Reborn to Be A Noble Wife - C.583 - The Empress has sent someone

Reborn to Be A Noble Wife

C.583 - The Empress has sent someone

Chapter 583 The Empress has sent someone

“Miss Liu, I’m afraid that’s not appropriate, that’s what the Empress Mother prepared for Miss Liu, it’s the one on this side that’s the one the Dowager Consort prepared for me, the rules in the palace are configured according to rank, and if I took the palace sedan chair that the Empress Mother prepared for Miss Liu, it’s for disrespecting the Empress Mother, and likewise disrespecting the Dowager Consort Mother.”

Qu Mo Ying explained with a smile.

“This … kind of ah!” Liu Lanxin seems to really not know, was shocked, half a minute before helplessly said, words since said open, can not be forced, “that’s my bad, I grew up in the border since I was a child, to some of the palace rules, the palace rituals are completely unknown, almost harmed the fourth miss Qu together with me to be punished.”

Said also to Qu Mo Ying deep salute, Qu Mo Ying hastily return the salute, the two people parted, each on their respective palace sedan chair, have their own chamberlain to carry them away.

Liu Lanxin’s palace palanquin in the front, Qu Mo Ying’s palace palanquin in the back, after walking for a while, Qu Mo Ying to one side of the path, Liu Lanxin is still in the middle of the palace road forward.

Yu Dong accompanied the palace sedan chair all the way, and when he reached the door of the palace of Mrs. Qu, Qu Mo Ying got out of the sedan chair.

“Miss, is this Miss Liu doing this on purpose?” Yu Dong asked in a low voice while she was standing a little bit and fixing her mind.

“She has excellent palace rules and rituals!” Qu Mo Ying smiled faintly and said with intent.

How could someone with excellent palace rules and rituals know nothing about what goes on inside the palace?

What was done was just to deceive himself, a person who had been raised in the manor since childhood, and did not understand this, or even if he had learned, he had only learned for a short time, and would not understand these detailed aspects of the matter.

“Fourth Miss Qu, please!” Tai Consort Qu’s personal Grand Palace Maiden, Hanyu, greeted her.

Qu Mo Ying hurriedly returned the salute, then followed her inside.

When she entered the main hall, Dowager Consort Qu had long been waiting there, seeing Qu Mo Ying come over, her eyebrows opened up and she smiled, after seeing her salute, she reached out her hand and smiled, calling her to go over and sit down beside her.

“There’s nothing wrong recently, right?” Crown Princess Qu asked with concern.

“Nothing much.” Qu Mo Ying softly replied, sitting down beside Dowager Consort Qu, smoothly picking up Dowager Consort Qu’s wrist, her fingers laced up.

Mrs. Qu knew that she was checking her pulse and smiled without saying anything.

For a good half a second, Qu Mo Ying’s fingers fell and raised her eyes to look at Dowager Concubine Qu, “Dowager Concubine has been quite good lately!”

Was Mrs. Qu’s illness earlier really just an accident?

“Indeed it’s not bad, the food is also okay, the sleep is also okay.” Qu Tai Consort was in a good mood and laughed, reaching out to touch Qu Mo Ying’s hair, only slightly touching it, but with a compassion that Qu Mo Ying could sense, “Nothing has happened recently, it’s all good, how is this girl of yours?”

King Jing’s concubine consort’s name is considered to be officially settled, Qu Tai Fei this is afraid of Qu Qiu Yan relying on this concubine consort’s name now, bullying Qu Mo Ying.

“Don’t worry, Your Highness, there’s nothing wrong, I rarely go out.” Qu Mo Ying knew what she meant and laughed.

“That’s good, if there’s nothing to do, go out less, I’m afraid King Jing’s Mansion isn’t at peace lately either.” Mrs. Qu sighed, meaning to say, that auxiliary general’s daughter, only entered the capital, was subjected to blowing the stick, the wind of the health, a moment, even compared to Jingyu county princess this future crown princess is not bad.

“When I entered the palace just now, I saw the daughter of the auxiliary general.” Qu Mo Ying’s watery eyes turned, already understanding the meaning of Tai Consort Qu’s words.

“You met her, how?” Crown Princess Qu asked with a start.

“Looked like a kindly one, when entering the palace gate, also let me sit in her palace sedan chair, was sent from the Empress Mother’s palace.” Qu Mo Ying laughed.

Mrs. Qu’s face sank, it was one thing to guess and another to hear.

“The palace sedan chair is which palace sends out, is which place, can’t be replaced casually, if it is against the system, being made fun of is a small matter, breaking the rules is a big deal.” Qu Tai Fei deliberately aggravated the tone, is afraid of Qu Mo Ying do not understand, a moment with the way of others.

Breaking the rules inside the palace is sometimes a death sentence, or even if someone pleads for mercy, they will still be chastised.

“Don’t worry, Your Highness, I refuse!” Qu Mo Ying laughed.

Seeing her so calm, Empress Dowager’s heart a little more at ease, reached out in her hand gently patted, said seriously “in the palace, to be more careful, you later … may often go to the palace, more cautious is, as for this Miss Liu, see… … respect on the line.” 𝖋𝖗𝖊𝖊𝖜𝔢𝔟𝖓𝖔𝔳𝔢𝔩.𝔠𝖔𝔪

It is actually better to honor ghosts and gods by not seeing them, but that is not possible.

To this Miss Liu’s behavior now, as the future must also be a royal person, I heard that there is a possibility that the utopian county princess, said she also saved the utopian county king, if there is really some love in the, Qu Taifei think that the position of the right consort I’m afraid to be this Miss Liu.

This should also be the reason why this Ms. Liu is going to give Qu Mo Ying such a downward spiral before she meets her!

