it is confirmed that Wei Yuewu will go and plead, she will set it up this time.

In the meantime or also need some time to arrange, Wei Yuewu is not always win weak it, this kind of day is bound to go back to add some clothes, moreover, she sort of did not expect, he sent people also do remind.

Wei Yuewu’s footsteps hurriedly headed towards Wei Lovin’s study in the outer courtyard, turned a corner, and suddenly stopped, her watery eyes falling on top of the two silhouettes not too far in front of her.

Wei Yuejiao and a man? From this angle of hers, she could only see the good man with his head slightly lowered, and could not see his face.

“Sheriff Lord, this?” Golden Bell also stood beside her and froze when she saw the situation in front of her.

Wei Yuejiao is about to enter the Fourth Prince’s mansion, this will be a private meeting with a man?

“Wait!” Wei Yuewu shook her hand.

This turn of the road for them was actually a very deserted place, but from Qing He Yuan to the study outside, this was the way to go, and there were some trees and low bushes on both sides, coupled with the darkness of the sky, even if they hid a person, they wouldn’t be noticed.

But what was Wei Yuejiao doing here with a man at this time? This place was still a distance away from Wei Yuejiao’s courtyard, so even if there was really something going on, it would be impossible to come to such a faraway place for a private meeting.

A chill of confusion slipped at the watery eyes, this was really getting interesting.

The man over there ducked behind a tree around the corner, which was so large that it almost hid her from view, and with some bushes around her feet, it was impossible to see him again from the outside.

“Sheriff, what does Third Miss want?” The more Jin Ling looked puzzled, suddenly she thought of something, “Does Third Miss know that we are coming from here, and purposely have this man guarding this place to ruin Miss’s reputation?”

Wei Yuewu’s eyes slightly converged as she looked at that one spot, her gaze landed on Wei Yue Jiao’s body, her heart suddenly stirred, that man looked a little shorter than Wei Yue Jiao seemed to be.

When the two people stood together and spoke before, the height of the two people was clearly reflected in Wei Yuewu’s eyes, was that really a man?

The sky is more and more gloomy, has sporadically begun to rain a little rain, rain is not big, but the original winter rain than the previous day more cold a few points.

Wei Yuewu brought Jinling to the side to take shelter under a tree, and did not strike up the umbrella in Jinling’s hand.

Wei Yuejiao again over there and people say a few words, and then looked around, quietly leave, but not far away, seems to be not far from the corner, and not only one person, corner over Wei Yuejiao also saw a piece of clothing show through, looks like the mansion’s maid’s clothing.

“Wait!” Wei Yuewu looked at the sky again and didn’t move a step.

“Yes!” Although Golden Bell wanted to hold up her umbrella, she looked at the environment at hand and still stood motionless, not moving anywhere.

Not long after, the sound of hurried footsteps came from behind, and several figures were seen suddenly appearing on the road, all holding umbrellas, and could not clearly see who they were, but Wei Yuewu saw Shu Fei on one side, and nodded her head at Jin Ling.

Goldbell was busy taking two steps forward, standing slightly out of the way and waving at the approaching Shufei.

Shu Fei came over with Nanny Hong, this time he saw Jin Ling beckoning under the tree by the roadside, and also saw Wei Yuewu, he busily said to Nanny Hong in the umbrella, “Nanny Hong, our young lady is there.”

“Go, go over and take a look!” Nanny Hong nodded her head, Wei Yue-mai’s current status was unusual, for her summoning, of course she couldn’t treat it as unusual, so even though it was raining, she hurried over.

“County Mistress, is there something wrong?” Nanny Hong came closer, respectfully bowed, and asked.

“Grandma Hong, Big Brother asked me to ask Father to persuade Second Uncle about Second Auntie, but I’m afraid Father won’t agree, so I asked Grandma Hong to help!” Wei Yuewu said rather embarrassed.

For Wei Luowu and Li’s matter, Grandma Hong but know some, this will face sink, this kind of thing is really not Wei Yuewu can intervene.

“Sheriff Master, this kind of elder’s matter, you’d better stay out of it, once the slave girl goes back to report back to the dowager lady, it’s better to let the dowager lady take care of this matter!” Nanny Hong vaguely advised.

“This … I have promised big brother! And father will probably be waiting for me over at the study this time as well!” Wei Yuewu hesitantly said.

“Sheriff, slave girl will run a trip for you, it’s better for Sheriff not to get involved in this kind of matter!” Nanny Hong thought about it and said.

“This … that would trouble Nanny Hong!” Wei Yuewu said as if she was relieved, “It’s really that as soon as big brother says it again, it’s actually not very good indeed for me to be in charge of this kind of thing!”

“Sheriff Master, it’s a bad day, you go back first, the old slave will run to the outer courtyard study!” Nanny Hong bought a personal favor to Wei Yuewu.

“Then I’ll be grateful to Nanny Hong.” Wei Yuewu laughed and said to the little maid who was playing the umbrella on the side, “Make the umbrella for Nanny Hong’s umbrella tighter, but don’t drench Nanny Hong.”

“Yes!” The little maid immediately answered.

For this attitude of Wei Yuewu, Nanny Hong felt satisfied, and at that moment, she smiled and excused herself to Wei Yuewu, taking a few maids and grannies by her side and rushing towards the outer courtyard.

This side of the movement, that side has long heard, and also heard Wei Yuewu voice, but because Wei Yuewu words low point, not too clear to hear, but this will hear footsteps over …