“Your Highness, I will.” Qu Mo Ying softly nodded her head.

Seeing that she was so obedient and intelligent, Empress Dowager nodded in relief.

“The weather is nice, let’s take a casual walk.” Crown Princess Qu suggested.

Seeing the spirit of Mrs. Qu is still good, this will be although the winter, today’s weather is also not bad, Mrs. Qu more walk is also good.

The palace where Mrs. Qu lived was relatively remote, and all the way over, she didn’t encounter a few people, only a handful of a few palace people, seeing their line of people coming from afar, they each bowed their heads and saluted.

“Your Highness, the palace rooms that have been repaired in the palace have not yet been repaired?” Qu Mo Ying suddenly remembered about Qu Zhi Zhen, he, the Minister of the Ministry of Public Works, had been going into the palace recently for some time.

“Not yet, that one project is extremely large.” Qu Tai Fei did not know what came to mind and sighed, “In fact … people are gone, what’s the use of repairing it again!”

“Is it because of a new use?” Quemoy Shadow asked casually.

The person is gone? Is it gone? A palace with a missing owner should be useful in another way before it is properly restored.

“There is no new use for that one place, it’s not a place where ordinary people can live.” Mrs. Qu said, after standing still, she looked in one direction, “It’s the Changchun Palace, the place where successive queens have lived, and it’s not something that ordinary people can live in.”

“Then why doesn’t Empress Dowager not live in Changchun Palace now?” Qu Mo Ying subconsciously asked.

“Pepper room hall, there used to be an empress who used to live there, Changchun palace sealed the palace, the empress can only live in pepper room hall.” Qu Tai Fei’s complexion was tinged with sadness, and smiled bitterly, “It’s just that the deceased is no longer here, so what if it’s like this again? It will just cause the Empress to be displeased.”

“Changchun Palace, it’s where Empress Yuan lives, right?” Qu Mo Ying’s voice lowered.

“Yes, Empress Yuan … that is a bitter life.” The eyes of the Qu Tai Fei darkened, her smile was bitter, this was a taboo in the palace, no one ever dared to mention it before, but recently with the restoration of the Changchun Palace, the Yuan Empress Dowager gradually appeared in the mouths of the palace people.

Just the same it was sneakily and privately mentioned.

“Does Empress Yuan not have an heir left behind?” Qu Mo Ying said, everything she knew about Empress Yuan was also half-understood, with Ji Hanyue’s status, it was still like this, let alone others.

“No heir!” Crown Princess Qu shook her head, “Actually at that time she …”

The words came to a sudden stop, “What am I telling you about such things! Your father is repairing the palace right now? I heard that this was given to King Utopia before.”

“An official matter hosted by the Utopia County King?” This was something that Qu Mo Ying really didn’t know about, and thought that it was directly given to Qu Zhi Zhen’s affairs.

“Yes, is the emperor let him do, in fact, this thing has been past for many years.” Qu too consort and inexplicably want to sigh, “a few years earlier, this thing the emperor let him repair Changchun palace, utopian county king has been busy with official business annoyance as the reason, put off, this time back to the capital, no more excuses, which let the ministry of works to do.”

“His Majesty had the idea so many years ago?” Qu Mo Ying said in puzzlement, “King Utopia should have been frequently absent from the capital at that time, since he had the idea of repairing it, why didn’t he send someone else to do it?”

Now the lead is Pei Yuanjun, but the real implementation is Qu Zhizhen, this thing in fact Pei Yuanjun does not have much to do with the work of the instructor directly sent down is, and why must he overhand?

“Who knows what the emperor thinks, may be at that time is so say, also may recently think again.” Qu Tai Fei’s gaze despondently looked toward the unknown distance, then pulled the corner of her lips again and smiled, “In fact … it’s long past, everything has already passed, the Yuan Empress Mother left nothing behind, such a Changchun Palace will also be left to someone else in the end, to repair or not to repair it really doesn’t mean much. ”

Qu Mo Ying fell silent, Empress Yuan is no longer here, this palace room is repaired even better, it is also for other people to see, or even for other people to live in, to repair or not to repair in fact really does not mean much.

Qu Tai Fei is old, after walking around a little, she was exhausted, Qu Mo Ying persuaded her to come back, after returning to the main hall and sitting down again, the Empress Dowager looked like her spirit wasn’t that good anymore.

“Your Highness, you rest for a while, I’ll go outside to take a look around, look around, it’s rare to go to the palace, I always have to see enough.”

Qu Mo Ying laughed, she stayed here the Dowager Consort could not rest properly, it was better to go out and turn around, let the Dowager Consort rest for a while, and then come back to accompany the Dowager Consort herself to talk about the meeting.

Seeing her so a naughty can’t sit still want to go out to play look, Qu Taifei smiled and agreed to down, specially urged her only in the surrounding walk, don’t go too far, last time out of that kind of thing, Qu Taifei to now still have palpitations, the heart has thought about, don’t let the Qu Mo Ying left around too long.

Knowing Tai Consort Qu’s worries, Qu Mo Ying agreed one by one in a well-behaved manner.

It was only when she answered, that she saw a palace man rush in and salute the Empress Dowager as soon as she entered, “Empress Dowager, the Empress Dowager has sent someone.”

Mrs. Qu froze for a moment, not hearing clearly, “Who sent the people?”

“It’s a Sister beside the Empress Mother, saying that she has important matters and wants to meet the Imperial Concubine.” The courtesan restated it.

Crown Princess Qu frowned, what was the Empress Dowager sending someone to her place at this time? Her place is clean as a whistle, the Empress Dowager rarely sends people over …